Fit Split Mixed Impact Cardio & Pull Day Premixes


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Basic Premixes:

1. Main Program (Push Day instead of Pull Day)
2. Pull Day First:
3. Pull Day + Push Day

Timesaver Premixes:
1. Just Mixed Impact Cardio
2. Just Push Day
3. Just Pull Day
4. Pull Day Single Sets
5. Pull Day -Two Sets

Scrambled Premixes
1. Double Mixed Impact Cardio
2. Double Mixed Impact Cardio + Pull Day
3. Double Mixed Impact Cardio + Push Day
4. Mixed Impact Cardio + Pull Day + Push Day

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Nice! Couldn't ask for more. .And weight training time saver premixes (4 and 5) will be helpful for those needing to "grow" into doing the full sets of the weight work.

Cathe or Admin, what are the weight and rep ranges for the Push and Pull day?

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