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hi linda:)

it's good to hear from you. well bravo and double high fives on your cathe, kelly and ifit workouts. i can only hunt and peck with right hand right now so nocaps etc are a no go right now.

yes i did preorder kelly's new ones. this is news to me about cathe doing a new workut series with weights. ooh i will probably want that one as well. i guess i missed hearing about that one. if you have further details please let me know.

i went to the hand surgeon and he said after xrays that there is no dislocation and everything is lined up to heal but need to wear the imbolization sling awhile. the urgent care doctor i saw on october 20,2021 when injury occured said i need to wear sling for 6-8 weeks. the hand surgeon has me doing special exercises ith bad arm three times a day. i have to go back in two weeks and he'll do a new set of xrays to see how the healing is going. i hope things are looking good. he mentioned i may need physical therapy we'll see. it's been quite the journey back tracking a bit urgent care doctor prescribed pain meds i quickly realized after 2-3 days i was having nasty side effects/allergies. in short they made me weaker, physically sick unable to keep anything down, and an intensely itchy rash with blisters. so i realized it must be the meds and stopped them. so i tried tylenol for pain and that made stomach feel weird and itching was intensified, so i stopped taking those too due to allergies/side effects. so now zero pain relievers and just 1 benedryl for itching.

so now i wait to see hand surgeon in two weeks, see what he tells me. i hope and pray for everything heals right. toon soon to ask about resuming workouts and doind normal stuff using boyh hands just yet. i'll let you jnow more when know more. just praying for healing and getting normal back on the horizon.

take care and be well;)


aqua girl

Hi Nora, sounds like you are moving in the right direction.....well, I ended up
Ordering Kelly's new DVDs yesterday....sounds like maybe around the end of the year or so, that will be nice....

Cathe must have announced her plans for a new weight series during that virtual
Road trip....but that's about it. You can read a thread over on VF or here under
New series or exclusively weights threads. No formal announcement or presale
Info, she's still planning and filming won't be until next year and it is
Mentioned there would be 12's gonna take a long time...:)

aqua girl

Hi Nora, wanted to hop on & wish you & your family a Happy upcoming Thanksgiving. ...Hope you are
getting along ok and healing......

Kelly's new dvds look good, someone on VF posted links to clips of each of the workouts and I liked
what I saw.....looks like Jane is a modifier on the higher impact cardio and I am so glad she went back
to a modifier. I don't think she had one in the last series.....anyway, maybe they will come before
the end of the year..... I think I was about right on Cathe's new ones, it seems like it will be well into
the next year before we'll see them.....they seem interesting.......The presale, etc. won't be till sometime
after the New Year.

Anyway, take care.....


hi linda its so nice to hear from you. Happy thanksgiving to you and yours:)

yes, i ssaw kelly's posts about them and pre-ordered right away. kelly's new workouts look fun and challenging. i'm looking forward to getting them. so excited and now ahe will have new one also i understand its in the planning stages right now we probably won't have it until possibly summer or fall etc.. next year. It's cathe so it will be worth the wait as perc her awesome usuaL.

I saw the surgeon last week (not having surgery, he's the hand and shoulder surgeon taking care of me i was referred to). he say's everything is still lined up and healing. the doctor gave more exercises to do to regain mobility in my arm. the exercises are not easy but do get easier as i go. the doctor has a set of xrays done each time when i see him so he can how see the injury is healing. i will see him again december 2nd, so i hope all is healing well and i'm doing well on exercises and improving my mobility.

Take care and Happy thanksgiving ;)


aqua girl

Hi Nora, hope you had a blessed Thanksgiving....I stayed home, but I got in a
Few workouts, earlier today, an IFit treadmill walk in Savannah, Georgia and a
Couple short blenders...and I just finished Boss Loops Glutes & Core. I skipped a couple of the exercises but all in all, about 40 min. Of it.

Hair appointment tomorrow. I hope you are feeling will be back at it
Before you know it.... :) I watched a “In the kitchen with Kelly” on Raw today
With her and Noelle making a fall salad. I enjoyed it, and it looked good,,,
It was lettuce, feta cheese, cranberries, pecans, bacon, and pears with a
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