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What i really love about 4Ds is that it IS so different than all of her other work.... Actually thats why I own every w/o Cathe has and will ALWAYS buy whatever Cathe offers... Each & every series is unique and the only absolute I see in every single workout is SUPERB QUALITY- FUN- EFFECTIVE!

I am tired of buying DVDs from various instructors only to find some of them effective - some not - some not even safe.... With Cathe I know I will always have variety and quality on my shelf.

I think if a person only likes one style of w/o then maybe waiting until clips are up to buy or wait for detailed reviews... I would personally be very disappointed if Cathe stopped being creative in all aspects. I LOVE every single part of 4DS BECAUSE its fresh and actually makes me pay attention and do better work because I'm not on auto-pilot.

Keep'em coming Cathe- You ROCK!


I LOVE the new series. I tend to overexercise and having the cardio only be around 20-30 minutes and it being tough, is perfect for someone like me. I think this series if perfect for a 6 week period when you have time issues like around the holidays or just when your body gets a bit burned out. There are many ways to lengthen the cardio and I think the weight work is spectacular. I think that it is great that she is less focused on the beat and more focused on really giving it your all and be able to go heavier. If cathe stayed with the beat it would not be as creative and it would be more like the gymstyles or her other heavy weight work. I think Cathe has just outdone herself and the cameral angles, I could care less about. I actually like seeing the crew more. Great job Cathe!!!!


Amy Steppe

I think Cathe outdid herself in the new series.

But the last series is great too!

But I prefer the new series to the older one.

Amy Steppe

I do agree that the Premix Menus are not very clear. I don't like the gray either.

Blue is the best background shade to me.


I really have to say that I was perturbed about the lifting off the beat issue as well UNTIL I did the chest and back from HIS and I was using 30lb dumbells in each hand for the chest flys and 70 lb weighted BB for the upright rows (that was an accident me or my friend apparently can't add). There was no way that I could have stayed even close to a beat. I truly pushed my muscles to their max and not just muscular endurance but physically my muscles could not lift the weight one more time.
Just give it a chance when you are lifting your max you will be so pumped that you could really care less about the music, truly all I heard was Cathe saying I was going to make it and feeling so accomplished when I finally did my last rep!!
I think it really takes a lot of guts for an instructor to make a workout that is not totally in sync with the beat, especially a weight workout. This is something that we are just not used to getting from her but I truly believe this series will increase your STRENGTH gains!

Thanks Cathe for taking a chance on this new series and not just doing the same old same old.


I have been too sick to workout for the past several days, but I did squeeze in 4DS LIS cardio. I am quick to pick up complex choreography, and I have to admit I didn't even notice a lack in any aspect of the cuing. She didn't use "right" and "left"? I never noticed. Loved having less breakdown--though I'd love even trickier combos, and can't wait for a longer cardio workout similar to this one.
Upon preview of the weight workouts I LOVE the fact that Cathe doesn't lift to the beat. I think people are saying "why not just use slower music?" Understand that it's not really that the beat of the music is too fast; it's that the tempo you are lifting at is not going to be consistent for the entire set, because you're lifting heavier. You may be able to stick to the beat, but most likely you're going to have to slow down for the last three reps so you can squeeze out the whole set. After doing P90X, I'm used to not lifing to the beat, so I don't think this will bother me in the slightest with these workouts.
As far as camera angles go, I didn't see anything weird like dizzying shots, so that doesn't bother me either :)
Didn't notice any heavy breathing, either.
These workouts look really good to me. Clean, calm, different pace, more complex choreography... Yay!



That's interesting what you are saying about the lifting. Maybe I just need to get used to it. I haven't minded not being with the beat on shoulders, biceps etc, it's just exercises where you are lying down so you can't see what Cathe and the crew are doing, and I usually use the music to help me stay in synch. But maybe it doesn't matter if I don't stay perfectly in synch and lose a rep or two, I don't know. I know part of the point is to be safe.

I often find with new dvds that things I didn't like at first I get used to and grow to love :) . So we will see.



My 2 cents: I was not that excited the other morning when I did LIS and then HIS yesterday. However, today I had more time to devote so didn't mind rewinding a little bit, plus pressure was off as far as getting in a workout and getting to work on time. I thoroughly enjoyed both workouts (step only) and did both of them and GOT all of the combos. Loved the music in both workouts too. Just made me happy. I'd say that some of her cueing is a little bit behind on the trickier, faster moving moves, but now that I know them, it really won't matter much. These are workouts that I think I will reach for often as I like more complex routines to keep my mind occupied. I also enjoy Christi Taylor and Tracey Staehle's step too.

As far as being off the beat when lifting, doesn't matter to me a bit. I also previewed Boot Camp last night and contrary to what a lot of people think, I loved the outfits in that one. Very cute! I also enjoy seeing more shots of the other crew members.

I give this series a huge thumbs up! Fits my 60 minute workout schedule too!

Thanks, Cathe!



I love these new work outs and I agree with the poster above that innovative and different is what keeps me coming back to the Cathe workouts. I love that every workout has something different. I think that this keeps my body guessing also.

For this series I really liked the different camera angles. I liked seeing the crew close up. I did not think the switching of angles was used excessively.

I also really thought the sound was unbelievable. Cathe's voice sounded like she was in the room with me.

The only thing I would add is the music louder option. I always like Cathe's choice of music so once I get to know a step workout I like this option.

Thanks Cathe!

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