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I have not received my series yet, but I have never found a fault with any of Cathe's workouts, unlike with other instructors. I am little concern about the camera angles though as I always liked the fact that Cathe never tries to be too funky and using camera angles, lenses etc. Hope it's not Cindy Crawford's workouts production as that has so many different camera angles, sceneries and outfits it was annoying. A perfect example to trying to include too many things at the same time and failing miserably.



I would have liked some low impact options with high intensity for the High Intensity workout. Many times Cathe begins with the lower impact options and adds the high impact. Therefore I can continue with the lower impact if I want. I am frustrated. I would have liked more of a breakdown of the moves.



>>I didn't mind the camera angles but I would like to say
>>it was disconcerting and distracting hearing Cathe breathing
>>hard during the workouts--it must be due to the microphone
>>hanging from her head. In all the other workouts I own, the
>>microphone is mounted somewhere on her back.
>In her last series, she had the microphone by her mouth as
>well--it's better quality that way. She used a new production
>company this time that (in my opinion) has mastered the art of
>vocals in filming and her voice is ubelievable this time. It
>shocks me how much we can hear--I feel like she's right in the
>room next to me!
> Congrats to you and your staff, Cathe on another filming
>project WELL done! You all look amazing, the quality is superb
>and the workouts themselves are killer. You have once again
>outdone yourself. I couldn't be happier!

I'm with you, Allison. I couldn't be more pleased.


Hi. I am really enjoying the new workouts, love the new production quality and actually enjoy the nice new side angle where you can see the people in the back with a great deal of clarity.

My feedback is similar to Betty's though. I found the breathing quite distracting. In previous productions the only time you heard Cathe breating was when she was working very hard. (think blasts) On HIS I could hear her breating during the warm up. It seems just like a microphone tuning/filter issue.

The clarity of the audio is great, but if on the next production it would be ever better if some of the breath noise could be filtered out.



Amy Steppe

Remember that there is more than one camera when NFL films. So it's not NFL's final call as to what we see.

The judgement call on the videography is made by producers.

Amy Steppe

I am with you on that one, Kathryn. I would like to know how many reps there are in every set. It helps me pace myself better.


I would have liked all the cardio on 1 dvd. It would be nice to do Lower Intensity Step and Kick Box as one cardio workout. Peggy


Hi Cathe,

My suggestion is to just keep it up! you are awesome and offer incredible workouts! Keep them coming and thanks for all you do!!



I am really shocked that Cathe breathing hard would annoy and distract people. I found that when I was doing her new workouts that I felt much more connected to her than in previous workouts and the fact that she is breathing hard, well she is human and when she is working hard of course her respiratory rate will increase just like ours. Also, love the camera angles again they bring us closer to the crew and I love seeing the other girls work just like we are at home.
Her microphone has never been mounted on her back, it was the battery pack that was on her back and her microphone may have been clipped to her shirt.
Thanks for Cathe and crew for working so hard to please soooo many people. I don't know how you do it but you manage to make so many of us happy.


I am loving the new workouts - i really haven't even noticed the different camera angles that much and i can barely hear her breathing once in awhile. But, I like it - itmakes me feel more connected & that she's huffin' just like us mere mortals!

The only (negative) comment I have is that I agree about having more cueing for LIS - just a simple left/right foot mention would be enough for me.


Keep smiling & sweating!


I like the fact that you can hear Cathe breathing, it lets me know she's "human" and gets tired too. I know i'm not alone... Keep up the GREAT work Cathe and crew:)


Well, I guess varying angles works well when watching football games, but not when doing aerobics videos.:)
My favorite Cathe Videos to date was the last series. I loved the familiar hit songs, the sporty Nike outfits (just exchange the pants for shorts or I'll pass out of heat exhaustion), the superb cueing, and straight camera angles. When you try to improve perfection, it takes you back to novice.;-)


I absolutly love Cathe's workouts -have for years; and I love the new workouts also, BUT....

I think the cueing on the LIS and HIS could have been better/more descriptive... hopefully after watching and trying a lot, I'll finally get HIS (3rd cardio)!!!


>Cathe is not, and will never be, anywhere near novice. When you try to improve perfection, you get Cathe Friedrich!!!

Keep on rockin' Cathe. You are an innovator.


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I own all of Cathe's workouts and pretty much have worked out exclusively with her for the past 10 years. She is the best of the best.

That being said, this new series just doesn't seem like one I will reach for all that often. The off-beat lifting is really making it difficult. For me, Cathe's previous workouts have really ingrained the "lift with the beat." By listening to the music I could tell how many reps were left in a set. In many of her previous workouts she makes us "hang in space" x( looking for a good place to start. With the new series,it seems like she takes a really long time to get her weights set up and then just starts lifting without really giving me a heads-up. Plus Cathe's lifting tempo often is not consistent throughout a set. I don't understand why the bpm of this music is so fast, why not use slower speed music?

I don't feel like the workouts are "enough", the cardio while fun and intense leaves me feeling not completely satisfied after only 20 minutes and the weight training while using heavy weights doesn't feel like there are enough sets to be an advanced work out.

I think the "pattern" to these workouts make for a solid intermediate type program. I am craving all out cardio and heavy weight training -- more gym style and slow and heavy for me...more Imax, Step Blast and KPC ---- more please more!!

Just my opinion.

Thanks for the challenge.

Debbie Russo


I have only done the step portion of LIS and the All Lower Body premix (I'm 21 weeks pregnant), but I have watched all of the 4DS series. Despite that I haven't done all of the workouts, I'd like to leave my feedback anyways.

Cueing: I find that when doing the LIS, the cueing is okay. I sure enjoyed doing the workout once I got the moves down. I had to pause and rewind a few times to get it, but I eventually did get it. It appears that at one time during the LIS step, Cathe would say "cross over here" when she meant "sweep around." After so many times doing the workout (I've done it 3 times now), I get used to it and know what she means. We're all human. I think it's helpful to see that Cathe makes mistakes too and this only reminds me that even if I mess up, I just need to keep trying! She sure does! I think once a user gets acquainted with the workout, the cueing issue may dissipate depending on how often the user does the workout, so for people who may be doing this workout only once in a while and don't have good short-term memory, I admit the cueing could be better.

Camera Angles: I noticed during LIS warm up that the camera angle from the front showing Cathe head on, goes up and down as she goes up and down on the step. This kind of made me dizzy. The other camera angles didn't seem to bother me. I don't mind who I'm watching (Cathe, Jai, Brenda, Loraine or Cedie), as long as they're doing the workout and showing the moves. I love this crew because it shows that everyone has different body types, syles and energy levels, but no matter what kind of body and mind we have, we can all have fun and achieve results if we try!

Lifting off beat: From doing the lower body premix, I can say that I didn't enjoy moving off-beat. I really like lifting on the beat as I don't always look at the TV and rely on the music and cueing of remaining reps. I know Cathe is just trying to make it safe, but I think that the music could have been slower to accomodate. (Which is why the GS and S&H series are still my favs for weight training!)

So that's my feedback! I can't wait until spring to try the other cardios after I have my little baby boy. And I'm hoping she'll have some new workouts too by then! Go CATHE!

Brandie ;)

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