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Hi all! I noticed Cathe has a lot of rotations that require yoga or stretch workouts. I have Stretch Max, but no yoga DVDs. I've always wanted to try yoga--and since it's in this month's rotation, it's a perfect time. What are some of your favorites--and are there any you'd recommend for beginners? :)



I have both of Eoin Finn's power Yoga for Happiness and LOVE them! I really like his personality and the flow of his yoga. Each DVD has about 6-8 different workouts that very in length from 30-90 min.



Woo! Now here's something I can discuss. :D

Check out:

Bryan Kest
Eoin Finn
Shiva Rea
Yoga Journal's "Step By Step" series

I know Bryan and Yoga Journal offer specific beginner DVDs. The Yoga Journal series is pretty in-depth, with the entire practice spread out over 3 DVDs (For each DVD, there's roughly a half hour instruction, then there's a 20 minute practice covering what you just learned. To get a full 60 minute practice, you'd have to use all 3 DVDs). Some may not like that. I have it for the instructional aspect of it, and my 13 year old really likes the quick, 20 minute practice.

Either Bryan or Baron would be a great introduction to yoga.


I am a yoga fan and also teach. I love Bryan Kest and Mark Blanchard
the best because I get the best workouts from them. However, if you haven't done a lot of yoga, their CDs and DVDs can be a little long and intense. If you want a great workout, you can't go wrong with them. Baron is pretty good, but he's a little kooky. Shiva Rea is also quite good.


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I'm not a big yoga person but I love Sara Ivanhoe's Yoga 20 Minute Makeover Series. I think they are especially nice for a non-yoga person like me so maybe they would fit the bill for a beginner too.

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