Favorite pig out food


Hi Trevor and anyone else interested,
I got tired of having to scroll down, so I started a new post.
Anyway, for me it's always been sugar and more sugar. Peanut butter and chocolate ice cream is a biggie for me. I'm also really into Brach's chocolate stars right now. I eat them by the handful.
Anyone else care to share your favorite pig out foods? I love to bond over food



Chocolate but GOOD chocolate.. and read on

I like crusty bread and also raspberries--fresh! and champagne. None of which are in the house

Kristin Aziz

Oh, don't get me started! :)

GOOD pizza--you know, the kind that literally drips with oil! The genuine stuff that you can only really get in NYC. I miss it so much! I grew up with it, and haven't been able to even come close to it in Georgia. That's probably a good thing, because I'm sure that if I still lived in NY I'd be at least 10 lbs. heavier!

Stevie, I agree with you--the GOOD chocolate. My inlaws brought some really great chocolate back from Switzerland, and MMMMMMMM!!!!!

Right now, it's M&Ms, because we're using them as "incentives" (bribes? LOL!) to help my daughter get potty trained. I don't know who eats more of the "incentives," me or her!



Sugar and refined flour

Yum - love it all. My favorites: any kind of cereal, candy, chocolate, ice cream, pretzels, crackers, bread, bagels, pizza, pop tarts, cookies...OK - I have to stop - I'm getting hungry!! Erica



It has to be Extra-Crunchy Peanut Butter and it also has to be Jiff!! Extra crunchy potato chips run a close 2nd., but of course none of us eat these things, RIGHT???


favorite pig-out food

Easy one....CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!!! I'm on a baking kick whereas I am trying out a new chocolate recipe every week to eat on my Saturday pig out day. Last week it was S'mores Bars. I specialize in easy recipes. I need to do some recipe reading to prepare for this week's venture.

Anyone out there got any good, easy chocolate recipes? That Devil Dog Trifle was exactly my speed.

Brenda F.

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Pig Out food

Hmmm... favorite pig out food. Not a good topic when you are trapped alone in your house in a blizzard. The cookie recipes are calling me! "Brenda... you NEED to make Chocolate Chip cookies don't you??"

Some of my personal favorites are Pizza, (wish I could get someone to deliver some now!) Great Harvest Bread Companies Oatmeal Raisin Cookies - They are HEAVENLY! and I have to agree about good Chocolate and Peanut Butter! Together or separate. I could go on for a few hours here but I'll stop!


Ohhhhhh yeah...I can do this

I can pretty much sum it up in two words......creamy stuff! Of course that encompasses peanut butter, dips, cream-based sauces, chocolate, cheese, (including anything MADE with chocolate or cheese), real butter, sour cream, creamy mashed potatoes, cream cheese...............

Bev K.

Heather Y

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M&M bribes

Too funny! We were doing the same thing with my 2 year old over Christmas. It gets pretty bad when you need to buy a bag a week and he only eats maybe 4 or 5 a day. We finally decided to give up on the bribes because we were gaining too much weight and he still isn't potty trained - but getting close.


my list may be longer than I thought!

Hi all,
Boy, this topic sure brought some responses ladies! After reading everyone's faves I may have to add virtually all of those to my list in addition to my Reese's Cups and ANYTHING with melted cheese on it!
Maybe I should just say that I'll pigout on virtually anything available!
It's a good thing I workout regularly!


Chocolate recipes

Hi Honeybunch! I have tons of good, easy chocolate recipes! If you want any, email me and I will give you a list! I am definitely a "simple is better" girl in the kitchen!!
By the way, I live in Ohio too - Chardon - expecting some heavy snow and cold temperatures tonight and tomorrow!!
What's this week's chocolate venture for you?



Has to be pizza! And Kristin, I envy you, because I have never been to NY and have never had the opportunity to eat that famous NY style pizza! But I still love the "regular" stuff!

What else.....manicotti, enchiladas, Ritter Sport chocolate, and Ben & Jerry's cookie dough ice cream.

I'm getting hungry now.......



Ack! I just ran out of...

Chocolate-covered raisins! I can eat a whole bag in no time at all. Hey-raisins are GOOD for
And I also agree with Trevor-cheese! And it doesn't necessarily have to be melted. But not at the same time as the chocolate-covered raisins.
I've always been crazy about cheese but the raisin thing has only been in the last three months or so. Yum!


Dark Chocolate - the good kind

dark Belgian chocolate is to die for.

Also nacho chips with melted cheese and salsa comes to mind. I have even been getting guacomole cravings in the last few months.

But really, all of the above. LOL.



giant hunks of ghirardelli chocolate--dark

I buy broken hunks of ghirardelli dark chocolate. I have hoardes of it. You never know when youre going to be feeling PMSy or postMSy It's good for you, you know. raises your good cholesterol or lowers your bad cholesterol or something. Gotta have it with really good freshly brewed coffee. And then there's pizza. Who mentioned New York pizza? My husband's from NY and I'll never forget the first time I tasted it. Amazing. Now I am on a quest to taste pizza like that again. (I live in Tucson. Don't cry for me pizza lovers!) I think I gained a couple of pounds just reading down to the bottom of this thread!

I love PIZZA.....I call it my favorite pig out food because I can easily devour many pieces before I realize what I have done.....The other day I ordered one for my kids (yeah right and me) and I told myself "just 2 pieces".....that pizza kept staring at me after I ate my 2 pieces.....I then would walk over pick off a mushroom......then pepperoni and before I knew it there I was .....in my PIZZA eating, can't stop, gotta eat more than I need STATE!!!!!! Oh well......wish they didn't deliver them than it wouldn't be so easy to get them to my house. MichelleP


Crab, Dungenest Crab

Not sure how to spell Dungenest. I don't really pork out on it much or ever because it is too expensive, but that's my favorite food. Love the stuff. I also like a good potato salad, and nuts. Yummy.

Happy Dreaming,


This week's chocolate venture

Don't know yet...I have to read over my recipes and prepare my shopping list. Maybe you'll pass a new one my way that I'll use! I e-mailed you for a list. Thanks!


I'm with Lora!!

I forgot to add potato salad to my list!! It's the best when made with Helmann's & sour cream!!!(Lots-of-celery Too!!)

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