Fat roll on knees


Is there any help for me to get rid of ugly rolls of loose skin or fat on my knees? It is so ageing on me. I have a 26" waist , 35" hips and then these blobby legs that look 20 years older than the rest of me. Thanks!


Since it's fat and skin you're talking about and not underlying muscle, my guess is that you need to talk to a plastic surgeon. Just a guess, though.


This is a problem area for me also. The only thing that helps me is loosing fat all over. This area is THE LAST area on my body to slim down :mad:

If you have excess skin, that may be a different problem though.


Leg extensions are a great way to develop the muscles more in this area! Barre work is also great as lifting the weight of the entire leg calls on the quads specifically to work and that's why dancers have such great legs:)! Also, research has shown that cycling is the only cardio exercise proven to spot reduce hips an thighs so perhaps it will also help with the fat above the knees. You sound like a beautiful creature though so sometimes it's also that we are our own worst critic and see the things no one else does:) I'm guilty of that too!

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