Fainting during exercise...


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Yesterday I did Cathes high step circuit, about 20 min in, I got very light headed and almost fainted, I quickly sat down and got very scared, I have never tried anything like that before...

Has anyone had a similar experience? should I go to the doctor? I am scared somethings really wrong with me..


What did you eat before you worked out?

This could be caused by so many things - you needed a snack, you were dehydrated, you didn't get enough sleep, you are coming down with a cold etc, etc.

If you are concerned, or if it happens again, you should definitely see your doctor. Better to be safe than to pass out and bonk your head.


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I ate 1 1/2 slice of whole wheat bread and drank 2 cups of coffee (breakfast) about an hour before I exercised..


That is scary! Yes, you should go see your doctor. It's not necessarily anything serious but you want to know what's going on. It could be low blood pressure, coming down w/ a virus, anemia, etc.

Hope you find an answer soon~


IT's always best to go the doctors just in case, but I have had that. I have low blood pressure, and faint left right and centre. I've never actually fully fainted during a workout, but I feel like I'm going to and have to steady mysefl quite regularly. It particularly happens when I pick up my barbell!

Go and get checked out.. you'll probably get your heart checked (I did)... but it is probably nothing. It's scary though!
:) Hope it doens't happen again :)


This has happened to me before during Cathe workouts and tae kwon do classes. It's from not drinking enough water and or it being too hot. Just make sure you hydrate.

I really doubt it's anything more than not having enough to eat before and not drinking enough during, but it's always good to get check-ups with your doctor regularly anyway.
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I agree

yes I think you should go and see a doctors!

but maybe you also need to eat a little more,and drink more water and make sure youre heart rate is in your range. I had that happen to me to and it was because I hadn't eaten enough for energy.

take care!
i drink water before,during,and after otherwise i faint. i would like to teach aerobics or join a walkathon but cant since i have to drink so much



i think it may be from lack of hydration. coffee will dehydrate you, try drinking water before, during and after exercise. i almost fainted in spin class because i was not drinking enough water. if this doesn't work, you may want to check in with your doctor.


Laura, this happend to me too at the beginning of this year. Everytime I worked out. Once in the gym running and at home doing STS! I was hopitalized , twice! It wasn't from hydration or my heart. I had Vertigo! How are you feeling? I do agree, you need to see a doctor!

Best wishes,


Probably best to see a doc about it, but that's usually my body's reaction to an intense Cathe workout. ;) Especially early in the morning or after eating nothing more that a few slices of bread. I would have been faint too. Just ask anyone on the 2008 Cathe Roadtrip. ;) It was an early morning workout and all I was functioning on was a cereal bar and things went like what you describe except I ended up running to the restroom and losing said cereal bar.


It might have been the coffee. That can drive your blood sugar down and also raise your heart rate and dehydrate you all at the same time. Dehydration tends to lower your blood volume which will mess with your blood pressure. I sure hope you feel better.


Another thing to consider is your breathing. Are you holding your breath or, on the contrary, hyperventilating? Either can cause dizziness.

(I'd also suspect the coffee somewhat as well).

Cathe Friedrich

First and foremost, yes it is best to go see a doctor if it happens again. Much better to be safe than sorry.

The nature of circuit workouts also can do this to some people until they get used to the pacing if this type of workout. There is a lot of maximal effort exercises mixed with either rests or less intense exercises and sometimes this constant fluctuation can make a person feel light headed.

My final consideration is the two cups of coffee and bread since they don't offer the proper nutritional value to support the workout. The caffeine spikes the heart rate and the bread spikes the blood sugar. This can make someone feel faint.

Hope you feel better during your next workout.


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Thanks Cathe and all you guys for all your great answers and support, I really appreciate it ;-)

I think I will make an appointment with my doctor, just to be on the safe side. But I guess it maybe was the coffee... I always drink lots of water before a workout, but somehow I forgot it that day :eek:

Next time I will remember my water and listen a bit more to my body..


I suffered from some insomnia today and therefore was up for the day about 75 minutes earlier then usual. I had an extra hour to waste before working out so I drank twice as much coffee as I usually do before my w/o and not enough water. Even though I ate a bit too b/c I was up longer (which I normally don't need to), I still felt horrible during my w/o and had to eat a granola bar during the 2nd half to keep from bonking. :eek:

Just wanted you to know that you are not alone. It happens and you are likely fine but seeing a doctor to ease your mind is always a good idea! :)

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