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Just curious, who is still NOT ON Facebook & Twitter? Who loves/can't live without their FB or Tweets?

I have a FB account, but I rarely go on it or post. I'm just not a fan. Call me a lunatic stuck in 1995. I have even considered DELETING my account (gasp OMG). There is only so much status updates I can take of men/women declaring how much they love their "significant" other :rolleyes:

I do not have, and will never have a Twitter account. I don't think I am that important where people want to know what I am doing several times/day. Unfortunately, I don't know Charlie Sheen or Ashton Kutcher.

Have a good day everyone ;)


Epcot Chick

I had a Facebook account when it was only for college students. I left in 2009 when I had a few federal job interviews. It was getting obnoxious anyway.

I don't have a Twitter account, either. It's not for me. I rarely have anything captivating to say. ;)

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I have an FB account and enjoy it. I used to be "addicted" and would spend waaay too much time on it. I've recently broken that BAAAD habit and don't spend NEARLY as much time on it as I used to but still go on for a few minutes a day and that's enough.

Never had a Twitter account. Just not interested.


I'm not a fan of facebook. I have an account because that was the only way I could see photos of my dog playing at doggie daycare. I know, I can't help it....my human children have grown and now I have fur children. :eek::p:D
My sister is very active on facebook, and convinced me to befriend her. I get messages in my facebook from her friends. It's weird. I don't like it..


Myself, I'm on FB which allowed me to reconnect with friends/former classmates from over 30 years ago whom I've seen many since then. Twitter, I shut it down recently cause it was not useful. Linked In is big for me as well as Indeed.com to find a new job.
With that being stated, I try to limit my time on the computer and use it for fitness (here), finances, friends and professional reasons.


Oh LORD I am a facebook Junkie!!!:eek: haha! I am into the games and statuses! But I also use it for information on things l am into like fitness/horse show cirquit info, etc... yes, its quite an every day thing for me~ sigh!

Oh yeah, and thats how I found out about "PINTEREST aaak, another new found addiction! But Im having so much fun with it, its ridiculous! and yes, i do still make time for Cathe workouts! Have NO idea what Im gona do when horse show season begins!
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I have an FB account, but I swear I deactivate it and then start it again...One of these times it will be deactivated for good.

Twitter....nope,,,just cannot get into it.

Prickly Pear

I do have FB but I often wonder why. The drama is beyond ridiculous sometimes.
Never have been interested in Twitter because I also don't think people want to hear about my everyday humdrum.


I still like Facebook. I guess I'm just lucky that I don't see a lot of drama with my friends and family. Of course I "only" have about 140 friends, not 800 like younger people.

That said, I actually much prefer myfitnesspal.com. I actually check that first every day!

Twitter is another story. It's totally useless to me.

I peeked at Pinterest but decided I just don't have time for more online commitments. I can barely keep up here and at VF.


I have Facebook and really like it. I check it a few times a day. After college, my friends and I were all scattered across the country. It's been wonderful to stay in touch, share websites/blogs, pictures, recipes... it's great!

I haven't had any problems with drama. I see hints of drama amongst my youngest "friends", mostly former students, but I just ignore it or hide it.

I don't have a Twitter and have very little interest in it.


I have Facebook. I don't see a lot of drama. I mainly have it for games and keeping up to date on lots of running events and I belong to a group that are made up of lots of Cathletes that check in daily.

I am not interested in having a Twitter account.


I have a Facebook account - I use it just for sharing photos. I don't have many "friends" so I don't see a lot of noise on my account. And no drama.

I have never understood the appeal of Twitter. I get some Twitter feeds on my LinkedIn account and they're just inane. I don't care if an acquaintance is sitting in the gate area waiting to be called to board his plane...



Natasha, I could have written your post!

I have a facebook account, I NEVER post. I mainly use it to send private messages. Every time I get on, I end up rolling my eyes so much I have to get off!

Last time I was on two friends had a very heated argument going on, and these were not young people. It was a conversation that should not have been public.

Someone please tell me why relatives that live close to each other have real conversations on facebook, not just commenting on a photo or whatever, but a conversation? I don't get it. That's what texting is for!!!

There's my rant.


I reluctantly joined Facebook only as a last resort to get help from a very select few groups. Most of my profile info has been privately locked.

For example, I'm a member on www.Ravelry.com (a free site for knitters & crocheters) and when they did not have answers related to my machine knitting questions (or it took a very long time to get a response) I had to look elsewhere. If it wasn't for the group on Facebook I would have seriously considered selling my machine. Since then I've gotten enough confidence to design my own clothes!

Also, since I don't have cable tv (I watch my favorite cable shows online), I'll get updates when to watch the upcoming new season.

And when I needed help logging on to the Cathe forums, I got a response to my question on fb. Thank you, Cathe.

As for Twitter, I rarely use it.
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I am on FB and I think it's fun. I have friends from all over the country and one even in France that I keep in touch with. I have not witnessed any drama or things I find highly irritating in my news feed. I am the one who accepted their friend requests, if I didn't like them or remember them well enough, I just don't add them, simple as that.

I guess there is a hide button if you are bothered by someone you friended.

I never did get into Twitter.


I have a FB account, never use it. Have a twitter account, just can't think of anything to say that anyone would ever care about.

I will say that we have an internal (behind a firewall) FB-kinda/twitter-kinda app that we 'have' to use at work, so by the time I come home I really have nothing left to say :( Plus work does scans through the social media apps on occasion, just another reason to stay loooowww.


I have a facebook account but there's nothing on it. I only did it so I could see Cathe's posts and a couple of choice websites. I think facebook is obnoxious with people telling way too much of thier business on an open format like that. People fighting on facebook, posting pictures on there (like to separate instances when parents duck tapped thier childrens hand and feet, and posting it on facebook, calling it a "joke").

I don't have this one either, don't see the point :confused:


I got on FB because my oldest grandchildren both have pages. I got to be "friends" with them and regularly check their pages. They KNOW I check on them. So far it's all been cute and innocent - whew!

I have no interest in Twitter (unless they get on it -- ha ha).

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