Everyone gearing up?!

'BOUT TIME LAURA!! ha! welcome to the countdown. Right now we are at hmmm... 92 days. Cyndi's facebook countdown blew up so we must stay on track until it comes back :)

p.s. is it jumping the gun if i pack my sparkly mickey tank now? ;)
Hi Jenn, sorry I didn't get back to you last week. I'm arriving on Thursday too so we need to meet before all the fun festivities begin!!!
IT'S NO JOKE!!!!!!!
We're going to Disneyworld!!!! (in 91 days, right?)
Have a great April Fool's Day and be the Fool, not the Fooled. (doesn't sound good, does it?)
I live in a house full of boys so I'm got to get busy....Happy April Fool's Day!
Ok... 89 days! Officially into the 80's! Wahoo! Starting upper body rotation tomorrow. I'm gonna call it "getting buff for Disney ! Ahhhaa!
GOOOOO TRACY!! :) Make sure you keep us updated! I wanna know how that rotation is treating you :)

p.s.- to all my cold weather state friends- the weather may not be in the 80's yet.... but the countdown sure is!!! ahhhh! 88 days to go!
Thanks Jenn!!! I will!! Trying to find the energy the energy to workout, spent the morning at the beach. I am wiped out:)
Only 88 days left! I am still working on STS and cleaning up my diet. I keep telling myself that I will be ready for Disney. :)
April Rotation ♥

You WILL be ready! Look at all us crazy Cathletes here backing you up!!:cool:

Oh Snap!:p I'm doing the April Rotation...and if FB Countdown ever gets fixed I'll repost. Seems like all counters are going bezerk. The site I've been using for 3 years is having trouble too...that's why no April one posted here yet :(

Jen have you seen the one's I'm talking about? On my PT (picturetrail)...I've sent their customer support an email so we'll see. Until then...we're on our own :rolleyes:

Good thing Cathe has us do all those lunges...keeps us counting, bwahahaha! :eek:
Hey Cyn- do you think Cathe would lend us Cede for a little while... just for the next 87 days or so?!!!!! She would help us along im sure :p

Oh- and ditto on the "oh snap" except i'm doing the March rotation (im such a rebel!) lol :)

Good thing Cathe has us do all those lunges...keeps us counting, bwahahaha! :eek:
123,840 minutes until Disney!! Okay- 86 days.... but the word minutes just made it seem so much closer! :)
awww Jean :( i wish you were gonna be there... lets see... is there any positive spin we can put on this situation? hmmm.... OH OH- just think- the disney RT-ers will be settling down after wishing they could re-play their trip and your NJ RT will just be beginning!! :eek: okay, maybe that wasn't a huge help, but i promise i'll bring you to Disney in spirit!


Now I'm going to be watching your countdown and crying as it gets closer because I won't be there. :(

okay Cathletes, is it just me or is there another foodie in the group that has already looked at the Disney menu more than once since it was posted? :p

Cathe always keep our tummies full and happy!

p.s. i could go for some of those rainbow carrots right now :D

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