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Hi all,

So, as I just posted my DS and I will be heading up to Denver to the Children's Hospital for two weeks. I am going to take Cathe's Travel Fit, and some Insanity workouts .... things that don't require a lot of/or any equipment and can be done in a hotel room.

What are your suggestions. I don't theink the hotel gym is much of an option since I'll be up there alone with my son, i.e. no back-up adult to keep an eye on him.



What about a barre workout like one of the Core Fusions? You could use the back of a chair to hold on. If there's enough room for kicks, Kick Punch and Crunch is fun and doesn't require equipment, or one of the Turbo Jam Cardio Parties?

Good luck with your son.


I've been planning for a similar situation, because next week I'll be in D.C. on a business trip for four nights, in a hotel with NO GYM! I'm bringing Travel Fit and KPC. I plan to do Travel Fit on days 1 and 3, and KPC on day 2. Day 4 will be a rest day.

Good luck with your son's medical workup at Children's! I know this is a big breakthrough and I wish you the best!


Thank you very much, gals! Keep the ideas comin'! Yes, I believe we will get some answers at long last! There is NOTHING worse in this world than to know your child is suffering and to feel helpless in taking the pain away. :(

Happy Wednesday!


Well since some mentioned KPC, what about any of the shock cardio MMA, kickbox etc. Kick Max should be a good one too. :)


If you have Ilaria powerstrike dvds, I think those would work well. Can't recall if you have Turbo Fire, the tone/sculpt only need a band. I think anything TOO high impact is bad because of the hard floors. I had once traveled with the old Turbo Jam dvds, and they worked out great, but I had a pretty decent sized space to work out in. I think the Cathe MMA's would work, minus the rolling back on the floor part. If you can bring 1 or 2 sets of weights (kind of a pain though) the Kelly Coffee Meyer 30 minute dvds are great, and I know in Powersculpt and Circuit Burn you don't need a bench or step.

That's all I can think of right now. Good luck with your son!


Some of the DVDs I take with me when traveling are:

Burn It Up (Slim in 6) (resistance band)
Travel Fit (resistance band)
Ab Ripper X (no equipment)
Jillian's Banish Fat Boost Metabolism (no equipment)
Jillian's 30 Day Shred (only needs 5 lb dumbbells, but can be done with none)


Best wishes for this visit!

My two favorite kinds of travel workouts probably won't work for you: TRX and Cardio Coach. The first requires the TRX system (which is great for strength training) and the second would work with any cardio equipment if you had access to the hotel gym equipment ... but as you say, there's your son's safety to consider!

Besides those, I've found these dvds to be possible in most hotel rooms, with a little modification to fit the layout:

Tracy E's Squeeze Stronger
Cathe's Kick Max, Travel Fit, and 4DS kickbox (you have to modify this last)
Rodney Yee's Power Yoga
Insanity (can be a little hard on neighbors unless you jump quietly)
Ilaria has several that fit if you have a moderately large room.

Cathe's HIIT Double Pyramid also works pretty well in a hotel room. I actually prefer this to Travel Fit, as it's more intense on the cardio end, and I can pair it up with my TRX for strength training.

It's possible to do most of Tracy Staehle's Cardio Kickbox Challenge in most hotel rooms, though again you end up modifying the portions where you're 'travelling'.

I've also done Pyramid Upper body with a stretchy band and a suitcase, as long as I don't worry about whether the resistance makes a true 'pyramid' :) Just tighten up a little on the way up, and release a little on the way down, and it works pretty well.

Also, while I haven't tried this in a hotel room, I'd think that the bodyweight program from Kelly Coffey-Meyer would also be fine, and her kickbox should fit too.

Finally, though I haven't taken advantage of it, there are a few hotels that will actually bring a piece of fitness equipment right up to your room. I think I last saw this offered in a Hyatt or a Marriott. I'm not quite sure how that would fit in a room or what they charge, but if you're going to be there two weeks, it could be worth checking out. My last Hyatt had a kid's game room, too, right off the main workout area - it may be worth checking your hotel to see if that's an option.

As you can tell, I spend a lot of time on the road! Good luck with your trip.
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1. One on One with Tony Horton- Upper Middle Lower,- (UML) (no equipment -Tony actually does the workout in a hotel room)
2. Michale Olajide- CTBS (can be done without the jumprope or body bar)
3. Ab Ripper x ( no equipement_)
4. Turbo Fire - esp 45EZ (my favorite of the Turbo Fires)
5. KCM- Body Training ( no equipment )
6. Insanity- Max Interval Sports Training (no equipment)
7. Tonique- Mat workout ( no equipment)
6. CLX- Burn It off
7. Cathe- Kick Max
8. Cathe - 4DS - bootcamp- I have done it in a hotel with no equipment. I use imaginary markers)
9. Tony Horton- One On One- Road Warrior (This is a travel workout)
10. Turbo Fire - Any of the HIIIT workouts
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Travel Fit and HiiT on vacation

Hi All!:D
I just got back from 2 1/2 weeks of vacation where I hiked almost everyday in awesome places like the Grand Canyon, Zion National Park, and Pike's Peak. I took Cathe's Travel Fit and HiiT DVDs with me and ended up coming out of the vacation in better shape than when I first set out! The real challenge for me was HiiT at the high altitudes:p, but when I returned to my home state of North Carolina and did HiiT I felt like a God:eek:! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND taking Travel Fit with you on your trip; and if you will be staying in relatively soundproof accomodations, TAKE HIIT!!!!!
I am new to Cathe, and have become a devoted fan after this experience;)!


In addition to those workouts already mentioned, I also like to do the hi/low portion of MIC. Takes little space and no equipment. :)


Lot's of great suggestions! Thank you very much! I'll be using a portable DVD player unless I'm lucky enough that the hotel has one built into the TV.

Thanks again!


I have all Cathe workouts on my iPod. I do HiiT, KPC, Kick Max, the Imax workouts with no step. If you have Turbo Fire or Turbo Jam. I also do Cathe's weight workouts with a band. You can do all the exercises with that thing. ;) Or P90X use a chair and a broom for pull up bar and the band. You can also use a jump rope and do intervals 30-40 sec fast jump rope 20-30 sec air jacks, 30-40 sec jump rope, 20-30 sec burpees, and so on. :) Or no jump rope just bodyweight exercises tricep dips, jumping, push ups, jumping ...... you get the point. :) Use Annette's Plyo exercises and play with them. She is good. :)

Timea :)

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