DVD recos to follow Body Revolution

i am more than halfway through Jillian Michaels Body revolution. I am wondering what Cathe Workout or series would be a good follow up to this program. Suggestion s?

jamie vaughn

Is this considered an intermediate program? From what I recall with Jillian she does alot of 4-limb combination moves and circuits. Maybe you could progress to splitting upper and lower body and some separate cardio workouts to switch things up with Cathe's ICE? It's intermediate but can easily be low advanced by increasing weights and shortening rest times.
Thanks! I think I will give ICE a try. I was also contemplating LIS. JMBR does have a lot of compound movements. It moves quickly and gets fairly high impact as it progresses. I have struggled to get through phase 2 without injury. I find it challenging to do some of the 4 limb movements with good form. Also I'm 49 so not sure cramming a lot of intensity into a short period of time is the best strategy. It has gotten me into the routine of getting up early to get my workout in 5-6 days a week. That in and of itself was big accomplishment.


I think you would really like ICE Muscle Melts for something different to shock the body and perhaps slow it down a bit. With giant sets, you can also up the weight and lower the reps which is what like doing with the Muscle Melts. So, yeah, I would second the ICE rec. Try Xtrain AOLIH too. Kinda Jillian like, but more fun and just a good all around workout to insert in any intermediate-advanced rotation, IMHO.
Thank you. I have Cathe's Beginner DVDs Basic Step and Low impact Step. I love them but feel ready to expand my collection now. Appreciate your input!

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