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Hi everyone! I just found out that baby #3 is arriving this fall! Yeah! I've never experienced nausea before but I'm having it every afternoon. My problem is I exercise in the afternoons and it really seems to sap my energy. I work full time and have to be at work at 7:30am. I used to get up at 4 or 4:30 to workout, but I have neither the energy or the inclination to do that now(I know I need all the rest I can get). Has anyone else had this happen and is there any hope that it might go away? If I can't exercise I'll gain crazy-that's how I'm made-and I'll go nuts as well.Thanks, and congrats to all us preggos!
Congrats Carri!

I had my third child last March. 2 days before my birthday and brought her home on my birthday=) I know in the beginning I was zapped! I was so exhausted I could barely function. I would just do a workout here and there. I picked right up around my 4 month mark and exercised all the way up until delivery. Just try and get 2 workouts in a week until you get more energy and then you will hit the "energy" months and you can pick back up. Congrats!!!!!!!! What wonderful news! MichelleP


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for the positive vibes. I'm so much more exhausted this time around! I guess it's because I'm older plus I have these two totally maniac sons to contend with as well! I'm hoping that all these little differences might mean this one is a girl! But if not I'm certainly ready for another boy! Thanks again for the encouragement. How do you find time to work out now?
Hi Carri=)

First off, this was the first pregnancy that I was completely zapped and guess what?? It was my first girl=) I had 2 boys also! My kids are 9,3(on Feb. 22nd) and 10 1/2 months. I probably was zapped from keeping up with those boys but who knows. I just had a hunch from the beginning it was a girl and sure enough she is here...YAHOO and cuter and sweeter than I ever imagined. Finally some estrogen in the house he he he
As for working out.....First I don't work outside the home. I wanted to always make a time to workout but soon learned that my little people have different plans daily for me. I just wait until I see a opportunity and do it. My almost 3 yr.old is used to seeing me work out so he just hops right along. My daughter is getting used to sitting in her playpen and watching she usually smiles at me because I will hop over to her and do a "boo" every so often to keep her entertained. On 50% of the days I wait till they are napping. I learned quickly that in the beginning it takes some adjusting to taking care of three and I learned to do short workouts the first few months. I was tired and overwhelmed so I just would do 10-20 mins a day and on days I felt good I did a entire tape. Speaking of working out.....better go get my exercise done for the day.=0) MichelleP

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My first pregnancy I had little to no symptoms except heartburn at the end and only with pizza and orange juice, I did have cravings for granola though. But my last pregnancy I had no energy, worked out (tried to), had different cravings and was nauseated-the outcome was a girl so maybe there's something to it, me and Michelle both? Hmm....

Anyway I'm still deciding on number three or not, but take it easy and enjoy your pregnancy :)



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Thanks Michelle & Stephanie

I like the sound of those positive little girl vibes! I've just gotten to the point where I really don't obsess about my workouts anymore. I was a very overweight child and so it has always been an issue for me. But when you have people who need you and look to you for everything, worrying about how my body looks really pales in comparison to just being healthy. Thanks again!

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Hi Carri!

Congratulations on baby #3. How exciting. Nausea can definitely zap you of your energy. Drink lots of water and be sure that you don't let yourself get dehydrated. It should pass by the 11th or 12th week, but sometimes lasts longer. I wouldn't worry about trying to workout diligently right now. Fit it in only if, when, and where you can. Don't stress if you have to stop for a bit. You'll get back on track eventually. You may be surprised to find that you may possibly not even gain weight since you generally eat less when you are nauseous. In any case, relax and be kind to yourself as you get through this period. Hope you feel better and keep us posted on your progress. Congrat's again.

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