Dreambody OR Mixxtreme


I'm looking for something new and fresh.

Should I get the original 5 dvd Dreambody set, the 5 dvd Dreambody Cardio set or the Mixxtreme set??


I have all 3 and I love them all! Mixxtreme would be a good place to start with this type of workout because of the price and they are slightly (and I mean slightly) less intense. I love the challenge of the cardio in these while I'm still getting strength challenges. I sweat a ton and feel so happy & energized after these.


Mixxtreme is definitely less expensive, but I've read some reviews and some say it is too easy or will become too easy after a few rounds. I'd definitely be willing to pay the extra $ for DreamBody, but I've read mixed reviews on these as well. The usual "too frantic" pace. I'm leaning towards DB Cardio because the stability ball work in the original 5 dvd set doesn't look like something I"d like, but who knows! Is one series less hard on the wrists than the other??


If you have ANY(!!!!!) doubts, start with Mixxtreme. I bought the original 5-disc set. Wanted to love they but they were just too intense. Lots and lots of reps too. But the intensity absolutely KILLLLLED me. Granted I'm a beginner. ;)


Of these, I only have the original DB set. The pace IS frantic. I tried to keep doing them, but the dread factor is just too much. I'm also not crazy about the instructors or the music. These workouts have been sitting dormant for a while as I am instead enjoying JNL Fusion at the moment.

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