Dr. Oz Shows this week - a couple of questions



I caught part of Dr. Oz's show on Thursday and missed part of the show because people were in the room talking. Does anyone know when they will post clips from the show - and how I would find them? I also missed Friday's show and would like to see the women's heart health segment.

Also are the shows later repeated?

Sorry for all of the questions but I rarely get to see his show and of course the two I wanted to see I didn't get to see or missed parts of them. Thanks in advance for any help you can offer!



I am pretty sure both those shows were repeats. I have my DVR set to record new episodes only and it did not record Th or F. I would check his website for episodes or CBS as well. I hope you find what you wanted to see!
btw~ i'm actually watching last Friday's episode on UTI's right now! :)


I looked at his website and I only see the promotional clips for those two shows. I've run searches at his website but nothing.

I am particularly interested in the supplement discussion with the other dr. when they talked about exhaustion (Thursday). I caught the D-ribose but missed the drops he had the lady taste. I like to read up on stuff like that.

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