How do you all workout with your Cathe downloads? The iPhone and iPod are so tiny, so I wonder how do you workout with her down loads. Do you have them on your TV some how, or are they on your computer, and you work out where your computer is? Thanks!

P.S. I did see that I need a digital TV and the connectors that I need from a video I found typing in Google this same question. I have the HDMI computer, so I would down load Cathe on my iPod or iPhone, then this HDMI connector gets hooked to the iPod/iPhone to the TV and should work. Thanks again.
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I load all my workouts (downloads,blender workouts, etc.) onto my PC.
Our TV has WiFi and using DNLA I can play anything from my PC on the TV.
Hi Jann, I really appreciate your response. Sounds like there are a few bit ways, but I need the digital TV first. I have a wifi/hdmi computer, but need the digital TV and the HDMI cord evidently. It sounds like it's just an easy step for you. I can't wait to get there. Thank you, and Happy New Year.


Actually, you can use the downloads without having a digital TV. I used a PC to TV converter box to hook up my old TV to my laptop. They are pretty easy to set up and it worked great...well...I did find out that the VGA cable they set with the package was bad but I had another one so it was just an annoyance.

This is the one I used: Lake PC to TV Converter Box compatible with Windows and Mac (VGA To RCA / VGA To S-Video): Computers & Accessories

I also wanted to mention that you can also plug this converter into a RCA to Coaxial converter if your TV is so old that it doesn't even have S video hookups. The TV I have in the guest room has just that problem and everything worked great even though multiple conversion were being done. I picked up that converter super cheap at target but also has some listing for those types of converters as well.
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I use apple tv too. You can stream from your computer or airplay from your iphone or ipad.
Thank you to all of you so much for all of your help and useful information. And to TRSTACIE, wow, that's my predicament. Stuck with an old TV, but new computer. Until I can get a new TV, I'm going to copy and paste your information for my reference. Thank you, and you others who took time to answer me. Happy New Year to you all!!!

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