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In another thread on here, posters mentioned receiving a newsletter yesterday, November 9. I checked my inbox as well as my Junk/Spam folder and didn't see one even though I have always gotten them in the past.

Did I somehow get deleted from the distribution? If so, how do I get my name back on the list and can I get a copy of the newsletter from yesterday?


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Our list is never touched by us, but you can be deleted automatically if your email bounces or is rejected by your ISP. Your junk folder only contains the emails that your ISP allowed to go through, but then were identified by your computer settings as being possible Spam. There are many other emails that you will never get or see in your junk folder because your ISP scored it as spam and rejected it. If this happens, by rule, we have to automatically delete you from our email list. If this happens you will just need to re-register, but I would suggest adding us to your contacts to help prevent this problem from happening again.


I received the newsletter tonight when I checked my email. I already had you as a contact so maybe it was just slow getting to me or just a fluke thing.

Thanks for the response!

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