DH is smitten!


I have been working out with Cathe since 1999 and have loved her from the beginning. As of last year, DH has been working out with me rather than going to the gym. He commented today that he respects and pretty much loves Cathe!:) I have some other workouts such as Jillian, Body Beast, and HC. Everytime I put one of these in he says, "Can't we do Cathe?" Just a little something I thought I'd share. Anybody else have any similar cute stories?


Yes, my husband as well started working out with Cathe's workouts. I swear he will wear out my Gym Style DVDs! I'm glad he's using them, but so painful to watch. He is never on beat:)


For the last year, DH has used Muscle Max three days a week. He is so happy with the workout, I can't seem to talk him into trying any other discs. I really want him to try STS, I know he'll like the program.

Sherry, I know what you mean about the off beat. I had the worst giggle fit one night watching him warm up. I'm lucky he has a good sence of humor. ; )


My daughter (7) likes to do workouts with me sometimes.
Cathe is our fav. of course.
This morning we were online looking at Cathe dvd's on sale.
She asked me which ones I want, and before I said anything, she said
that actually it would be a present for both of us, lol.
I showed her the clips for the HiiT w/o. She loves that it shows
how much time is left and the name of the exercise.

She has really gotten interested in being healthy.
Some meals she says she is a vegetarian.
We aren't a veg. family, but we don't eat red meat.
Dinners when she declares herself a vegetarian
I try not to make a big deal out of it
she can eat other protein.
and when she decides to eat some chicken,
that's ok too.


My husband uses all my Cathe workouts accept step. He is just in awe that I can do all that complicated choreography and the IMAX workouts scare him. He promised to try step blast one of these days but will never do IMAX 3.
He loves the MMAs, KPC, STS, and S&H. He tried slide and glide for the first time last week so I'm hoping to get him into the LIS. He's watched me do CRF and TTM and says those will have to wait till he "grows up".
I get a kick out of watching him kickbox. He is always on the wrong side and off beat. He gets jealous that I'm always spot on w Cathe and don't even look at the tv. I remind him I've been w Cathe for 11yrs.
We both are excited about Xtrain! He keeps asking me for updates and I've shown him a few clips.


My DH does not workout to Cathe (he goes to the gym) but he does respect her. He will ask me to cue-up a video to show him new exercises he can do at the gym. He has said many times that Cathe's muscles are "perfect" ;):). I think he's smitten by Greg too, but we won't get into that :eek::D;).



I'm so jealous! I've tried to get my SO into Cathe and he is not cooperating. He's done Kick Max and the MMA workouts with me but they did not seem to compel him. He actually hates the sound of Cathe's voice so much that he hides in his room whenever I'm working out. He calls her the workout lady, and not in a very nice way.:confused:


My hubby did STS with me the first time around and uses some of the LIS series workouts like AfterBurn. I talked him into going to her Chicago RT with me this past April and actually join in the workouts. We both had a great time :) We don't really work out together though because my room is a little too small and he's too off beat which bugs me to death!


DH loves STS meso 3, and the spin bike workout. Haven't been able to get him to do any of the others, but he has great respect for Cathe and her instructions on how to do things properly.


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I've gotten my husband to do Afterburn, CCC, and Gym Styles. He has declared Cathe tougher than Tony Horton. I was showing him the Xtrain clips and that there were guys in them. I hope he uses them when they get here. Like most guys it seems, he is also off beat. He also rounds his shoulders like crazy! I try to give him form tips, but he just doesn't seem to get it.

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