Destination wedding - Cayman Islands??


Anyone have any experience/comments on this?

I got engaged 2 weeks ago and my fiance and I want to go somewhere tropical, just the two of us, for a 'weddingmoon' and we're really wanting to go to Cayman Islands. We're going to have a big reception a month or two after the wedding, but we just want the two of us for the wedding. I've googled until I can't google anymore and would like to talk to at least ONE person who has done this so I know what to expect. Not a lot of websites list prices so it's hard to comparison shop (which I have to!) when I have no idea what the 'normal' price is. No one in my circle of friends has ever done this so I can't get any info from them.

Any ideas, thoughts?? TIA!


My DH and I did this 10 years ago and it was wonderful! We went to Jamiaca - an all-inclusive restort, so all the food and drinks were included in the cost. It was just him and I barefoot on the beach the day we got married - they had everything covered right down to our witness. We videotaped the whole thing so when we got home we rented a BIG tv and played it for everyone to see and then we walked in.
I am sure there are alot of forums out there that you can see what people have to say about each island and resort.
My parents started a savings account for us last year so we can save up to go back for out 10th in October - 10 years on 10/10/10




What you and your DH did is exactly what we want to do - all inclusive resort, barefoot on the beach, have witnesses provided, and have pictures/video at the reception. All with as little stress as possible!

There's so much information out there and I want to be sure I'm not missing anything. I'm going crazy with everything, but I guess I just need to start somewhere and go from there.

Thanks for the info and congratulations on your anniversary - 10/10/10 - how cool!:) And have fun in Jamaica!

My husband and I were married in the USVI about two years ago. Very easy since you are still in the US - no additional paperwork with the US State Dept, waiting periods, or blood tests. We stayed at the Westin St. John and were married on the beach at Hawks Nest Bay.

Congratulations & Good Luck


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I haven't done this but my sister did in Jamaica and I went. Her and her husband stayed at a Sandals Resort and they really loved it. However, I would go somewhere besides Jamaica. I have been twice, once to my sisters wedding and the second time on a cruise. I think other places have more to offer. We went to the Cayman Islands as well on our cruise. That place was beautiful! I would love to spend a week there, or maybe the rest of my life. Good Luck!


Dont have any personal experience with this but my colorist got married 2 years ago in Cancun @moon palace. I saw pictures-it was gorgeous. They really loved it. They actually had about 25 family and friends go to.


I wasn't sure if you were looking for places or prices.

wendy loo

My husband and I got married this past summer on St. John in the Virgin Islands on Cinnamon Bay

by Ann Marie Porter: ($400)

It was beautiful, and wonderful having only the two of us.

We rented a villa for ten days through ($3000?)

They handled getting us a jeep for the week as well. ($300?)

We had this guy do our pictures: ($350)

I got my flowers from this woman: ($150)

I was able to arrange the whole deal through email and phone calls. Everyone was incredibly nice.

The island is unbelievable. Hawksnest beach is now one of my favorite spots in the world. The great thing about St. John, at least when we went there, is that you basically have the beaches to yourself. There are tons of fantastic hikes and amazing views. The snorkeling is incredible. It was the time of our lives, and we plan to go back within the next year. I highly recommend it.


Thanks for the info girls!!

I guess I'm just looking for and do's and don'ts that I might not realize I need to think about. It all seems pretty easy - show up with papers and dress and get married! There's sooo much information out there and I don't know where to start. But we did find an awesome resort and it looks like everything can be handled through them. So all we have to do is set the final date and book it!!


Thank you, wendy loo!! I can imagine how gorgeous your wedding was - it all looks so beautiful!

We may have to look at the Virgin Islands now. Those pictures and prices are fantastic and knowing you had a great experience and recommend them really helps. And our big thing is we don't want a 'touristy' type place - we want somewhere, like you said, where you have the beach to yourselves and can just take in nature. No cheesy t-shirt places!!

Thanks again and Congratulations!!


What's the etiquette of having a destination wedding? Are the bride & groom supposed to pay for plane tickets for the guests? What about hotels? And do you still have a reception?

When I get married, I'm seriously considering the destination wedding!! Seems like the perfect place to get married.


What's the etiquette of having a destination wedding? Are the bride & groom supposed to pay for plane tickets for the guests? What about hotels? And do you still have a reception?

When I get married, I'm seriously considering the destination wedding!! Seems like the perfect place to get married.

Melissa - In our case, I guess technically we're eloping because we aren't bringing anyone with us. Everyone knows we're going so I don't like to say we're eloping because it sounds like we're running away in secret, but I guess that's what it is.

But, if we were bringing people, I've read that the bride and groom should pay for plane tickets. Hotels and food can be paid for by the guest. That was just a guideline tho - I'm sure some couples pay for everything and some pay for nothing. But just as a general rule, I've read travel only.

We're having a reception back home since we aren't inviting anyone to the wedding. But a lot of couples doing a destination wedding have the reception right there. There's different levels of packages you can pick depending on the number of people you have and what your needs are. All of the pictures I've seen are all so beautiful - I'm kinda bummed we aren't doing that, but we can't have a reception for the two of us!:p

I'm thrilled over the idea - it takes so much pressure off of me and really allows us (fiance and I) to enjoy our wedding day and each other. It just makes sense for us because of how we are!


We used to go to Cayman every spring break as a kid. It is gorgeous, peaceful, and beautiful. It is an expensive island.

I have been to destination weddings before, where I was in one, and paid for my plane tickets. I have also been to one in which everything was paid for. It was a very small and intimate wedding. With weddings, you need to decide what is best for you and your hubby.

People will make the decisions for themselves if they can come. I remember we were invited to a wedding in Italy and we just decided that we didn't want to spend the money at that particular time. Everyone understands when it comes to a destination wedding. Allow people to make the decision whether to come or not and decide what is best for you guys.
Don't go into debt or something crazy to make other people happy. (do i sound like a b*tch??) Enjoy the process and celebrate it!! It is your time.

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