December Rotation: Body Blast Series

Cathe Friedrich

Hi Everyone! Now that you have had some time to learn the new choreography and get familiar with the Body Blast Series, here is a rotation to enjoy. Each week will get a little more mix and matched.

Week One: A basic order that flows well

Mon: Step, Jump and Pump (SJP)
Tues: Kick, Punch and Crunch (KPC)
Wed: Push Pull (PP)
Thurs: Step Blast (SB)
Fri: Legs and Glutes (L&G)
Sat: Off
Sun: Supersets (SS)

Week Two:

Mon: KPC
Tues: PP plus L&G (skipping the stretch on PP and skipping the warm up on L&G)
Wed: Off
Thurs: SB
Fri: SJP
Sat: KPC
Sun: SS

Week Three:

Mon: SB
Tues: SJP
Wed: Warm up and step only of SJP and the kick punch combinations and abs only of KPC
Thurs: Warm up and high intensity drills only of KPC plus PP (skipping PP warm up)
Fri: off
Sat: SS and L&G (skipping stretch of SS and skipping warm up on L&G)
Sun: Off

Week Four:

Mon: Warm up and step only of SJP plus PP (skipping warm up of PP)
Tues: KPC
Wed: Jump, Pump, Abs, and Stretch only of SJP (do a warm up of your choice before starting)
Thurs: Off
Fri: L&G
Sat: SB
Sun: SS



Hi Cathe!
Thanks soo much for taking the time to whip up this awesome BB rotation! I just love the way you sequenced this!
You are the Greatest!!!!!!!!!!!
PS Cya tomorrow front and center with Barbara ;-)

Cathe Friedrich

Hi Francine! Looking forward to seeing you and Barbara tomorrow. It sure has been a very "filling" couple of days....get ready to kick some butt:)


Thanks Cathe! I love the idea of combining SS & PP with L&G!!! Why didn't I think of THAT??? You're the best!
Your-Friend-In-Fitness, DebbieH[/img] If You Get The Choice To Sit It Out Or Dance...I Hope You DANCE!!!


Wow I can't wait to do this live tomorrow!! I don't even have the dvd yet but that is ok Cathe because the dvds are going to be awsome with all the premixes so it is well worth the wait plus I will get the real feeling of KPC tomorrow:). Francine I can't wait to meet you too!! Well better go get some sleep soon for tomorrow;-)


Thank you Cathe for this rotation. It looks really interesting with the gradual mixing as weeks go by. I will start it when the DVD's arrive.



Count this as my rotation for next month when my dvds arrive. Thanks !
Did YOU have a good Holiday with family and friends? I hope so!


full report on class

The workout was incredibly intense! NON STOP ACTION!Grunting ,groaning and gritting our teeth--Oh yeah the game faces were on--not a pretty sight hahahaha The workout was composed of The DYNAMIC DUO --Cardio kicks (cardio moves)and KPC's high intensity drills ,and series of punching kicking combos that were all put together in a finished product! Unbelievable!
Barbara posted pics on her picture trail and did a post


RE: full report on class

I already started it but I am having to sub older workouts til next Tues when my BB's arrive. I'm doing:

Circuit Max for SPJ
Cardio Kicks for KPC
Slim Series Shape it up for P&P (sorry...couldn't figure out close Cathe so I guess it's good she made this one for us, eh?)
Rhythmic Step for Step Blast
PS Legs for L&G and nothing yet for SS (I was originally hoping to have my dvd's before Saturday but oh well...Tuesday will do)

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