Damage Controllers....Monday!


Good Morning Ladies.

I probably shouldn't be allowed to start this thread since I am not doing a very good job at the "damage controlling" lately. :eek: I've gained a few pounds over the past month or two and I'm not happy about it. As soon as I get back from vacation I need to figure out a plan to get back to my happy weight! I think part of my problem are my cardio work outs as of late. With my bb giving me so many problems I can't do Shaun or HiiT or anything like that and I think it might be taking it's toll. :(

Speaking of which...today's work out will be Low Max minus the blasts. I don't think my achin' legs could take those blasts. Cathe KILLED em y'day...in a GOOD way ofcourse. ;)

PunkyJen:: I am not the one to ask about STS yet. Diana and Jacque would know better. They've done the program more then once! I like it so far but too early to report on results, etc.

Jacque:: 40/20 is the hardest of the HiiT's IMO. I miss those w/o's. I hope I can do them again soon. :( BB still has issues but not like it did so it's getting better. I guess I gotta give it a week and see where I stand with it. Still no jumping around for me. BOOH. Yup, they had a lunch after the Baptism. It was yummy.



Well, I opened up my dvd cabinet and Low Max went out the window! LOL Ended up doing Kick Max Low Impact Timesaver instead. Also did 6 Minute Abs from BeachBody. Kickbox was a good choice but those dastardly leg conditioning drills about KILLED me since legs are already screaming. :eek::eek::eek:


Good Morning!:)

Had a good sleep last night, I could have slept for longer though. DS decided it was time to start our day. Its weird here cause there is just the two of us. Last night when I got off of work, I picked up a sub and went to my running partners house with it and I hung out there until 8'ish or so. I would have came home if there was anything for me to do but the house was pretty tidy and I couldn't workout b/c I was on call.

My back is so sore this morning. I couldn't figure out why at first but I think its b/c of 4ds kickboxing. I haven't done boxing in forever and I put my ankle weights on in the beginning but had to take them off b/c my bics were to sore from the workout the day before. I didn't do anything else to make my back sore.

We were planning on going for a run but it is POURING outside. I don't even know what we will do today. I should have picked up some supplies and made some bread. Maybe I will do that after lunch. I will work out soon but I don't know what I am doing. If DS cooperates I will probably get on the TM for a while for some hills and intervals and then maybe 40/20. I would also like to do a leg workout but I don't want to push it.

Wendy** This time of year is worse for me then any other cause there are so many parties and they all include booze of course! Im sure you won't be long losing it again! Glad you enjoyed your workout this morning!

Jacque** No, DS isn't playing games on the computer...he watches mickey mouse stuff on you tube. He clicks on these little tap taps. I don't know if you have ever seen them but they are very small toys, made in hong kong or somewhere, and they tap their feet to music. SO he kepy whining for this hello kitty one that was dressed like a rabbit. I found one on ebay for him and I wasn't sure if I was gonna buy it or not. When I had the mouse on "commit to buy" DS nudged my arm and I commited to buy it....$50 later! For this little toy! Hopefully he will take care of it when it comes cause he is only 3 after all. How long do your birds live for if you have already had them 21 yrs?? Crazy! I haven't picked up a squirrel since I was 10 so no need to worry! LOL

I will bbl cause today is gonna be a quiet day!



Okay. That's it. I am putting STS on hold for a little while. I am only 3 work outs away from the end of Meso 1 but also less then a week away from my vacation and I feel like he!!. I need to try and change it before I leave! My pants are waaaay too tight and my ab definition has gone downhill. I am NOT happy. After talking to Jen (Irishrose), I have decided to scrap STS for this week and try to get myself in a better spot for vacation. Vacation was scheduled as STS recovery so I will just continue thru it and when I get back I will decide where to go from there.

Lori:: I love k/b with weighted gloves on but it CAN be too much at times. I've had to nix them myself. Enjoy whatever work out you decide on today!


Good morning ladies !

Today will be the beginning of Slow & Heavy for weights and then I'll follow Cathe's cardio again for the week.

Wendy - I like doing kickboxing after a leg workout as it helps ease the soreness. Makes me think I should be adding a Plyo Leg to my rotation somewhere - those always get me sore. Need to try to go heavier with the legs this week as not much in the way of DOMs from GS. Good to hear the bb is doing better. Bummer about the lbs but you are very good at losing them like Lori said. OK, I see you just posted again . . . tight pants are not good - do your damage control this week so you can enjoy your vacation !;)

Lori - so I'm guessing it was your Upper back that is sore. Sounds like you worked some muscles that don't normally get hit with the standard upper body workouts. Hope it isn't too painful. Ahhhh, DS uses the computer to watch things. So he 'nudged' your hand huh? I haven't seen those toys - you have to start somewhere with them learning about taking care of special things. My GS will be 3 in a couple of weeks and he is doing pretty well with that. This could be a good learning experience.

Diana - you must be having fun ! ! ! Woo Hooo !

Laura - Let us know how Mom is doing & here's to an easier week at work for you - mid month is typically the best, yes?

PunkyJen - last week of summer school for you or are you off now? (sorry - I have misplaced that memory !) :p

Until later chiquitas . . .


Jacque:: BB is going back and forth between better and worse but overall it seems to be improving. Y'day and today haven't been that great with it but I am hoping it's healing nonetheless. We shall see. Enjoy Slow and Heavy! I got on the scale this morning and almost threw up and then when pants were too tight that was it. I knew I had to do something. I hope it works! A week isn't much time! :eek: Oh and I saw the pics you posted of DD's 21st Bday. I see what you mean about her tats. Not my style personally but nothing against it either. I just wouldn't go that big and bold. Good for her though if she loves them!


hey Ladies!

MONDAY again .. sooo soon!!! *sigh* My mother got to come home .. although it was LATE by the time we finally made it home . . she goes back today to check in with the dr... we will see how things go!! She is going good .. just tired and a bit weak .. and stubborn as all get out .. she went back to work today :mad: cant tell the woman anything .. but her job isnt that hard and she can SIT mostly .. but still!!!!!!!! thanks for all the prayers and positive energy!!! Now..my DH has to have colonostomey .. he is at DR now .. it is just reg/ one b/c he turned 50 .. but DANG .. and tmrw is election day!! :eek: man I need a spa day!!! :confused:

Wendy ... I have the tight pants too :confused: :( :mad: feel your pain .. and we have a vacation coming up in AUG ... now that I am healed .. if I can get DB elected .. DM well . . DSIL to gain some weight .. and DH over the colon test I am ready to get back to my normal kickarse weight!! ;)

Di .. so you are on vacation .. WOOHOO .. I know you are loving it!!

Jacque .. yes midweek is a lot better on me than first of the month .. but I am playing catch up today .. soooooooo you know how that goes . LOL

Lori .. LOL about DS hogging the computer .. that is funny!! It just poured on me at lunch .. came a gully washer .. my shoes and feet and pants are wet . UGH

Hello PunkyJen ... yes I am Laura .. aka: Poochy .. LOL .. DH nick named me that b/c of my back side "pooches" out .. LOL ... but I also LOOOOOVEEE dogs .. so that name is appropriate! :p

SOOOO SIL and I did BH cardio this weekend :eek: SIL couldnt do a lot of it .. but she said she LOVED it .. that it was a challenge to work toward. We did BH .. BOBS workout the first half yeesterday .. :eek: .. WOW .. Wendy have you done this?? you didnt warn me!!!! :confused: :confused: :confused: :eek: we didnt do second half b/c both of us are so sore from the cardio workout .. LOL .. we couldnt do it w/proper form ... we are gonna attempt to do it in whole SAT .. :confused: .. I am askeeered!!!!

OK .. better run .. last day of campaigning .. no class again .. then tmrw the election .. please send some prayers up for my DB .. pray for a LANDSLIDE victory!!!! :D have a great one!:D


Laura:: Nope, haven't done any Bob's at all except for that one time doing the cardio. Except for Butt and Balance which you said is no impact (still haven't had the chance to do it yet though), I have been afraid to try them b/c BB is still a problem. Sorry your mom won't stay home and take it easy. Some people just can't. Take me for instance....9 or 10 days in a row of work outs I am on. I know I should take a rest day but I don't wanna...especially now when I feel all fat and stuff! :eek:


Hi Ladies,

We are having a great time, but haven't done any site seeing, hiking or anything really besides just hanging out at the condo. The girls love sitting in the hot tub but they can only be in for 5 or so minutes at a time. It is nice and hot for us adults but way to hot the little ones.

Wendy-sorry about the weight issues. Seems you can take of lbs pretty quickly with diet. Hope this doesn't discourage you from completing STS. I know for my bodytype I need a good amount of cardio and weights.

Jacque-S&H is a great series and I've used it to sub for my 3X8 week at times. I will have to check out your pics. We just got internet access a little while ago. I will check out your pics.

PunkyJen-We are near Breckenridge CO. It's a large ski resort that has fun summer activities as well, mtn biking, ski lift to the top of the mountain, hiking, maze, alpine slide etc. Once MIL and DS1 get here we will be out and about more.

Lori-I'm guessing the back soreness is from kickboxing. I actually love that soreness and I only see to get it from Kickboxing. Enjoy your day.

Laura-what are you up to lady?

I brought some w/o's with me but haven't done any yet and right now I don't really care. Hopefully tomorrow I will give one a try. I brought CCC, MMA Fusion and Travel Fit.

When the girls go down for a nap I'll try to read the last couple days posts and see what I've missed.



Diana:: Glad you are having fun. Who cares what you do as long as you are enjoying it. The weight gain is very discouraging but I am not giving up on STS competely. After the next 2 weeks "off" I hope to be able to successfully continue on with STS but only doing u/b and having 4 days for cardio and Tonique/BBL. I hope that this will solve the problem but only time will tell!!! Enjoy the rest of your vacation...and your nap! :)
Last edited:


WEll .. the weather is no cooperating .. it is storming out .. so I am gonna teach tonight .. may be too late to have decent class .. but at least I am there!! gonna throw in some BH weighted deadlift/squat swings ;) see what my class thinks of that kind of exercise!!! think VBF and others are on standby in case weather clears they can go out and hit streets!!!

Wendy .. the BOBS workout .. is a NO GO for BB issues .. my core is soooooo freaking sore it is not even funny .. LOTS of impact and core moves that are KILLER ... cant imagine what the w/o done in it's entirity is gonna be like!!!

Di .. what have I been up to .. HA .. STTTREEESSSSS .. but I am putting in some killer workouts to help w/it though and I am listing myself as 100% now .. ready to kick my workouts in the arse!!! :eek::D

Ok .. better run .. have a great one!


Wendy-thanks about the STS. I will probably get it at some point, but it sounds like a booty-kicker!:confused:

Jacque- I have just four more days to teach!!!! whoo hoo:D

Diana- Sounds like a ton of fun. I love the mountains, and sound like you guys really know how to enjoy it. Glad the girls are with you :cool:

Lori- MMMM, yummy fresh-baked bread on a rainy day! It seems weird to us spoiled Californians that you'd get rain in July. That's just my lack of traveling, I think! :(

Laura-so glad your mom's home (well, she's sort of home#[email protected]$%!).. IKWYM about some people not being able to rest. Who is being elected? Are you guys in politics? (Sorry for the dumb question):confused: stupid moi

Have a nice evening, all (Yes, it's about 3:45 here in California) Oops, gotta go p/u a kid! Love, me

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