Hey Girlies.

Just wanted to get us started and say hi before I leave. We are heading out at 11 and I still have a TON of stuff to do! :eek:

Gonna do some kinda cardio before we go!!!!!

This STS thing is driving me batty! I'll have to talk to Jen and see what we will do. Now I wanna finish but thinking maybe it's better to shelve it until summer's over for real. We shall see...

Have a good friday everyone. I'll be back next wednesday or thursday!



Good Morning!

Not sure if I should post here or not cause someone thinks its Thursday and if I started another thread with the right name, she wouldn't notice anyway...cause shes gone! LOL

I had to go back to work last night to do a flight. I didn't get home until 3'ish and when I got here, DS was awake again in our bed.It was 4 before I got to sleep. Needless to say, Im gonna be tired later! I did sleep in until 9:30 though. DD got up with him so DH could go to work.

Today's workout most likely will be slo mo back and tris and a run.

Wendy** Hope you have a good vaca.Why is it that you want to put STS to the side? I love it when cathe answers my questions!:D

I will bbl!



LOL ... Wendy's brain is on vacation mode ..LOL .. it is Friday .. b/c I am in jeans .. and let me say .. OMG .. they are TTIIIGHHHHTTT :mad: that is it .. I am 100% .. getting back to my EXTRA workouts .. and clean up my eating .. GEESH .. this is ridiculous .. have not worn this jeans since last winter .. but OMG .. they are too tight .. ridiculous .. the BBL did lift the booty though .. b/c the POOCH is back ;) .. now the POOCH in the FRONT GUT has gotta go :mad: .. next week I am gonna try to get my lazy arse outta bed for an extra 20 - 30 min cardio/TM .. combined w/lunch w/o and then my classes .. that should do it!! ;)

WEndy .. have fun on vaca!!! I am taking it you got the doggie settled .. STS .. SIL had your issues .. but I think it is b/c she put on muscle which upped the weight .. and b/c she had more muscle on her body she ate more .. but when she did STS she looked healthy .. excellent .. but to her she said she looked fat .. maybe that is what you are experiencing??? You ARE NOT fat .. but more muscular .. but to you it FEELS like you are bigger. for me .. I put on muscle .. but b/c I already had decent muscle mass it really just got me defined and maybe a bit larger .. I got wider in my lats BIG TIME .. which I didnt like .. but the rest I LOVED!!!

Lori .. LOL what are we gonna do w/our Wendy .. LOL

hello to all that follow .. if they figure out THURS thread is actually FRI thread!!! :p

last night class .. AWESOME .. it felt great to be @ 100% .. I did sets of one easy plyo - one hard plyo - one weighted plyo- hvy weight UB - no weight LB high rep .. finished w/15 min core work ... it was AWESOME .. DOMS report: buttocks shoulders hammies and core!!! :D (insert the "godfather of soul's" I FEEL GOOD .. dananana!!!) have a great one!:D



Good FRIDAY morning ladies !

In my state I am so surprised I figured it out but ended up looking at the dates . . . which I didn't realize it is 7/16 anyway. :p Time is flying by toooooo fast these days.

Last night we had 100' weather and tonight again. Not sure I'll get a workout in if it is that hot. Y'day Am when I did IMax 2 for 30 minutes I was dripping and it was AM ! ! ! and not hot yet. Too stressed and tired to add too much to the ol' bod right now. Weekend is nearly here and I can get some workouts in in the mornings !

Wendy - have fun and post on FB for us ! Cool Cathe answered you and I think she may be on to something . . .

Lori - I got a good night's sleep but am still tired . . . we'll both be in that mode today. Nice of DD to help out !;)

Laura - somehow I need to get in extra cardio too but the muscles seem to be declining with my lack of workouts. Think I'm at a point where I need to stay ontop of it - they aren't springing back as fast as they used to. Work is a bugger for me as I am working while "not at work" too much ! UGH ! but need to make some headway before I can slow down a little. Getting there slowly. How's the asylum lately?

Diana - hoping you had some real vaca fun y'day?

PunkyJen - keeping cool? Do you have A/C up there? Though not sure you were quite as hot as we were down here - SJose is supposed to be 10' cooler than us today. Last day for you and I figure it will be more of a play day? When does your district start back up for fall?

Off for the time being - enjoy the FRIDAY girls ! :D


Jacque .. you and I have the same idea .. I think that I am at that "point of no return" .. you know where you feel if you dont get a handle on it .. it is going to be out of control .. and yes things do NOT bounce back NEAR like they used to .. you have to work extra hard at it .. I know the brkn rib is what really set me back .. but didnt think the jeans would be THIS tight .. UGH :(.. come on we can do it .. just gotta get in that mindset!!! :eek: :p


Hi ladies,

We made our way home today. It will be nice to sleep in my own bed tonight. It was nice to get away and not have to deal with work at all. I would prefer to "do" more on vacation than we did this time. The kids and I usually rent bikes and ride and go to the mountain and we didn't do that at all this week.

No exercising for a week makes be a bit crabby. I'm right there with the rest of you feeling more fluffy than I want to. Definitely need to reign in the diet....we had mostly pasta and bread all week. Ready for some protein and fruit this next week.

I'm going to start Insanity...anyone care to join me? I'm feeling the need for some hardcore cardio and insanity fits the bill. Hope to get rid of this layer of fat around my middle and my thighs soon and Insanity gave me results fast. I'm still sticking with my 4 days per week heavy weight rotation and the additional cardio should be be a nice shock to the system and help me drop some lbs.

Wendy-sorry you are not liking the results of STS. I'm surprised that you are gaining weight especially with meso 1. Seems as though your body responds better to lighter weights and more reps ala slim series. I may be ready for another round of STS in the fall, let me know when you want to start it up again. Have a wonderful vacation!!! btw, tonique is in the cart and I'm ready to pull the trigger....you enabler...and then you go on vacation. Definitely need some thigh thinning exercises and tonique looks like it will do the trick.

Lori-hope you get your run in. It's supposed to be 100 today...definitely not running outside here. Hope you get a good nights sleep tonight. The girls are sleeping in the same bed and have been pinching and scratching each other...not fun at 1am.

Laura-I picked up the Oxygen mags Glutes special edition...wouldn't you know they recommend plyo's, and many of the same exercises Cathe does in her HIIT w/o's. They say plyo's are good for lifting the rear! I love STS also. I have the front gut thing going on too, and eating all the white stuff I did this week didn't help at all. I'm home now and will be reigning in the diet, even considering a cleanse.

Jacque-our temps are right up there too. Nice job getting half of Imax 2 completed in that heat. This cardio queen has been lacking on the cardio and am ready to pick it up a notch.

PunkyJen-what are you up to? So is this your last day of summer school? At least you will get a bit of a break before you have to go back.

I still need to log into work and go through emails sometime this weekend and pay the bills....neither one is sounding fun to me at all.



Hi y'all

Jacque: I can relate to that "working while not at work" feeling. We teachers work while we're on summer, during the evenings, weekends?!:p#$%%^!!:mad:

Laura: My folks are from Birmingham AL. I definitely grew up with lots of y'alls in the house! Love that connection to sweet home AL! Congrats to your bro!

All the Damage Control Cathletes: So yes, we start back August 18th, so I have a month off. I am taking a "spa day" tomorrow, just take care of the old body and lots of girl stuff for the skin and hair.

Don't mean to be rude, will post more tomorrow when I'm not so fatigued. :confused:

Hope everyone has a great Friday night.:)
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