Damage Control March :)


Hey Ladies. :)

Sorry I went MIA. I was in AC this past weekend and I also just got lazy with posting but not with my work outs! Still going strong on the TA META bandwagon and still throwing in weighted circuits and all kinds of cardio as well. I've strayed off the official rotation path with META though and spent the last few days trying them all. :D Now that I've done that I need to figure out what I will do as far as a rotation goes.....:confused: I want to do them ALL! :eek:

BBL for personals!:cool:



Quick update as Hubby is on business call and I'm still cleaning up the kitchen and the kids are "supposed" to be getting ready for bed but I just hear a lot of noise up there! But wanted to check in and say that I did burn sets bis and tris with core 1! Happy that I actually got it in!

Eating was pretty good until just now, chocolate chips are my de stressor and addiction!

Ok, gotta finish up and get the kids to bed!


Hi Ladies,

My dear MIL is out of the hospital and doing much better. Of course they don't really have any answers. They are leaning towards her being dehydrated which caused the dizziness and nausea, but no answers on the internal bleeding. She has more tests but they will be done outpatient.

My weight is up today, GGGRRRR. Probably something to do with the large Mexican lunch I had on Monday. It will most likely be gone by tomorrow. I'm considering stopping WW since my weight has hit a plateau. Not sure though as I'm afraid the 20 I've lost will come right back if I don't keep tracking. I still have 10 to go and it's not budging. Any suggestions for me???

I didn't get signed up for Aquatic conditioning....gonna call the rec ctr and see if I can get in. It shouldn't be a problem because they keep the class really small, 3-6 people. Lots of individual attention which I need.

LadyLep-Burn Sets is awesome. I too am a chocolate chip lover and eat them right out of the package. As I have no willpower of them, I've stopped buying them while doing WW.

Wendy-hope you had a fab time celebrating your anniversary! Sounds like your exercise ADD is in full swing.:D

Laura-our temps are all over the place. It was 70 on Monday, snow yesterday, 50's today. It really wreaks havoc on my skin and folks with allergies are having a tough time.




Did I not post ystdy? good gosh .. I have too much going on :confused: :(

Mon - did CVX - ystdy I did a 3 mile run outside ... I needed it - it helped clear my head - although my jaw did start hurting again .. not sure if it is the heart rate, the jarring, or the rise blood flow ... IDK .. geesh ready to feel normal again!

Had a stressfull morning (long story) - my head is POUNDING .. ugh .. just waiting for 5 now ... hoping to feel good enough for a short workout at least tho ... but it has got to stop pounding before I can exercise!

DI - glad your MIL is better - you have done WW for so long now .. you probably know the numbers in your head ... but tracking does hold one accountable!! do what works for you tho!!

LadyLep - seems everyone is stressed in some way here lately! sweets are not my problem .. when I am stressed ALCHOL is my destressor .. :confused: :eek::p to each his own vice!! LOL

Hello to Wendy n Lori ..

OK .. I better run .. I AM AT MY DESK >>>> WHOOHOOOO .. but have a ton of work to catch up on!


Hey Gals!

Just rocking by baby to sleep. One of the girls at work likes to make fun of me. Seem he says he's two and not a baby anymore! Lol. Well I beg to differ!

Workouts have been good. Still getting up at 5. Takes its toll when DH is home cause we stay up a little later.

Laura** that sounds painful. I had a bottom tooth removed a long time ago. I thought about getting a implant but now I'm not so sure! I do need to make a dentist appt though. I should do that tomorrow.

Diana** what's going on at work? And congrats on losing 20 lbs!! Where have I been!?

Wendy** sounds like you had a wonderful weekend!!

Ladylep** welcome to the group! Four boys??? Home schooled? You are wonder women! I have two boys and I can't really control these two. Lol

Ill try and pop in tomorrow!!



Hi Girls. :)

So today's work out was 3 rounds of the following exercises at 10 reps each w/no rest. It took me about 12 mins to complete...

Pull ups
One Arm DB Shoulder Press
One Arm DB Row
Push Ups
Other Arm DB Row
Other Arm DB Shoulder Press

I followed it up with TA Meta Hip! No time for cardio/conditioning but it's probably just as well coz I was FRIED!!!!!:D


So I thought I should check in even if I haven't done anything in 2 days, unless arm exercises with light weight count while I was at PT this afternoon.

I have my wo clothes on and was set to do LIS: Trisets lower body, but then didn't feel like it and was going to do yogamax. But a girlfriend came over last min to chat. I'm so glad she did, she lives 1 mile away but I haven't seen her but once this year! And it turns out it was really good because it looks like I'm being scammed by my electric/gas company. My Feb commodity charge was triple what it was in Jan and my usage was 600 KWH more than this month. She helped me go through a lot of bills.

I'm not sure what I'll get to tomorrow. I'm getting to bed late (and I still have sorted piles of paper that need to be filed away before I can get to my bed!) and we'll be out all afternoon and I really need to either school in the morning or clean the house...

Fit_mommy- you arm workout for today sounds great! I'm still a little sore from the Burnsets I did a few days ago!

Gidget- not wonder woman, esp. not after today, kids were all over the place, not much work completed and I wasn't quiet and gentle with my tone by a long shot!! Hopefully tomorrow will be better! PS I love your name- I remember that show well and loved it!

Poochy- I think think the stress was partly due to Hubby going to FL for a golf/NCAA/Arnold Palmer tournament work trip! He left yesterday and won't be back until late Monday night. And I have something going on every day or night for at least a week!

rmrmr- I didn't have any chocolate chips tonight! I was planning on it and even have 5 points left of my daily WW pts but it's just too late now.

OK-better get to those papers and to sleep! Night!


Hi Ladies. :)

Today is my rest day from everything but TA though I won't be doing a META work out either. I will be doing a new (to me) and what's supposed to easier work out of hers this morning.

So I have made the decision to look for a new job to replace my full time position at the law firm. I have been busting my azz working 1.5 jobs for a year now and quite frankly I am tired of it and just plain old tired. :( I do not want to quit my part time training job obviously so I am going to try to find another part time training job that I can work during the day. The idea is that b/c I will get paid better then at the law firm (that's not hard to beat!:rolleyes:) I can work less hours and still bring home the same $....or maybe more if it works out really well! It's going to be tough though b/c training jobs don't usually come with automatic clients just waiting for you to train them and when will I have the time to sell training while still employed full time? Well, I COULD do it at night and on weekends but that's when I work at the studio and obviously I can't quit the firm job until I have something else lined up....It's quite the predicament I am in, isn't it?!:confused: So anyway,I applied to a training company that does in-home training (client's home) and got a pretty immediate response showing possible interest but now we are playing phone tag because I can't talk at work and the woman only works certain hours. Eventually we will connect though!

Di:: I have been very lax about staying up to speed w/what is going on around here. I noticed very late that your MIL was in the hospital! I'm so sorry I didn't see this sooner but I am so glad she has been released and is feeling better!!!!

Lady:: Clean house? What's that? LOL I'm so busy that I don't have much time for that these days! :rolleyes: Thank goodness my DH is picking up some of my slack! So what are you going to PT for? I keep saying that I am going to start doing yoga again but it has yet to happen...I used to do it daily! *sigh*

Lori:: Your child will ALWAYS be your baby!:)

Laura:: Thanks for the anniversary wishes. :)



Yesterday's work out went like this::

[email protected]/30 of one arm db row R, one arm db row L, push ups, single leg squat curl press R, single leg squat curl press L.
[email protected]/30 of one arm db row R, one arm db row L, push ups, rev lunge curl press R, rev lunge curl press L.
[email protected]/28 of heavy one arm swings alternating R and L.
And last but not least META HIP 11-20! :D


Hi Ladies,

So not feeling well today. It started yesterday and has just gone downhill. Fever, chills, stuffy head/nose etc.

Today is DS1's 26th birthday! That makes me sound old doesn't it.:p

Yesterday I went to the second day of a retirement seminar. I learned so much, it's overwhelming actually. We are years from retirement, but it's nice to know we are on the right track. Of course we can't really increase our retirement contributions much until Jerod is out of college. DH only wants to work until age 55, not sure how we'll swing that. I certainly don't want to be going to work everyday while he's not.

Lori-how is your training going? Is your actual training/nutrition program starting in April? Rock your baby boy to sleep as often as possible, soon it will be a distant memory. I lost the 20# with WW but still have a ways to go to get to goal. I've plateaued and am struggling getting the scale to budge.

Wendy-hope you find a replacement job soon. Have you looked at your local gyms and rec ctrs? I've been looking for a job too, but haven't had much response yet. My dear MIL is doing much better and is basically back to her old self.

LadyLep-Hope you get your utility bills straightened out. How frustrating.I think you are pretty amazing too. What are you going to PT for? Boys are so challenging. I thought I was losing my mind with my middle son when he was growing up. Let's just say he was very trying and left me in tears a lot. He's 24 now and the most caring young man with a great sense of humor and heart of gold. I've stopped buying chocolate chips (except for leftovers from xmas in the outstide freezer) since I simply have no will power of the little suckers!



Hi everyone.

I did X10 step and ab circuits yoga based abs yesterday but nothing today, my bum and legs are screaming at me!! But I didn't have the time either, I was hoping for maybe yoga but no dice.

rmrmr-I'm going to PT for tendonitis in both elbow, rt on the outside (inside was last summer) and lt on the inside.I hope you feel better soon! Eating chocolate chips now... :(

fit_mommy-I actually cleaned 3 bathrooms (Just the mirrors, sinks and toilets, no shower or tubs) last night at 10:30. I was frustrated with the kids (they were still up, the older 3 anyway) and so I cleaned! Your workouts sound so intense!!

Gotta get to bed: 3 places to be tomorrow and get schooling done in the middle! Plus Hubby is coming home at midnight!!! Can't wait!


Good Morning!

I have check run this morning and all I really do is sit and wait for the computer to do its thing. Perfect time to check in.

This weekend was very busy. We thought we had a bday party Saturday afternoon but it ended up being Saturday morning so we rushed to get ready. Then we went to look at a PUPPY in the afternoon, then for my run and then rushed to get ready to take DD out for her bday supper. She is legally allowed to drink in this province now. Sunday wasn't much more relaxing. I went to the gym in the morning for legs , cleaned and picked up groceries. It was a busy weekend.

I was gonna semi start my program this week but a girl I work with just plopped a tray of brownies on my desk! I even took before pics for myself to compare in a couple of weeks and of course I have to meet a friend for lunch today! Never ends!

The process seems to be started for DS1. The drs office called and they need another assessment done by the school. And if the school doesn't do one then we have to get one done privately. So many assessments......

Diana** 26?! Wow!! But he does have two kids. I can remember when we use to chat and they were just boys! Plateaus are the worst. Always have to try and figure out what the problem is. Retirement....ah....I'm looking forward to relaxing but it also means we will be old! Lol.

Wendy** I've been there on the job situation. ESP when your use to making a certain amount of money and the PT thing can be unpredictable. Are you gonna start teaching classes? The girl I meet teaches yoga, tabata, spin...I dunno what else. This weekend she went away for a posing seminar.

Ladylep** anyone who can home school 4 kids is wonder women in my eyes! Thank God for friends hey? As if everything we need doesn't cost enough as it is!

Laura** are we crazy for thinking about another puppy? Charlie is 9 now. I don't know how he will feel about it. DH has always wanted a Doberman , I'm so on the fence. Our lives are hectic now. But he's the one who has days off in the middle of the week. Anyway....one min I'm no, next I'm yes

Today's workout was GS chest and shoulders,
Abs and pedal power (40 mins)

Lori :)



OK .. I posted on THURS and FRI and they are not there .. :mad: .. or I am losing my mind :mad: :confused: which is a distinct possibity ...WTH???

Got some good interval runs in last week ... this weekend was a bust!! I had to much housework and then yesterday I had severe allergy attack (pollen is off the chain here) ... had to break down and take sudafed today .. b/c I was coughing so hard!

Lori - re: puppy - IDK it is like having a child for sure .. so it is personal decision .. as far as having one and an older dog .. Brutus is a VERY LARGE handfull - but he sure did bring my Tootsie back to life .. he keeps her busy and she has gotten more exercise w/him than she has EVER in her life! LOL of course having a playmate is always a plus .. it is just getting the "parents" thru the puppy phase .. LOL!! UH -OH the daughter is legal drinking age .. :eek::eek::eek: watch out world!! LOL

LadyLep - great workouts - I have to get back on the track .. I have fallen wayside due to too much stress and too much BS in my life!!

Di - BOO on being sick! feel better - Happy Birthday to DS1 - ah 26 .. wow that was a fun age!!! My DH b-day is tmrw!!! he will be 54 ... :confused: .. hard to belive!!

Wendy - are you still doing some TT??? thinking I am about to get back on those types of workouts mixed in with my running!! IF THE STINKIN' POLLEN lets me!! ggrrrrr

Ok .. better run .. have a great one!


Good Morning Ladies.

Sunday's work out was::
[email protected]/30 of squat lift R, sb bridge w/lateral roll R, repeat both on L, KB pick up.
[email protected]/15 of burpee, running mntn clmbr, spd squat press R and L.
TA Meta Hip 21-30.

Yesterday I did TA Meta Hip 21-30 and half of BBL Bum Bum. I wanted to finish but I ran out of time. I am soooo not used to making time for hour long works outs! :confused:

Laura:: I am not doing TT at the moment. I stopped b/c I wanted to get back to lifting iron for a while and ended up obsessed with TA instead! :confused: I am doing short weight routines with it though so it's better then not doing it at all. :rolleyes:

Lori:: Good luck with all of DS' testing! Just say no to the brownies girl! I am doing very well with sugar avoidance. It's tough sometimes but I'm doing it!!!! Yeah, I need some a certain degree of guaranteed PT work (or even desk duties in a gym to start!) before I can consider quitting the law firm job. I'm back to thinking I should look for part time office work instead. That will give me some steady income at least and free up time to get more going on the PT side. I have an opportunity to train with a company that caters to training in a client's home but I have no time to do it between working f/t and working at the studio!:rolleyes:

Lady:: 3 bathrooms!?! Why oh why did you buy a home with 3 bathrooms? Didn't you know that you'd get stuck cleaning them all?? :p LOL

Di:: Hope you are feeling better today! Retiring at 55? Really?? Who can afford to do that these days?? Not many! :eek: I haven't gotten to any gyms yet to see if they are hiring but I intend to soon. As I told Lori I have a line to start some in home PT soon but I don't really have any time to do it! UGH! What a double edged sword!:mad:
Last edited:


Hi Ladies,

Not much to say here. Still feeling crappy. I did manage to w/o Monday & Tuesday. Time is running out to get a morning w/o in today. I took the next 2 days off work to spend with Jerod, he's on spring break. He just found out he's working on Friday. Tomorrow we'll be going shoe shopping for him and hitting a movie.

bbl for personals


Hey Ladies.

Di, I hope you feel better soon. Enjoy your time with your DS. What movie will you be seeing?

This morning's work out was TA META Hip 21-30 and [email protected]/30 of one arm shoulder press speed squats.




I swear I thought I posted ystdy - i am loosing it!!

MON - managed a nice run - pollen was horrible . couldnt breath half way thru ... ystdy had a DR apnt .. was dreading the numbers .. but they were "ok" .. better than i expected actually .. my weight was better than expected - I knew I had gained back the 5# i lost .. YUP . . I did . but I really thought I had gained more .. but i hadnt .. woohoo . . now to work on getting the extra 5 off!! and back to my summer weight!!

Wendy - SIL finally did TA .. she did not like the cardio .. said it was too easy and dancy .. but she said the workout was different and kinda tuff .. sounds like she will be a fan like you!! maybe I can try them with her one day .. my butt cramps up on regular workouts .. cant imagine doing all those leg lifts .. eeouch!!

Di - hoping you feel better - mine is just pollen head .. ugh ... our temps went from a nice 70 degrees to a very frigid 31 degrees this morning .. ugh .. no wonder everyone is sick!! UGH

Hello to Lori and Lep!!!

Hoping to get some sort of weight workout in today .. not sure what .. ??? but something ..

OK .. better run .. have a great one!!


Hi Girls.

I had a terrible day at work today (office job)! That place is super stressful lately and today was extra awful! UGH! I can't win! I always end up on the losing end of a sh*t load of work that needs to be done and I just can't keep up! I have yet to catch up from the day they hired someone to do the other job! Always something getting in the way and they damn well don't pay me enough to bust my ass TRYING to keep up either!!!! My fire is fueled even more to go job hunting now! I WANT OUT OF THERE! UGH!!!!!! I was in tears again today for the 2nd time in 2 months! NOT GOOD! :(

Laura, I don't find TA cardio easy by any means but it IS dancey coz after all it's called DANCE cardio! LOL I haven't had time to do it lately so when I finally do it'll be holy hell on the calves again I fear! :eek:
Last edited:


Hi ladies,

I'm still up early even though I have the day off. This stuffy head is not fun. I'm happy it's not in my chest though as that would be much worse. Up .8 at my weigh in yesterday. I've been within 2#'s since December. I've started drinking lemon, vinegar, ginger, honey, ginger, cayenne pepper, and hot water 2 to 3 times a day before meals. Trying for a week to see if helps at all.

Yesterday I did my first P90X3 w/o!!!! I did CVX just because Laura seems to like it.:D It's a fun and fast paced circuit w/o. You use a weight for the whole w/o. I started with 10#'s but ended up dropping to 8# in short order.

Not sure what w/o I will do today. I'm leaning towards a full body weight w/o and then cardio. I've been doing the BR 30 day challenge...again. I really like it. There is weight training included, but it's not Cathe.

Wendy-sorry your job is so stressful. Hopefully you can find something in short order. Although that hasn't been my experience as of late. Glad you are enjoying your TA w/o's!

Laura-we continue to have large swings in the temps and it's wreaking havoc, allergies, illness etc. Soon we will be complaining it's too hot!

LadyLep-what are you up to today?


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