Good Morning!

Can't believe I am up on my day off to go for a bike ride:confused: I wanted to go in the evening but the girls didnt want anyone to see us riding bike! LOL

I will bbl for a proper checkin!



Good Morning!

Quick check in to say Disc 7 is done eventhough when my alarm went off this morning I thought about sleeping right through it!:eek: I had to skip the final set of exercises for each BP for time but I am hardly worried!

Just scarfed down my usual oatmeal and natural p/b and it's off to the shower with me!

Lori, Hope you enjoyed your bike ride!!!!!!!!!!!



Good Morning Ladies,

I should be running this morning but am just not feeling it. TBH, I don't really don't feel like working out, not sure why. I'm dressed and enjoying my coffee, pondering doing BM2 cardio premix this morning. This afternoon is heavy leg work and abs at the gym.

I loaned my Insanity dvd's to one of the guys in my bootcamp class. He's on vacation so I haven't heard what he thinks of them. I'm hoping to do another round of that in a couple months. I want to stick with this heavy rotation for a bit longer, and actually think doing this and Insanity would be a good combination.

Lori-enjoy your bike ride this morning.

Wendy-nice job getting your w/o in even if you had to miss a few. I don't think it hurts too much to miss a few exercises as there are so many of them, and each muscle group has been worked. In Meso 2, you complete one body part before moving to the next.

Morning Laura, PunkyJen and Jacque.:D


Diana:: I considered taking on Insanity again after STS is done but I also want to give the Bob Harper DVD's a run through in some sort of rotation as well. Decisions Decisions! :p Thanks for the heads up on Meso 2. I will have to remember that if ever I need to cut it short. I COULD have pushed it and finished all of Disc 7 this morning but it wasn't worth the rush I would have been in in return. I am sure I will be just as sore tmrw even though I missed the last few exercises. :cool: Sorry you aren't feeling a w/o this morning. What did you decide to do?


Morning Ladies ..

decided to check in before the INSANITY here at the asylum hits!!! our walking/campaigning was good yesterday .. had a good response .. it started drizzling rain on us .. but it felt good b/c it was soooo hot .. but then after it stopped it got HOTTER ...the steam was like a sauna .. I was sweating bullets .. but it was worth it I HOPE!!

Wendy .. sorry the BB has not healed yet .. I had a TIME w/mine when I first got it done .. I didnt want a big ring .. so got a eyebrow ring instead .. not realizing it was a lot bigger gauge :confused: ummm .. it hurt .. but after it finally healed I went w/a thick barbell and it is fine SIL said when she got hers REpeirced it was a lot worse experience than the first time .. and finally just let it grow up . but maybe yours will go ahead and heal and things will be fine!! and BH :eek: WOW WOW WOW .. now I know what you were talking about .. and I must say I am pleasently surprised .. I am gonna get SIL to do the cardio one w/me SAT and I AM NOT warning her (insert very evil grin and laughter) :eek: :p

Di .. I think once you work your legs heavy .. you will never be satisfied w/lighter weight/higher rep work .. I do think it is good to alternate the two though . . may jumpstart those results!!! I will have to check out FB on my phone and see the pics!! I know you are loving it!

Lori .. have a fun bike ride .. your temps must still be nice there ..

Hello to Jacque and Jen ..

OK .. so today me and SIL are gonna do the balance/yoga SHORT BH workout today at lunch .. then tonight it is back fighting the heat and campaigning!! All my northeastern buds .. STAY COOL .. looks like ya'll are having a major heat wave ... be careful .. stay inside to workout!!!! have a great day!;)


Good morning ladies !

Last night was GS Chest & Tris timesaver. Got stopped by a co-worker on the way out the door and ended up at work until 6, had to shop and got stuck in a 1/2 hour line at the cashier's and was home about 7:30. By the time I put groceries away, chatted with DH a bit and donned my workout clothing it was 8 PM ! :eek: TG I had planned on leftovers. Today will be cardio but don't know what - the back is feeling much better so anything I'm game for anything that won't give me DOMs in the legs since that will be the workout tomorrow.

Lori - so it must be less busy around town in the AM than the PM? LOL they don't want to be seen ! :p That's what I need to do . . . clean the old bicycle and go for a ride here and there - talk about a good leg workout if you hit the hills and we have quite a few around here.

Wendy - bummer the bb has not healed yet. How are you liking STS? Getting DOMs with the workouts? Did the 1RM work for you? We aren't having a heat wave here - just 85' which is great. For me the mid 90's is too much if I have to be fully clothed ;) but when around the house I'm fine as I run around in a bathing suit top and shorts. When it hits low 100's, that's when it kills me. We have A/C at work so for the most part I am covered during the week. We are only a hop over the hills from the foggy beach so usually cools off at night - y'day AM the fog was hanging just our side of the hills.

Laura - Ha - you surprised me this AM by being here so early ! I bet you are so ready for this campaigning to be over - so next Tues the election? Good to hear it is going well. Congrats on the winnings this weekend ! Nice you had a great long weekend B4 heading back to your asylum. :p Sounds like you are having some grand heat there too - not much different than the East from what our weather is showing. Stay cool - both heat wise and work wise ! ;)

Diana - hope you gained some umpf to get your workout done but if not, tomorrow is another day. You are busy busy busy and though we feel that a workout is what we need, sometimes resting works just fine too! You need your energy for the girls right now. I just got notice that it sounds like I get my little guys again in September for a weekend ! Woo Hoo ! ITA that heavy and Insanity sounds like a great combo as long as the Insanity leaves you the energy to get benefit from the wts. Good eating I suppose is the answer to that one ! Hope your day goes better at work - man that was a meeting-a-mania for you y'day !

Heya PunkyJen ! Hope the days are being nice to you lately.

Time to jet off for now - stay cool . . .


Jacque:: Wow! I remember before I had Joey..I would start my work outs at 7 or 8pm on week nights too....after a full dinner! I look back and don't know how I did that every night but then again...back then I could not have phathomed getting up at 4:15am and sweating at 5am so go figure! I guess we do what we gotta do! :eek:


Hi Ladies,

Well I ended up doing DWP this morning and heavy legs and abs at lunch. Tomorrow morning will be either a longer cardio or Biceps and Shoulders. I do have bootcamp class tomorrow night but it has been raining all day today, only got to the low 60's.

Okay..one child is in my lap and the other one wants up. bbl


Did the Workout #2 on Hardcore Extreme-- I like it because it's over a full hour of 8-inch step cardio.

Havin a lovely salad tonight filled with lots of cleansing veggies:D

See you all in the morning.

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