Damage Control...HAPPY FRIDAY! :)


Good Morning!

Gotta make this quick if I'm gonna get disc 8 done!

Laura:: Went to Walgreens last night and got saline wound wash (you were correct on that!) and a thing of plain anti-bacterial soap. I washed using the soap and have used the saline once and the sea salt soak once (still have a tiny bit left) last night. This morning I've already used the saline once. Looking better already girl so I guess there is hope for me yet! Keep your fingers crossed that it only continues to get better! Thanks for all your help! So I gotta try BH Butt and Balance now! It's okay that it doesn't give butt cramps as bad as Tonique mat does. Trust me! I just wanted to know what to expect!

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Disc 8 is done. Again, had to leave out last few exercises for time but no biggie. I certainly feel worked! :)


Good Morning Ladies,

OMG, I am so sore this morning...my legs are killing from bootcamp class last night. I did Shoulders, Bicep and Back at the rec ctr yesterday so I've covered all body parts this week. Not sure if I will do a short cardio this morning or not. DS is bringing DGD's to my work today and I will be taking them out to lunch. No lunch w/o for me today.

We are leaving on vacation tomorrow but I plan on taking my laptop so I can stay connected to my workout buddies! I also plan on taking some "no equipment required' workouts with me. Not sure if I'll get to them but I hope to get in a few workouts.

Wendy-I just bought sea salt at the grocery store, mixed it with some warm water, put it in shot glass and covered my BB 2-3 times per day (10 minutes) when I had my little problem. It healed up nicely, they also warned me against taking out the bb ring if it was infected. This may sound gross, but leaving the ring in allows the infection to drain. Glad you are liking STS...its a great series.

Laura-hope Mom came through surgery with flying colors. Sending hugs and healing vibes your way. I loaned out my BH discs since I'm not taking them on vacation. The 2 ladies I loaned them to said they previewed but that they look really hard.

Jacque-wow, I can't even remember the last time I did original Imax. I don't like the warmup at all on that DVD and haven't done it in years. Your rotation of heavy weights and Cathe's July cardio will be a good combo.

Lori-You must have an early flight...or are already out running. Hope the weather is good for you. We've had 3 days of rain and 60 degree weather, but we are supposed to be sunny and 82 today.

PunkyJen-Do you have any plans for the weekend? I've been struggling with the clean eating lately but have really bumped up my workouts and am getting in 5 days of workouts, and 4 days are 2 w/o's per day. I'm hoping to lose some weight, but I know you can't exercise away a poor diet. I did find some delicious Dove Sugar Free Dark chocolates that are a heavenly dessert.

I can hear my little girls, they are awake. Time for me to get DS up and he will take care of them while I do laundry this morning and get ready for work. He's a good daddy to my gd's.



Diana:: I hear you on the sore legs my friend! My thighs are fried from Tonique!!!! DOMS girls unite! LOL I read about not taking the ring out as well but I was so aggravated that I didn't care! LOL Hopefully it won't even be an issue though as I am already seeing improvement this morning! :D When I woke up this morning there was crust on the bottom of the ring. :eek: Gross but a good sign! DH went to the foodstore y'day so I asked him to look for the salt. He couldn't find it and it was easier for me to go to Walgreen's on the way home last night rather then the foodstore so this is why I got the saline wound wash instead. It's working and it's a lot cheaper too! ;) Enjoy lunch with your girlies!
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Happy Happy Friday Ladies !

Can't believe the weekend will be here soon - what a quick week when it is shortened by only 1 day ! Makes me so sad . . . NOT ! ! ! :p

Last night I did GS Legs but weights only - may do the floorwork tonight or on Sun. I don't have leg DOMs yet but sure hope to by the end of the day or I went to light. The chest and tris are still sore from Tues though. :eek:

Wendy - cool that the healing has begun looking better. I guess salt is a biggie - reminds me of the old war days when they opened up a package of pure salt and poured it in. My dad, Army dude, always used salt wash for everything. BH here you come, huh? ;)

Diana - Good to hear the workouts have paid off in DOMs for you. Way to get all body parts in for the week before your vacation. I never did try the Travel Fit DVD - looks like it might be a good one. If the DVD's don't work out, there's always hiking in the hills or swimming ? ? ?

Hey to the rest of you - have a great day.


Jacque:: Just reading about salt in a wound made me queazy. :eek: These washes are not like what they did back in the old days, thank goodness! :eek: These are the no burning/stinging, painless kind of washes or I would not be doing them! LOL Yup, sea salt/saline is the go to product for piercings these days. Back when I got my bb done for the first time I soaked it in alcohol. Today that is a no-no. Things change so much. Tattoo care has changed over the years as well. Seems I get different care instructions with each new tat but they all heal just fine! :) I am keepin' my fingers crossed that you still have leg DOMS headin' your way!:D


Hello Gals!

Better late then never, right? I love checking in in the morning with my foffee but that wasn't happening today.

I had a crew pickup at 7 a.m and when I got into the work van, the refueler had a note on the steering wheel regarding another flight at 7:40. When I got all of that done I planned on going home but DH already had DS up and he was dropping him off at preschool so I figured that it was just as well for me to stay here and just go home early.

I went for another run last night and it was much better! We did 12 km so that made over 17 for yesterday. If there is nothing happening here tonight I may go for another one. DS pulled one of his stunts last night and was awake again from 3-5. I was trying not to laugh around 5:15 b/c he was lying in bed and patting his pooh bear as if to say "what can I do now"? He was ready to go, I tell ya. I think its the stupid sun!:eek:

Wendy** Good job getting that workout in. How are you liking STS so far?

Diana** How long are you going on vaca for? Is everyone going? I am sure you will have an awesome time!

Jacque** Yes...I can tell that you are quit sad about being off of work!:rolleyes: Much like I would be! LOL I use to do GS legs on a regular basis and I had some great results with it.

Alright...Im gonna jet...I think its time for me to go home!



:mad::mad::mad:hey girls..

still at the hospital . and still have not taken myDM down yet .. ugh .. this is so freaking insane .. apnt was @ 9 .. and her it is after 12 and she is still laying here .. iv in .. no food or water since last night .. just uncalled for .. !$%#$%@#$%!#$ .. so yes I am ILLLLLLLL .. and I cant go anywhere.. b/c i have to stay w/her and her stuff .. I am sooooo ticked .. UG:mad::mad::mad::mad:

Wendy .. glad the solution on BB is working .. hope it heals quickly and you can get back to your normal insane workouts .. although you have not been whimpin out on anything .. LOL ...

Di .. happy vacation .. have fun ..

Lori ..good job on your running .. and LOL about DS .. I had one of those nights too .. my furbabies were barking .. think we had a strange small dog come in in the yard .. and insanity insued!!!!!

Jacque..yes this week went fast .. but this day is draggin .. I dont think I AM EVER GONNA GET OUTTA HERE ... UGH

OK .. soooooo better run .. if these people would hurry their asses up and come on I would be much better .. poor mama has GOT TO BE STARVING .. I managed to go down and get a bit of what tasted like 2 day old chk breast .. NO HEALTHY veggies .. wTH????????? I dont get it .. anyway .... keep those prayers coming and i hope they will get to DM soon!! exercise for me .. b/c my arse is spreading as we speak ..sitting in this stupid chair .. ugh:confused:

have a great one:D


Laura:: Oh girl I feel your mom's pain (and yours!). Hospitals suck! Pardon my french! :p They will make you wait forever. They just don't care! When my son was in the hospital he was to have some procedure done and he was not allowed food (not sure about water) prior to it for so many hours. Well the procedure was scheduled for a certain time but ofcourse it ran late so we were in his room waiting for him to be taken in b4 we went to grab food (whatever meal it was, I am not sure). Anyway, they were HOURS late! I was a mess. I finally had to go down and grab a bite and when I came back they were still waiting! I felt so bad for my son. He was 18 months old and HUNGRY and you can't explain this kind of thing to a baby!!!!! :eek::(:mad::confused::rolleyes:

Lori:: Glad you had a good run. I like STS a lot. What I don't like is the time that all of the equipment changes take up in an already lengthly work out. I am done stressing though. If I can't finish, I can't finish and that's all there is to it. I will only miss a few exercises per dvd and that's not going to render the program useless by any means so it's fine with me! :p I hope your son sleeps better tonight!!!!!! That would drive me bonkers! :eek:


Hi All

Just checkin' in!

Diana: You know how good DARK chocolate is for you!!! that flat-belly diet book says its high in MUFAS! :eek: Enjoy! I have been still focusing on Tosca Reno, but specifically, cleansing foods go in my salads now, like beets, celery, and sunflower seeds. Also, learning to love veggie juice from Evolution. Love that, and only 60 calories per bottle. Where are you going on vacation? And you must be taking the twins? How fun!

Lori: You are quite the runner! :D good for you, have an awesome weekend.

Jacque: I want to get GS, would you recommend it? Looking forward to DOMS is a new thing for me! :pI have DOMS in my legs right now. Reminds me that I got 3 workouts in this week, WWHHOO HOOO!

Laura: Are you Poochy? I love dogs-- we have 2, and now I'm going to call them furbabies, :)cause I got that from YOU! Thanks for the cute name. Praying for your mom's successful surgery and complete and speedy recovery....

Wendy: How old is your son? I remember when they used to get us up so early, now we can't dig them out of bed early enough for school! (Mine are all teenagers). Don't worry; your BB will B fine. Praying for that healing!!!! No fun to have an irritated bb :mad:

Planning for a nice relaxing weekend. Time is sure flyin.........:cool:
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