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TGIF .. finally! woot woot! even tho it is a WET one . ugh

Morning Ladies ..

ystdy - I managed T25 tb circuits - man that is good workout.. today is a REST DAY!! Date night tonight ;);) gotta a "fun" workout tonight :D

Wendy - well this week I have done 2 workouts a day .. but split at lunch then after work - and they are only 30 minutes each .. so really it is only like one hour workout .. sooooo not a biggie .. and you are one to talk missy .. you are training - swinging - and doing your on circuits .. :eek: .. :p.. you are our energizer wonder woman!!! like someone said on your FB .. you are a BEAST!!! ;)

Hello to Di and Lori -

OK .. gotta jet .. have to get my desk caught up ... we are to have MORE RAIN THRU the weekend :( :mad: :mad: gggrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ..


Laura:: Training isn't working out. It's telling someone else how to work out! ;) As for my circuits and my swings...I get it all done with warm up and cool down in under an hour so it's really no big deal. So hah! :p:D


Hi Ladies,

This morning I did GS Legs, 100 30# swings, and abs! I had to tighten both my hr monitor straps!!! Those swings are doing something...my hamstrings, glutes and inner thighs are sore everyday from swinging!!

Tomorrow will be UB weights, abs, swings, and a bike ride. Yes, I want to ride my bike tomorrow. Sunday is back to running, 5 miles is on the schedule.

I met a coworker for lunch, she is leaving the company. booh I really like her and will miss her a lot. She may be able to help me with my resume and help me get a new/better job.

My cousin and I are going to karaoke tonight! It's always a blast!:p We drink, dance, people watch and laugh a lot!

Laura-enjoy your date night! I enjoy doing 2 w/o's per day, in the AM and at lunch. It's still too hot for a lunch w/o unless it's inside. Do you get to use the cardio room at the community center for your T25, combat etc?

Wendy-even if you slept late, you were still productive! Nice job on that circuit!!

Lori-what are you up to? When do your kids go back to school? Jerod goes back next week, on the 22nd.



Hey Ladies. :D

Y'day was the group session work out at the studio and 5 minutes of swings for charity. I had done a "trial run" when the contest was announced and I pummeled that number into the ground y'day (though I think it almost killed me!:eek:)! I do believe I owe the improvement to the swing challenge I've been doing! I didn't win but I think I came in second place. I don't get anything but bragging rights for that though...oh and the motivation to keep swinging so that I can win it next time!:D:p

Not sure what's on tap, if anything for today. We have Church this morning and DS' first football game (it's a "practice" game) early this afternoon. I will try and fit something in but I also have to find time to go food shopping and possibly try to figure out what I'm going to bring and start packing for vacation since I won't have much time this week to get it done.

Diana:: Sorry your friend/co-worker is leaving the company. It stinks when someone you like leaves. Good luck with your resume/job search! How was karaoke last night? I used to love doing that back in the day. I haven't done it in ages though. Thanks re my circuit. It was a tough one for sure! Tightening any "belt" (but the financial one) is always a great feeling, isn't it?! Congrats!

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Hi Girls-- it's been a while!

How is everybody? I think I am ready to start posting again! Almost couldn't remember the name of this thread.

I have been going to a "body-building" gym in Petaluma (CA) for about a year now. I just do elliptical, stationary bike, and treadmill, with about 75 pushups every other day.

I am tracking my food on MyFitnessPal. Anybody else use this!? I love it. Unfortunately, eating clean at 1470 cals/day is difficult.

Anyhow, it's good to be back.

:cool: Love from California
Jen Panicacci


Hi Ladies,

Yesterday ended up being a rest day. Oh I hate using a weekend day as a rest day.:mad: Jerod had a scrimmage in the morning and the day just got away from me. We took Jerod to lunch then I went food shopping...etc.

This morning was a 5 mile run per my training schedule. Now I'm heading to the basement for 200 swings (making up for yesterday) BS BSB, and abs.

Wendy-Way to go on your Swings for Charity!! When and where are you going on vaca....must be Labor Day weekend.

Hi Lori and Laura!


Hi Jen,

I'm so happy to see you back here!! I did two triathlons this summer and may be doing another one in September. My training partner also talked me into to doing a HM in October so I've started training for that.

I'm currently following WW and have lost 9.2lbs. My latest fitness gadget is the fitbit flex which syncs with MFP. It really is a pedometer with some additional functionality. How are you liking MFP? I considered using MFP, but wasn't ready to have to set up all my foods again (used fitday for years). MFP gets great reviews and works with a lot of other apps that fitday doesn't. For now though, I'm sticking with WW and counting points.

Are you not lifting any weights?

What are your boys up to? If I recall correctly, your older one went into the military academy....is that right? What's your younger son up to? My youngest will be a Senior in HS this year.

It's great catching up with you.



TUE that is my MON

been MIA - dh and I took off and went to Biloxi .. had a blast .. but lost!! the diet was blown to heck and back .. :confused: :eek::eek: .. my babies destroyed my pool room while we were gone ..it has been raining NONSTOP here .. and the yard is mud - and so was the pool room when I got home!!!!

Hey Jen - good to hear from you - everything is the same w/me ..except we are floating away down here w/all this nonstop rain! I am not teaching my fitness class anymore .. but of course still exercising!!

Di -I had a REST WEEKEND!!! :eek: and BLEW the diet big time!! ugh - and soooo tired today - and have eye infections in BOTH eyes ... soo no workout for me today .. will be going to the dr - then home!

Wendy - hey - braggin rights is braggin rights ;) WTG!!!!

Hello to Lori -

OK .. gotta run .. have a great one!


Hi Ladies,

My workout this morning was a 3.5 mile run, 100 KB swings, xtrain core#2.

We are super busy at work and were just told about a re-org. Once again, I'll have a new boss. UGH... At least I like the new Manager, but am not a fan of my new director. Oh well, just need to stick it out until Jerod finishes HS.

Laura-oh no, eye infection in both eyes....you poor thing. Hope it get better soon. Do you wear contacts? I had more eye infections when I wore contacts, before I had lasik. At my age, now I'm needing reading glasses, but thankfully don't have eye infections any more.



Hey Girls....

Sorry I've been MIA the past few days. I got sick on Sunday and despite a trip to the dr after work and a prescription for antibiotics, I am STILL struggling to feel better. I haven't worked out since Saturday but I also haven't missed any work due to being sick. I've just been taking advil and pushing through it but I'm beginning to think that this approach is not working. :rolleyes: I have my times when I feel better and think I am on the upswing (like y'day afternoon/evening) but then I woke up at 4am this morning feeling terrible! I think I am going to go into work this morning to get just to do the check run and then come home and rest until I have to go to the studio from 6-7 to train 2 clients. Hopefully the extra rest will help. I do NOT want to be sick on vacation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:

Laura:: Sorry about your eyes! Hope you get better faster then I am!:rolleyes: OMG, the more you write about Brutus, the more I think of Hooch! Sorry about your pool room but I am cracking up thinking of the look on Brutus' face when he was being reprimanded for what he had done!:p

Diana:: So you aren't going to look for a new job yet after all? Stick close to the new boss ya like. Get in good and hopefully the Director you don't like will Keep his distance! I always survived my bank jobs bc of my boss! He fought off the A-holes in the place for me! LOL

Welcome back Jen!:)



Morning Ladies ..

Acute conjunctivitis BOTH eyes - just as I suspected! No contact use thru rest of week inot weekend:mad: and drops - then minimal use for the following week - combo of contact use, allergies and dry eyes! PLUS - i have a stomach bug - ystdy was bad I thought maybe it was just b/c I ate rich high cal foods and alcohol - but NOPE - got worse last night and is still going on - so I have a bug - I am working .. but feel like CRAP! no exercise to report .. and unless the tummy subsides I wont be getting a workout in today eitehr :mad::mad:

Di - yup I wear contacts - I am blind in one eye cant see out of the other - now having to wear my glasses which is a PITA!!! b/c I theey take away my perifrial vision .. and my script is so high that i ahve to get small lenses .. so nope I am NOT a happy camper today! OH NO - not a re-org!! hope it goes smoothly w/o too much damage!!

Wendy - man - hate your sick!! IT IS NOT FUN!! Yes Brutus is VERY MUCH like Hooch in the movie .. VERY MUCH .. HILLARIOUS but mind blowing what all he can do .. came home yesterday to find the rubber decorative step matts in the living room SHREDDED :confused: I wont have any floor or furniture before he gets out of the destructive phase :confused::confused::confused:

Hello to all that follow .. ok .. gotta jet .. have a great one!


Hi Ladies,

This morning I tackled Tabatacise (all 5 :) ) Core 2, and 100-25# single arm swings (50 each arm). My running rotation calls for a 2 mile run or cross training...and I was missing Cathe. Tomorrow is another run day. These shorter runs are agreeing with me. Only 3.5 miles on the rotation for tomorrow.

Great news on the weigh in, down a total of 12.2#s. :D Of course it is taking forever...15 weeks...but I'm just going to keep on going and see if I can eventually get to my goal...and stay there for once.

Laura-hope you feel better soon. I struggled with glasses too...the peripheral issue, dizziness...just never really got used to them. Now I use reading glasses sometimes.

Wendy-hope you are feeling better too. I've been very fortunate, not one to get sick hardly ever!




OMG .. this has been week from H### .. still have bug and still dealing w/eye infections ..:( :mad: and work has been nightmare ... FULL MOON is in FULL SWING .. has been a problem upon problem upon problem .. :(:(.. i left yesterday almost in tears!! :( :mad:

no workouts to report .. and w/my tummy still rebelling violently dont see it happening today either :mad::mad::mad:

Di - CONGRATS on the lost ## .. hope they stay away!!! I am sure they will .. with the awesome workouts you have been putting in!

Wendy - hope you are feeling better!!!

hello to everyone else .. ok .. I am hoping for 5 o'clock .. to GET HERE NOW ... I feel the stress in my shoulders and spine and feel like either screaming or crying .. not sure which would help the most! :confused: once my tummy settles enough to fit in a workout I AM SURE THAT WILL HELP ..and once the moon recceeeds PLEEEASSE that will help 100%.. have a good one!


Hi ladies

Where is everyone lately...just too busy to post here I guess. I've been keeping up with my workouts, using Xtrain and GS for weight work in between my running days. I may even hit 1 or 2 body parts on a short run morning.

My legs are fried this morning. Not sure if it's from CLB on Saturday, or the 5 mile run I did yesterday. My UB is sore from GS....guess you could call that a good weekend.

Jerod leaves for Florida on Wednesday morning. They have a game at the ESPN Sports Center, how awesome is that!!! He will be gone for 5 days. I hope it's super fun for him, but you know how teenagers can be, hopefully there is no drama.

Laura-I certainly hope you are feeling better.

Wendy-you too missy, hope you are feeling better too. I've been fortunate this year with keeping the sickies away.

Lori-I see you ran a race, did you do the full or the HM? I'm guessing the half, just because you looked so spry in your "After the Race" pictures!! You are awesome!!



WOW Ladies ..

I thought I was bad missing checkins -where is everyone!! I had week from H## last week - I AM FINALLY FEELING BETTER .. thank goodness .. I have got some workouts to catch up on .. crap .. !!!! and I finally had an afternoon in the sun by the pool :cool: although we have had so much rain .. my pool water is FREEZING ... :confused: .. but it was SOOOOO NICE!!!!

SIL had a b-day ystdy - a mere babe!!! 39 - the big 40 is next year :confused: yikes!! that was a tuffie for me .. but not NEAR as bad as the dreaded 30 was!!! now it is just a number .. LOL!! almost braggin rights :p:p:p

Wendy - I saw where you went a full week w/o a workout .. wow .. I feel your pain .. but for you that must have been torture .. for me it was OVER a week .. but now I am better and ready to get to work again!

Di - glad you held down the fort while we were falling apart!! This week starts COLLEGE FOOTBALL .. woot woot!!! cant wait!! I am excited!!

hello to Lori - saw your race pics .. you look awesome girlie!!

OK .. sooooo almost lunch time - gonig to the cc and do JNL bis - it is gonna kill me!!! have a great one!




ANOTHER DAY FROM H### YSTDY - on top of the normal H### - I had AUDITORS :confused: :( :confused: :mad: yup - not happy camper!!! and they are STILL HERE - so I will make this quick -hopefully one of you will check in later!!

I did manage JNL bis and chest at lunch - EEEOUCH!!!! DOMS: bis and chest :p and then I did T25 Beta core cardio - whew - LOVE that workout - awesome!!!

today is errands at lunch and GGT after work- this one is just b/c we all have had crappy weeks and need some friendship TLC!!

OK .. hello to my fitness peeps .. whever you may be!!


???????? WED ????????


OK .. talking to myself - GGT was FUN - about 17 girls and some MUCH needed laughs and stress relief .. fun fun fun!!! no workout but it didnt matter .. I feel MUCH better today!!

Planning on Beta Circuits after work today -

Wendy - I see on FB you are on vacation - demolition derby last night ?? . good pics!!

Hello Di and Lori too ...

OK .. maybe someone will show up .. not like ME to be one keeping thread going .. the universe must be upside down!! LOL


Hi girls. :)

We got home around 1pm today.

Sorry you were left all alone, Laura. :( That normally only happens to me. :p

No work out for me today. I was supposed to take a short nap and then work out this afternoon but my short nap turned out to be about 2.5 hrs LONG and now I DON'T have time for a work out because I am working from 6 to 7 at the studio. I COULD work out after but I honestly don't think I'll have it in me. :rolleyes:

Tmrw we are taking DS to the the battleship in nj and the aquarium. and then tmrw night I am working at the studio again. When I get out of work it's a drive up to p/u my MIL and bring her back home for the night so she is here when we are ready to leave for AC tmrw! :D

Gotta get ready for work now. BBL or tmrw hopefully!

Missed you, ladies!:cool:


So I cam home and worked out last night after work after all!!! I did a studio group work out at home. I had to substitute/modify 3 exercises out of 10 due to lack of proper equipment and it was a great work out! The work out calls for 3 rounds of each circuit but in order to save some time since it was late, I did 2 of each. These are the exercises:

Circuit 1:
Squat with Scaption
DB split squat R
P/U with hands elevated on a small box
DB split squat L
P/U on a SB

Circuit 2:
Standing cable row (I did bent over db row)
Alternate hand slide reach
2 kettlebell pick up (I used db's b/c the only pair of bells I have were too light)
Goblet Squat
Cable Chop (I did renegade rows b/c they are tougher then doing chops with tubing which is what I would normally do)

For conditioning I did [email protected]/15 x 2 for a total of 161. :cool:


Hi Ladies,

I've been doing great with WW's! I weighed yesterday at home and the number looked great. It should've been close to last weeks number at the official weight in....nope, I was up 1.8lbs by my lunchtime weigh in. WTF:mad: It's the dawn of a new week....putting it behind and moving forward. I'm starting to wonder if my scale needs new batteries.

Discussed going to see Amanda/Nick and the girls for Halloween...it's a go!! Hope to book my ticket this week!!!

Laura-so sorry I left you hanging. It's been a nightmare at work. We are nearing the end of a project and it's crunch time. I was at work until 7:40pm on Monday night. Glad you were able to enjoy some cabs with your gf's! T25...haven't done that in a long time...or combat...etc.

Wendy-nice circuit, can't believe you did after your session...coming off vaca etc. Great job!!

Lori-congrats on your race!! You look fab!!!


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