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Good Morning. :)

I have off from work today. I am going to the new hire orientation for my new job and then I have to go get a replacement SS card made. I can't find mine and the new job requires a copy of it. :(

I will work out later...P/P challenge and TA Meta.

Di:: LOL I know right? 1 min of a work out and I quit. That's a new record even for me!:p I haven't done pilates in years and Tony doesn't give very detailed instructions so I was unsure of the breathing. :confused: Best of luck on your job interview! That was a super fast c/b for a face to face interview! That's GOT to be a good sign! Go get 'em killer!!!!!!:D So my rotation is supposed to be alternated days of Meta and X3 with PP challenge every day but as you know I can be pretty stinky at sticking to rotations!:rolleyes: So if WW gives you any good tips on beating the weight loss plateau, will you share the info with us please? :) I weigh in tmrw...been pretty stagnant for weeks now so I could use the help!




Morning Ladies ..

OK ... so ystdy was errands at lunch - then last night was p90x3 CVX .. LOVE that workout .. it always takes me by surprise .. lol!! Had a friend join me .. she actually liked it - said Tony was silly but she like the workout .. and she is not one that likes working out . thinks Cathe is insane!! LOL ... maybe she will start doing some p90x3 w/me .. she modified the jumping .. she has really bad knees .. i was proud of her tho!! Today will be MY mish mosh of heavy weights in the CC!!! :D

Di - WTG snagging and interview that was fast - IA w/Wendy .. that has to be a good sign!!! WTG - now go GET IT .. that is major $$$$ upgrade ..whoop whoop!!! hoping you get it!!

Wendy - now you know Tony doesnt give detailed anything .. LOL!!! the first few exercises are not that impressive .. it progressively gets harder and harder .. girlie .. put that one on again and do it again .. it is going to surprise you .. take it from someone who does not like pilates .. I was very pleasantly surprised by his pilates ..tuff stuff!! now I am not doing TA .. so IDK what you are used to .. but my BUTT says it is tuff stuff .. LOL!!!

Hello to all that follow ...

OK - so my horoscope said I should have a decent day today - I am clinging to the hope that it is correct .. Lord knows the rest of this week has been spot on .. unfortunately :mad: ..

OK .. have a great day . ..


Sorry mia, I'm sick with a nasty cold, cough, runny nose and headache and chills. And I need to be a PT by 4, I may cancel, baseball for the bus by 5:30 (eaten) and inlaws show up at 6 and hopefully Hubby will be there soon after so we can go to a restaurant opening by friends. I'll read in more detail later.

I did lose a half of pound this week! 21 day fix meal plan is going ok, I'm not keeping to it 100% while sick.


Happy Friday Ladies! :)

I had the day off y'day to get stuff done for the new job. I put off my work out until the afternoon thinking I'd have plenty of time for it. Well, things took longer then expected AND I had to work at the studio last night so I had no time to work out after all....

That being said, I combined the lower body P/P challenge of y'day (alternating upper and lower days as of y'day) and the upper of today by doing deadlift to rows and squat presses. I followed it up with 20 minutes (not including warm up) of X3 Triometrics which I really enjoyed!:)

Tmrw will be TAM Ab 11-20. Decided to stick with Ab for a while. After all, it IS the original Meta that I purchased and so far, I have barely done it!:rolleyes:

Laura:: I want to try pilates again b/c in the past it has worked for me but I forget how to breathe. :confused: Glad you and your friend enjoyed CVX!

LL:: Hugs to take the germies away! Feel better fast!



Hello Ladies.:)

I worked from 8-10 at the studio, then we did a Band Workshop from 1030-1130. Home for lunch after that and to work on a client's program for tmrw, short nap, work out and now we are getting ready to go out for dinner.

My work out today was TAM Ab 11-20 and X3 Decelerator.

How about y'all?



Happy Sunday Morning!

Lets see if I can check in before all hell breaks lose here. Both boys are awake so it won't be long :s. DH is working all weekend so we haven't been doing much. And the weather sucks. If its warm its wet or its to cold to go anywhere. DS has a bday party today so that's something for him to do.

I registered for my competition yesterday. My eating wasn't 100% and I thought it would be wise to register because once I do that, there's no going back. Registration was almost $400! Crazy hey? I don't know why we have to pay to torture ourselves...it's the same with races. They should be paying us to participate. In a couple of weeks I will have to buy my suit....that will probably be another $300. I have to say I'm not impressed with my trainer. She moved two weeks ago and now we do everything online and I haven't heard from her. I sent her a text, she replied hours later , I replied to that telling her I went heavier at the gym that day and nothing. And I haven't heard from her since. So I am just
doing whatever for now. I do need to find posing seminars or something.

Laura** oh dear! What is going on!? I hope this dark cloud soon moves for you guys! DH doesn't explode, he's so calm and he thinks and talks and talks and talks some more. Since moving here we don't do much together, without kids in tow. The only thing we do do is go out for dinner and for the next 10 weeks I will be selective over where and when we go.

Diana** fingers crossed!!!! It would be so awesome if you got a new job!! You deserve it. There's nothing worse then being some where for years and feeling unappreciated. How was your run? There is a race here the first weekend of June but I don't know if I'll go. I did the half last year but I haven't been running that much and there are some big hills in this race.

Ladylep** how are you liking 21 day fix. Sometimes I wonder about these results ppl get! Lol 21 days isn't very long. They just follow a pretty strict diet!

Wendy** how are you liking P90x3!? I thought about selling mine cause no one is using it but I won't get what it's worth and I want to keep it for the yoga. And who knows, maybe ill decide to use it again in another few weeks!

Today is leg day at the gym. I did a spin DVD last night after the boys were in bed and now I'm starving!! I'll come back later and report my workout!

Lori :)


Good Morning,

Is it really Monday already? :confused:

This morning's plan...so far :p....is to do my ten min push pull amrap and TA Meta Ab 11-20.

I'll BBL for personals and to let you know if my plan became reality!:cool:



Monday morning already -

Well - weekend basically sucked @$$ again - the dark cloud of BS and stress :(:( my stomach is in knots - and staying upset - my heart cant stop racing and hands shaking - FRI night was bad - we even went to the beach and that didnt help - SAT was a bit better - but the after affect on my nervous system still there - SUN we came home and I got some ALONE time by the pool and some sun and that helped - and then WHAM it is MONDAY and I guess the cycle will start all over again - say a prayer for my sanity!

LL - sorry about the FLU bug - well that should take care of some extra weight - the HARD way!! ugh

DI - keeping fingers crossed for the new job - do let us know!

Wendy - so glad you are getting to do what your passion is - VERY few of us ever get the luxury of doing that .. WTG girl!!!

Lori - my DH talks when it comes to others problems and 'stuff' .. but HIS important things that are happening TO him .. HA .. nope he bottles it all up and unleashes it in a fury like wrath upon the closest victim .. which is of course always ME! he THINKS he is talking .. but all he is doing is BLOWING up .. I am worried he is going to have an FFN stroke or give me an FFN heart attack .. or anxiety or ED!!!

SO today - I am going to the CC at lunch and do heavy weights - not sure what is on tap for tonight .. triometrics sounds good tho .. hmmmmmmm .. IDK .. or maybe a HiiT or combat HiiT .. ???

have a great one!


Ok well I ended up with a lot less time then I planned on having this morning so I got the AMRAP in and TAM Ab 11-20 Lower Body Right Side Only done. I will have to do the rest of it and even up the lower body tmrw. :rolleyes: The AMRAP was a good combo of upper/lower body. I started with 5 minutes of lateral band push ups and lateral band squats and then did the 2nd 5 minutes with negative inverted rows and the lateral band squats again. Nice burn! :)

Y'day's work out was X3 Total Synergistics. I loved it!!! :)

So IDK if I told you ladies but in addition to the studio and the gym, I also applied to an online company that sends trainers to clients homes....well I got my first client and trained him for the first time y'day afternoon. I was a ball of nerves for days prior but it went perfectly fine. Phew! :) I will be training him 1x per week through July and part of August. He wans assistance in preparing for the physical test to become of Corrections Officer.

Lori:: Holy [email protected] that's a lot of money you are putting out for your figure comp! :eek: I had no idea it cost that much! YIKES! I hope you can find a new trainer. I wouldn't feel comfortable being trained via email for a competition. Especially my first one and like you said, you need to learn the posing too! That was very sh*tty of her to take off without advance notice to her clients! You must be pissed!:mad: I am loving X3 for the most part so far! :)

Laura:: Have you and DH ever thought about talking to a therapist? They can help you cope while he can figures out how NOT to do that anymore. (((HUGS)))

Guess that's all for now...BBL or tmrw!:cool:
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Hi Ladies,

My name is Tina and I've been doing a Check-In with Diana for a long time. She sent me an invite when our Check-In went quiet. I hope you don't mind if I jump in. I've missed the motivation and support.

I've read through some of the pages here, and as usual I'm late night surfing, while I really should be sleeping. I'll read up more tomorrow.

About me, I'm 47 and a mother of two teenagers, DD 19 and DS 16. I homeschool the younger one and work weekends as a cleaner. Besides Cathe workouts, I love Amy Bento, cycling and walking. I just rejoined the Cathe Nutrition page to try and get some of this winter weight off.

I'll try and catch up with who's who tomorrow. Thanks for letting me jump on board.

:) Tina



Ended up heavy weight and mish mosh of free weights at lunch - then ZWOW # 65 after work - eeeeouchawowwow on the buttocks!!! great workout tho! was able to get home and ride the babies before the storms hit - last night was HORRIBLE .. I was up since 3:00 am this morning .. :mad: had tornado warnings .. wind .. rain .. HORRIBLE lightning .. scary stuff .. we are to have another round of it today .. they had bad tornado damage in northern AL and counties above us .. we got lucky .. hope we are lucky again today!!

Wendy - therapy? HA! even discussing it would prbly cause a divorce .. b/c he dont see anything wrong w/the way he acts .. Lol! hes been this way since we met - not gonna change now - I am just praying for some change in things ... for the better .. when things are unjust and out of your control it is MADDENING and enough to drive anyone crazy! and bad for me ..my body processes stress as a physical symptom - (nervous tummy - racing heart - shaking hands - nausea)

Fembot - glad to have you! I am also 47 years old - no kids (except my furbabies and one very spoiled nephew) - I work full time - taught fitness classes for over 27 years .. but stopped almost 2 years ago - and currently am stressed to the breaking point - so never mind my rantings .. LOL!!!

Lori - ITA w/Wendy .. that is some high prices to pay to be in fitness comp. but I would love for you to WIN!! do you get prize money????

Di - anything from the job front???? keeping fingers crossed!

LL: hope you are feeling better!

OK .. errands today on this stormy nasty day - at lunch - then tonight will be p90x3 triometrics or T25 core cardio! have a great one!


This morning's work out was all of TAM Ab 11-20 EXCEPT for the leg I worked yesterday :p and then I did all of X3 CVX. :D

BBL with more!:cool:


Hi Ladies,

No workout to report for yesterday, early morning meeting. No workout this morning either....my job is stressing me out. I need to get out of here because it's impacting other areas of my life too. I should be hearing from the company that contacted me once already. If I don't have a message from them today, I will call them tomorrow.

I didn't get into the Chicago RT so I'm going to try again and see if I can get into the Daytona RT. Registration is on May 1st!

Tonight is tri-training, run/swim!

Wendy-you are a trooper, doing only 1 side of TAM...not sure I would like that. I've also fallen off the TAM wagon, stress at work.:mad:

Lori-you will rock the competition! It cots what it costs...you are worth it.:) Any updates on Rylan's diagnosis? Where did Jayna decide to go to University? I looked at some of the tuition costs, makes me wish we lived in
Canada. School is so much cheaper.....just guessing here...everything else is probably much more expensive.

Laura-I'm with you on the stress front. Nervous stomach..ugh. Hopefully things will get better for the both of us. Hope the tornadoes stay far away from you. I saw the devastation on the news, terrible.

Tina-so glad you joined us.:) I'm still doing WW but haven't really lost any more weight since December. I'm still 12lbs away from goal but nothing is happening. Other than my size is much smaller, but the scale isn't moving. Too bad WW doesn't care about that. This weeks meeting is on plateaus though. Perhaps I'll learn something.

Sorry to be such a downer.....booh. Thanks for listening girls.


Trying to get back in the saddle. I was in bed until Sunday aside from doc's visit and bathroom trips! Yesterday I did YogaRelax and today I did the Muscle Conditioning premix from Slide and Glide. But I couldn't do many pushups of any type. I will probably stay with these types of workouts for the next few days. I'm still very tired but thankful to be finally feeling better. Four out of our family of 6 got it. Thankfully Hubby and Little K stayed healthy!

Unfortunately, I did something to my right shoulder right before I did the wo. I have no idea what but it hurts and that's probably a reason that I couldn't do the push ups much, along with being sick.

I've been trying to keep track of my food the 21 day fix way counting my containers but I've been having tea with honey every day.

I did weigh in last night at WW, Hubby is out tomorrow night and that is my regular weigh in day. I was down 2.6! I hope it stays down! I know much is because of being sick, but here's to hoping.

Thanks for the all the get well wishes! Interesting how we were able to bring our lives to a stop pretty easily. So we've not done anything school, sports, etc since last Wednesday. I am bummed that we won't go tomorrow as it is the last Bible Study of the year, but not the last SALT (co op classes).

Lori- I don't own 21 day fix, yet, I'm just trying to follow the container system. :)

Hi to all and welcome, Tina!


Well, I stepped on the scale for the first time in months, and the verdict is "guilty". I knew it was going to be bad, but not holymotherofcookiedough. I'm on total crack down of all junk food. My food journal is looking much better. Yesterday's workout was XT AOLIH and BC U&L only premix and then STS M1D1 with DH in the p.m. This is his third attempt at STS. His shoulder issues usually cause him to quit after a few weeks. We've been doing GS and XT weight workouts for the last few weeks together, so I'm hopeful he can work through it this time. He's also nursing a knee injury from a bike crash, so we haven't been able to do any leg workouts together.

So I'm still trying to get everyone straight. So far I've counted five people in this group. Is there anyone else that pops in from time to time?

Diana, how's the job search going? I hope you find something new soon. The last office I worked in was a nightmare. I swore I'd never work in one again. You're workouts seem to be going well. I'm impressed you were able to maintain your weight loss this winter. Awesome! :)

Lori, you must be in fantastic shape. When is your fitness competition? I really hope you post pictures. Good luck. Your diet sounds really tough!

Laura, I hope the weather has calmed where you are. What kind of animals do you have? We currently have four cats, two dogs, two parakeets and a fish. Do you have horses? I had them growing up and often think of looking for work in that area. What do you do for work now?

Wendy, congratulations on your job change. Your new job sounds fantastic!

LL, I hope you're feeling better. Do you homeschool as well?

I hope you all have a great day. I'm off to do a kickboxing workout. :)


Hi Ladies,

I made myself go to tri-training last night even though I didn't feel like going. I'm glad I went.:)

I have 3 BR w/o's to complete the 21 Day bootcamp series. Then it will be on to running in the mornings a few times a week. The memorial day 10K will be here before you know it!

Tina-Are you doing another round of STS? I'd be up for that. Of course I would have to fit it in between my other stuff, but the STS program is the best IMO. The progressive nature of the program is something I haven't seen in other programs. Today is my weigh in and I'm not looking forward to it, only because I've become very slack with my tracking. Without any weight loss in 4 months is hard to stay motivated to track. There's 5 of us in this check-in-you make 6!

LL-so glad you are on the mend! Just ease your way back into your w/o's. Your strength and endurance will follow suit! I keep looking at the 21 day fix, and myfitness pal. Why does the food/nutrition side of the equation have to be so difficult?

Wendy-You're not going to believe this, but I miss doing TAM.:confused: Can't believe I said that myself. When is the Spartan race?

Laura-hope you and you family are safe from all the tornadoes. No updates on the job front. I wish I could just quit my job...that is not an option.

Lori-hhmmm, sounds like you may want to find another trainer. One that is in your area perhaps. Maybe she is just getting settled and needs a few days. It's so hard to tell and you don't want to be too quick to pass judgment. If it's not working out though, find someone else.

...off to bodyrock! bbl


Hi all- Just popped in to respond to Tina. :) Yes, I homeschool my 4 boys 12, 10, 7 and 3. And we are trying to get back into the swing of things since the flu. So I should be on here at all because all I've done is get dressed, start laundry, strip my bed, make breakfast and talk to a friend who had many questions about homeschooling for next year. I'd be curious as to what curr. you use. We were Sonlight people until this year we have started Tapestry of Grace. And it's not going great. Love the idea of teaching the same history to everyone at their own level, but I'm just struggling with it. Lots of chaos right now and the flu only made things worse. :( So I'm planning on putting them in more 1 day a week classes for certain subjects that I'm no good at or never took: writing, Spanish, Latin, etc. We have a co op near me that has all sorts of subjects that the parents teach. It's called Generation Home Scholars it's in Chester Springs PA, you can google it to check it out if interested.

Now I need to try to motivate myself and kids to do something. We are all still very tired and coughing a lot with sore throats so it's difficult!


Today's work out was X3 Incinerator and TAM Ab 11-20 abs and lower body. :)

Di:: :eek::eek::eek::eek: OMG!!!!!:eek::eek::eek::eek: :);):D:p

BBL with more!:cool:

ETA on 5/1:: This morning my work out was short but not sweet! ;)
[email protected]/40w of reverse lunges and swings with a 30#kb! Whooped my arse! I loved it! :D
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Quick check in, wo yesterday was a stroll around the block with the boys. Today was XTrain legs premix barre, ball and floor. It was a toughie! But in a good way. It was what I could handle. I'm still not sure I'm up for any cardio yet, still have a runny nose and coughing a lot. Eating has been really good. I was really craving chocolate, it's been a week since I've had any! And I had some of Hubby's cheese and crackers tonight instead. It helps that I'm not well and should not be having sugar. I was going to bed early too, until tonight. :(

Night all!

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