Damage Control-April!!!


So...ask me if I can move today! :p I can but it's not easy! :eek:

This morning I did TA Omni 11-20 and the firewalker tabata premix from Crossfire. OUCHEES!!!!

Tmrw I start my X3/TA rotation as the X arrived a day earlier then expected! :D

Diana:: Enjoy your work out - whatever you decide to do! :) Sorry you can't get the new SUV you want. I never get the car I really want either...I wanted a Dodge Intrepid forever but by the time I was in the market for a new car they weren't making it anymore. :mad: These days I want my next car to be Mini Cooper but my DH is fighting me on it b/c he says it's too small. :mad: I'd also love a Dodge Challenge in "plum crazy" purple but I'm sure there is a reason I won't get that one either! :rolleyes:


Just a quick check in, Little K woke me at 5:45 so after trying unsuccessfully in getting Hume back to sleep, I went down for a wo, but I don't have flexes in and I couldn't think of an alternative except for maybe super cuts, but since that is on tap for later this week I opted for HiiT 30/20 premix from TTM or CF, can't remember where that was from. Then it was speech therapy for Little K while I had the idle boys with me doing schoolwork and JTrain stayed home to work. School up until now and now I need to get everyone out the door to piano lessons, stop at OfficeMax because they lost their protractors and to the speech place because CDawg left his assignment sheet book there! Thankfully dinner is in the crockpot because the older 2 have baseball practice but it will probably be rained out....

Rmrmr- I am very curious about T25. I googled t25vs p90x3 and it said for those with more than 20% body fat to lose do t25 if you have less and just want to get ripped do p90x3 is for you. But it also said that if you haven't worked out in a while t25 is also for you. Well, I think I am 21% body fat according to the WW scale so that would mean t25, but I work out often so p90x3 is for me? Its not. The budget right now but I'm always looking! :)

Ok gotta run!


This morning was TA Meta Omni 11-20 and P90X3 CVX (weighted cardio). Tough stuff! Used a very light weight for CVX because TA fries my shoulders and I don't want any more issues with that!:eek: Tony suggests not using anything heavier then a 12# DB for a strong man so I don't feel bad that I used a 3# one! :p

So anyway, I am doing the lean rotation and if I wake up late and can't fit in both TA and the X then I will make a decision at that point on how to adjust. I have a few options in mind but I'm not committing myself to anything in particular at this point coz I'll only jinx myself. :p

I also started the X rotation a few days into the first week so that my first X rest day will jive with my Meta rest day. Not that it's really a rest day anyway as this is the final week of the challenge where we rest from everything plus Meta but still do a TA work out of choice!:eek: So anyway, I will add the work outs I missed on at the end of the 3 week rotation segment.

Oh and yes, I am still sore!:eek:

LL - Listening to the run down of your busy days exhausts me! IDK how you do it!:eek: IDK if you saw it or not but I answered your question about how I put together my work outs. It's on the prior page if you haven't seen it yet. :)



Hello Ladies -

Was in all day meeting ystdy - had an OK weekend - me and DH had some sort of stomach bug .. ugh .. so no workouts to report! Today went to CC at lunch and did MY free weight routine - will be sore tmrw for sure - tonight it will be T25 core cardio! ;)

Wendy - Cvx is one that sneaks up on you - different - I thought it was on the easier side but then the next day I felt it in ODD places ...then the next time I did it .. it was harder than the first time .. I think you are gonna love p90x3 ..

Lady Lep - to me you cant go wrong .. either or ... T25 or p90x3 .. I would just say T25 is more cardio based and P90x3 is more all over body work with cardio

Di - well with the way gas prices keep going up .. better to wait on SUV anyway :confused: just trying to think of positive .. LOL!

Lori - saw your new do - TOO FUNKY SEXY!!!! luv it!!!

Ok .. sooooooooo have another migraine building - STRESS related .. as usual!! I am sick to death of getting constant bad news ... anyway .. say a prayer things work out for us!!! gotta run .. have a great one!


I got in 21 min of Hard Strikes today! I tried for the premix with no conditioning, but just didn't have the time. But did I sweat! I wasn't really looking forward to it as it used to be one of my faves from XTrain but then I guess I got tired of it, but it was fun and went by quickly!

I need to get to bed early tonight, I'm so tired. But I wanted to ask if anyone knows about:

1-Clensology - some meal replacement that goes with T25?
2-Beach Body coaches? Free but not really?
3-meal plans that come with them, are they realistic?
4-full fat vs low or non fat dairy, I don't like milk or yogurt (unless it's frozen and highly sweetened!), but I do love cheese (mainly full fat) and sour cream (I've gone back and forth with low fat and full fat, right now I'm only buying full fat) and ricotta (rarely use, used to buy part skim, now only full fat) and mozzarella (they only have part skim at Whole Foods...)

Two days of good eating! Everything from scratch, no sugar only fruit (mainly strawberries) and chicken breasts/93% ground beef with brown rice or barley, green salads with homemade olive oil/lemon juice based dressing. I'm aiming for 2 weeks of eating like this but tomorrow is my WW weigh in and I often have a big treat after that. But I was hoping to go to Easter...

Fit_mommy- I did look back at your detailed workout, looks complicated and intense, but my guess is if I really tried to figure it out and wrote it down I could do it. Is it typically a half hour?

Poochy-I'm really looking into T25! I found one on Craigslist in my area for $80, it looks like it has the whole kit.

What I need is for someone to come up with a fat loss rotation for me that for each wo it's 30 min or less, and only includes XTrain, CF, TTM, X10, PRS#1&2 and maybe LIS and Hiit and ab circuits and Intensity can be included. And a realistic meal plan set up.

My breakfasts are typically- fruit alone or with eggs, oatmeal (sweetened with fruit) or bread thin with peanut butter

Lunches and Dinners vary more. But I like having cooked chicken breast and some cooked grain available. Today I had a chicken breast with some barley and a strawberry banana smoothie for lunch and dinner was big green salad and then 93% ground beef, brown rice, onion, tomato sauce and cheddar cheese casserole.

OK this got longer than expected! Gotta get to bed another busy day tomorrow: out of the house by 8 for the kids homeschool classes called SALT, then rush home for lunch and some light school (math, reading, Bible, piano and writing (IEW) or grammar) and then off to dentist for CDawg at 4 and then straight to drop him off at baseball practice, rush to WW for a quick weigh in and then back to pick up the boys (all but JTrain) from practice and put them to bed while Hubby takes JTrain to AMPED (church middle school youth group). Then prep for school the next day and to bed! So I need to workout in the morning tomorrow if I expect to get one in...Night!


Good Morning! :)

Trying to check in while doing pedal power .... I'm in a hill climb! Wish I would stop hitting the back button

Sounds like everyone is busy busy!!! Not much new here! Oh I don't know if I told you guys that we have rylans assessment appt for May 5th? Normal wait time is 12-18 months. They were putting a rush on things because of the possible move when he gets a diagnosis. Someone called from the hospital to get more info while DH was home with the boys, they started acting up and I think she took pity on him and squeezed us in. Whatever works right? In the meantime on of the Drs has already written a letter to staffing regarding a move. So we will see!

Last week I had another weird day. I guess because of his appt, it's always bitter sweet. And then I found out that my trainer was moving. Do I really need her with me? No. But I wanted to! So now I will just check in with her via email and text. I've also changed my comp date. Originally I was doing oct in a city 3 hours away. Now I've changed it to July 5th, 6 hour drive. Sucks for the kids but oh well! They'll survive. So that puts me 13 weeks out! The trainer and I did phase 2 , I'm
Just learning to walk again. My legs were so sore. Everyone at work was laughing at me. There really is a difference in working out at the gym using those machines for legs! I almost died a million deaths last week when I found out a friend of mine was doing a bikini comp. She never use to work out even! She looked so good.

I'm gonna finish this workout and come back for personals later!!



Just a quick check in while I am stuck in traffic running late to our homeschool classes this morning. I was up early but unfortunately not early enough to get more than 15 minutes of party rockin step two and that through the first combo in the beginning of the second. Also wish I'd gotten up earlier because we're not getting to her classes on time. But it'll be fun today I'm working in their gym class for the first hour.

Sorry for any mistakes! I am dictating to Siri on my iPhone.


Second day into X/Meta rotation and I already overslept!:eek: That being said, I did what I had time for which was Isometrix as per the X rotation and lower body only from Meta Omni 11-20. It wasn't easy even though it was cut short! My legs are very tired too!!!

On tap for tmrw:: More Meta and Agility X!!! Didn't I just say that my legs were tired!?!? :eek:


Fit_mommy- will you please send a link to the meta or x ( unless this is short for p90x3?) and omni? I was trying to find them last night with no luck. And I checked it that zwow, if that is the girt with the accent who looks like she is working out in a storage facility box and always starts with showing us what she's going to do on a mini chalkboard, she looks pretty interesting, but I can't get past her boobs! I kept on wondering if they were going fall out!! I'm so glad Cathe stays properly covered. I'm not sure I could workout to the other girl in fear that one of my sons would walk in and see it!!

So I worked in my kids gym class again this week and they were running the mile and my 10 yo got presidential running it in 7 min and 51 sec and my 7 yo did it in 9 min and 36 sec (with 3 stopping breaks and mostly walking) but at his age he doesn't do presidential fitness but he did get in 3rd place. And my 12 yo missed presidential by 9 seconds! I can't remember his exact time but it was under 7 min! He had a bad cramp in the 3rd lap, but he finished second in his class. The 13 yo ahead of him missed presidential by a little more. Soooo the point of that was that I jogged around the track once!! Without stopping! I kept pace with another woman there who was training for a race. I could only go around once, if I had pushed myself maybe I could have go another lap if I really wanted to. My ankles were actually actually fine, even though I have always said I could not run because they were weak due to benign tumors that removed when I was little. But it was actually shin splints! I didn't stretch, does this matter? How do you get rid of shin splints?


Work is giving me a headache. As soon and I get here one of the girls comes into my office, closes the door and strata crying. When she leaves, the girl across the hall comes in and starts telling me all about "nothing". This girl can go on forever!!!!!! Then one of my fav coworkers comes back from a drs appt and be thinks she has MS so she's crying. So I now have a headache!!! My friend is always sick, she is the sweetest little thing in the world!!! This is just terrible. She's only 25 with 2
Small children. Ugh!

So this morning was tris, abs and spinning. The scale is going down and up 2 lbs. I had to fight with last years crops to get them on but I guess this is the name of the game, I'm building muse. Gonna have to buy some new pants. Going up to a 4 doesn't seem to be that bad! (I guess)

Laura** I feel like you do...I have a stress headache! Lol. Everyone is stressing me out with their problems!

Diana** are you considering moving? Do all of the boys still live at home? Being closer to your grand kids would be awesome though! You kiss so much when they are that little. They grow up fast!

Wendy** enjoying P90X? I need to start doing yoga again! My poor legs need stretching.

Ladylep** shin splits are usually caused my wearing old shoes or the wrong ones. It's nice to take the time and get properly fitted for a pair of running shoes.

Ill bbl!

Lori :)



In another meeting most of the day .. guh ... less than an hour to go tho! I AM SOOOOOOO FREAKING SORE .. from MY torture .. i did T25 core cardio ... seems I forgot how hard that was on the legs .. my leg torture that I did at lunch .. made my legs on FIRE during T25 last night .. and EEEOUCH - DOMS: hammies - quads - butt - bis n tris .. yup .. pretty much everything .. I have got to decide what to do tonight .. Wendy just reminded me about isometrics .. HMMMM .. yup that might be what I need to do --- thanks Wendy!!

Lori - yes the machines and the free weights have totally different effect on the muscles .. I like doing both!!! Cant wait to see some pics!! and size 4 .. HA .. I WISH I could EVER see a size 4 again!!! :confused: :p and congrats on the luck w/the moved up Dr. apt for your son .. that is great!! but OMG .. what a day in the office - yes - i would be ready to run w/all that crying and bad/sad news .. yikes!!! terrible and soooooo stressfull!!

Wendy - WTG on the workouts ... are you doing them back to back?? or spacing them out???

LadyLep - I use shakeology in the mornings .. only use it for breakfast meal .. mainly b/c i HATE breakfast foods .. and I am usually in a mad dash in the mornings .. I love the chocolate and vanilla .. dont like the green yuck!!!

Di - are you moving ?? I missed that ..

OK .. better run ... yup .. thinkin I will do p90x3 isometrics .. although i am sure my legs will be SCREAMING the entire time!! LOL .. have a great one!


Hi Ladies,

No workout to report. Sorry Lori, i'm going to cry too. This morning was the funeral for my coworker. It was open casket and I was not expecting that. At the end they had us all walk up front to greet the family. He leaves a wife and 2 boys, ages 5 and 10. Needless to say I came home to work this afternoon. I didn't really like all my coworkers seeing my red puffy eyes and face.

Last night was the first night of Tri Training! It's a different trainer than I've had the past 2 years. This guy came in second place in last years tri. Hopefully he's as good a trainer as he is a competitor. We ran and swam last night. Thursday will be bike/swim.

LadyLep-I like Zuzka (zwow) and bodyrock. I've had the best results with the BR 30 day challenge. I've done it 3 times and will be moving on to other stuff now. I see your challenge though with having teenage boys. I w/o in my basement early in the morning, by myself. I don't eat dairy and haven't for years. I purchased a very good book a long time ago, Precision Nutrition. I highly recommend it. As far as running, make sure you have properly fitted running shoes and start of slow.

Lori-glad they were able to move up Rylan's appt. Are you nervous that the competition date is so much sooner? Or perhaps you are glad, less time to have to diet and train! Really,size 2/4 lllalalalalalalal I can't hear you!

bbl....work is calling...



Morning peeps -

Well I had a brain fart yesterday - and decided to do TRIOMETRICS thinking ISOmetric .. HOLY CRAP .. my already FRIED legs were ON FIH-YAH .. BAD :confused::confused::confused: what was I thinking?????? then if that wasnt enough i threw on my IPOD and did my old CORE DISC routine :eek: WTH OMG .. it was SO HARD ... my classes were obviously a lot tuffer than I remember ... I was cussing myself out and huffing and puffing and also had huge lapse in memory - I forgot how tuff that was on my legs too .. holy crapola!! the results: DOMS in entire leg and core area :confused: my body is wondering WTH I am doing to it!

Wendy have you done triometrics yet??? wow .. it is a goodie!! HARD TO DO ON SORE legs tho!!! My butt was cramping and burning and quads were burning .. my butt felt was as hard as a rock .. geesh!!!

DI - {{{{{{ hugs }}}}}} oh I am sorry sorry .. that is just heart wrenching .. {{{{{ hugs }}}}}

Hello to Lori and Ladylep ..

well I have errands at lunch .. then a MUCH NEEDED AND OVERDUE hair apt after work .... sooooooo not sure if a workout will happen today - my body is so beat up from this weeks torture tho .. a forced rest day may do a girl good!! have a great day!


I didn't oversleep today but still managed to get a later start then I should have on my work out....:rolleyes: I did Meta Omni 11-20 in full and twenty out of the thirty minutes of Agility X. Ticked at myself for not having time to complete Agility but it was a great work out nonetheless! :D

So work at both jobs is very stressful at the moment. UGH. My f/t job is in transition but I don't know what that transition will be yet. I just know that it's not staying the way it is. :confused: The p/t job is stressing me out b/c some clients don't know their place and I suck at telling them to back off and in turn, end up getting an earful from the boss for allowing them to "run the place" so to speak (regarding things that are NOT a part of the actual work out they are doing!). When I decided to be a trainer, babysitting wasn't part of my plan!!! I'm dealing with adults here! There should be no need for that!!! :mad: UGH! (Sorry-just had to vent a bit! I am not happy at all right now...:()

Laura:: Nope, no Triometrix yet. Won't be doing it until the rotation calls for it in week 9!

Di:: Awww sorry the funeral was so hard on you. :( (((HUGS))) Hope the new tri trainer is as good as the previous one you had!

LL:: Hope the links I posted for you this morning are helpful. :)


Quick update: got in afterburn first premix timesaver 30 min and I was sweating bullets! Tomorrow is CF and I've already planned for the timesaver premix of 33 min. I need to be up by 6 to start breakfast and then workout and shower, eat then head out to a drs annual check up for my 10 yo then back home for the rest of our school day.

Fit_mommy: I should have posted yesterday that I found TA's website and have been pouring over it! I think I may like her meal plan the best. Have you done it? I'm wondering on the refuel week I think, are you supposed to eat nothing but tho 5 little meals? Sounds hard but a way to know out the weight! And I'd wonder about substitutions....

Ok I gotta get some sleep to get up in the morning!


LL:: Actually I am not doing TA's meal plan as I don't happen to care for it but if you like the looks of it, give it a shot!:)

Off to do TA something...BBL to report it!:cool:


This morning's TA work out of choice was arms and half of abs from TA Precision Toning. YEOWCH! This was NOT what I call a "rest" day by any means! ;)



Well - i have been cooking hamburgers and making plates all day - for Relay For Life event - we did good - 250+ plates .. $1800 - for American Cancer Society event - it was work and I smell like smoke and hamburgers .. ugh .. but only have a little over 2 hours to go for the work day and work week .. woohoo!!! no workout today either .. I have my DN tonight .. we are going to go riding in the woods and go visit DM ... then settle in w/a movie!! :)

Wendy - nope that is not rest day - I have had forced rest day .. but mine wasnt much rest .. running around like and idiot ..

LL - only thing I have heard about TA eating plan is it wasnt much food .. not enough calories!

Di - hoping you are getting back into your routine - I know the office is prbly still somber!

Lori - how is training

Not sure what tmrw will bring .. but will do SOMETHING ... then may do some shopping then fishing w/DN and DM .. . have a great weekend!!;)

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