Damage Control-April!!!


Hi Ladies,

I stepped on the scale this morning and it was really ugly. I'm up 3#'s:mad: Not sure what's going on. I did take rest day yesterday, but seriously...
I did double workouts Thur-Sunday and took a rest day on Monday. I hit a decade mark that I've been under since December.:mad::mad::mad: I will be downing tons of water today to see if that helps.

Tri training starts next week! I'm so looking forward to it....well...y'all know how I feel about swimming. I practice a lot. I should probably take my bike in for tune-up...and a new seat!

Lori-your new pup is so cute and seems to fit right in with your family! Your kids seem to love their Ipads. I'm thinking of getting the Ipad mini for the girls. Can you tell me the best apps for kids Rylan's age. The girls are 6 yrs old.

Laura-Oh my goodness, Brutus took you for a ride! Hope you aren't too banged up. I know you will be busy at the asylum the next few days for sure. I'm to take a look at the new BB w/o's. I do like pilates (reformer), but am not really a yoga fan. Only because I've really never given even time to yoga to see the benefits.

Wendy-I'm going to say the drink I'm having isn't doing much. Perhaps if I was doing the 3-10 day cleanse where that's ALL you have, well then I would probably drop some lbs.

LadyLep-You will love having that basement bathroom when the kids are older. We don't have bathroom in our basement and I wish we would finish it, we made it a priority. Having 3 sons and their friends over, well they have to come up to the main floor to use the restroom. So inconvenient. We've all lost posts, so frustrating.

Off to do Imax 3!!!


Hi Ladies!

Yep! The pup is a cute one that's for sure!

Today's workout was back,bics ,10 mins on the tm and 40/20. I was also suppose to do abs tonight cause I ran out of time this morning but that's not happening now. Ill have to double up tomorrow. Tomorrow is just cardio and abs. :)

A old friend sent me a message on fb today. She wanted my cell number cause she had a pic to send me. I assumed it was a old pic. Nope! She also has been training for a figure comp. I almost died!! Our kids are the same age and she never worked out. She would run a day here or there but nothing like this. I was so amazed. She looked good. Not to muscular at all. A lot of ppl think that it's gross. It's hard to find support believe it or not.

Diana** stupid scale. I kinda stopped weighing myself. I know my jeans are tight...lol. I don't need to scale to confirm it. Maybe ill weigh in the morning. Ill have a look and see what apps he has. They don't play them to much. Stephen might for 10 mins a day, he's to busy. And rylan hasn't touched his since I came home 5 hours ago but he does usually play it in bed for a little while as he's whining down.

Ladylep** lost post are a headache!!! It use to happen to me all the time. I'm sure I said a few choice words.

Ill bb tomorrow!

Lori :)


Copied to April Thread!

Afternoon Ladies -

First of the month - aka: H#LL week for me! MON free weights at lunch - then I did Pi-Yo youtube workout that night .. wow .. it was great! DOMS - lets just say every inch of my body is hurting .. especially in quads and tris .. EEEOUCH! Last Night i did ZWOW #59 - core and ABS .. GREAT workout - DOMS today STIL in quads n tris .. and now into shoulders and core!! The pollen here is outrageous .. not sure if I will survive a run outdoors or not ... I hate missing it tho.. b/c it is just so darned beautiful!! today will be a run ... or another one of MY own free weight creations :eek:

LORI - awwwwwwww the pup is adorable!!! sooooo sweet - yup leaving him .. he gonna be upset!! awwwwwww - yup dobermans CHEW .. get some good chew toys .. and start crate training .. lol .. maybe he will be normal dog and not like mine .. his favorite chew toy is a large log of firewood :confused:

Wendy - great workout as usual ..

hello Lady Lep and Di -

so what do you do for a crick??? I bent over to dry my hair this morning and felt a crick form from neck to shoulder blade .. @#[email protected]#[email protected]#$%[email protected]% ..sooooooooo agrravating .. it is real deep .. prbly from all the deep muscle work I been doing this week .. my body rebelling!!

OK ... better run .. have a great one!


Hi Ladies,

Were into April...please post here. :eek::cool::p;)

So we got some bad news today. One of our coworkers who has been out with pneumonia passed away. He's been in the hopital about 3 weeks, medically induced coma...etc. He passed away yesterday. 47 yrs old with a wife and 2 sons, 5yrs and 10yrs. It's a sad place here today. Last week another employee passed away and one of our vp's who retired a year ago.

On the home scale I was down 1.1lbs from yesterday. At my weigh in today I was up .8 from last week. I think that's 2 or 3 ups in the last 3 weekly weigh ins. The scale is moving the wrong direction. I'm sticking to my green smoothies, veggies & lean meat, and the nasty lemon water concoction that does not seem to be helping.

I did a BR w/o this morning and abs. I think tomorrow will be CLB and abs. Tri training starts next Tuesday. I should probably take my bike in for a tune up and I want a new seat too.

Lori-everyone has their own opinions on what looks good. All your cathlete friends are here to support and encourage you and believe me, you are gonna do great!!

Laura-Sorry about the crick in your neck. My age is quickly catching up to me. I step wrong or move wrong and something hurts. I did CVX last week and loved it. Total core burnout.

Wendy-I see you are keeping with the TA program! I'm sure you will stick with it since you are doing it with some other folks to keep you accountable.

LadyLep-I'm sure you're boys are keeping you busy. Check-in when you can.



Hey Ladies.

I couldn't check in earlier because the website was down apparently....

This morning I did TA Meta Hip 21-30 and 20 mins of BBL Cardio Axe.

Tmrw is my rest day from all but TA so I won't do Meta but I WILL do a TA workout of choice...just got a few new ones too!;):D

Time to get ready for bed but I'll be back tmrw w/personals!!!!:cool:



Got in only 15 min today: Tabata 1, that's all I had time for. I'm 1.4! Mainly because I did some serious damage control the last 3 days and really watched what I ate.

I was supposed to do X10 all of it, but no way did I have the time. I was out of the house from 8:15-4:15ish (for homeschool classes 30 min east and then back 15 west of my house for a kid dentist appt). I did help out in the hs gym class for an hour or so. They were working on gymnastics and I did my first frog stance!! Hard but fun to try something different.

Tomorrow on Cathe's April rotation is B&G and stability ball abs. So that would be 78 min for the main portion and probably another 15 or so for the abs. Yeah right that's not happening. Maybe I'll try to do the first or last timesaver both 49 min. One is standing legs and abs, the other is floor work and abs. Not sure what I'll do, it will all depend on how much time I have and when I do it and how tired I am. So it won't be at 5:30 or 6am with it being 11:30 almost now, but maybe at 3:30 tomorrow afternoon or so...

rmrmr- Sorry to hear about your coworker, were you close? Sometimes scales just stink.

Poochy- sorry to hear about your crick. The only things I can think of would be hot shower/hot washcloth, heating pad on the area, massage and/or chiropractor.

Fit_mommy- your workouts put me to shame!!

Gidget- That's really interesting about the figure comp. I'd love to hear more about it.

I'd love to hear your experiences with: P90X1,2&3, yoga, Cathe's spin bike workouts and what kind of bike to get. What in general has worked for weight loss and keeping it off. I'm such a yo yo dieter and I really hate that word! Because it's not a diet supposedly but a lifestyle change for food. This is what I know:

1- no 2 workouts in a row, mix wt training and cardio
2- clean eating meaning: unprocessed foods, veggies, fruit, clean meats (lean)
3- 10 cups of water daily
4- 7-8 hrs of sleep a night

This was mostly taken from one of Cathe's articles about wt loss.

This all sounds almost too easy when I type it out but hard to put into practice!

Today I had:
Breakfast: Trader Joes whole wheat sandwich slim with 2T peanut butter topped with unsweetened applesauce
Lunch: 3 large strawberries, 3 long fat carrots peeled and cut, 1oz cheese, 2 wild rice cakes
Dinner: carrots and red peppers

Then here is where I let loose: whole wheat pasta made with a tomato paste, spices and olive oil sauce (called "red pasta" in our house because the name "tomato pesto with cappellini" was to long to say by my then 3yo), 2 slices of homemade cin. raisin bread with butter, handfuls of chocolate chips and then a home made chocolate chip cookie with van. ice cream. Now typically I don't have all those carbs and the dessert. Wednesdays I go overboard and then I only have controlled or no desserts on the weekends. This is because I go to Weight Watchers on Wednesdays and I let myself splurge huge every other week, it used to be every week until this year.

OK, since I'm telling about WW I might as well tell you, I'm 5'9" and tonight at WW I was 167, my WW goal wt is 152, wedding wt is 150 (that's what my doc says I should be) but 145 is my "happy" wt (also fits the equation 100# for the first 5' then 5# for every inch thereafter. I gained 90 with my 4th son, lost it all in 14 months, kept if off for about 6 months. Then I gained 15/16/17 back within 15 months. That brings us to the beginning of 2014 where I gave up wheat and sugar for 5-6 weeks and lost 9.5 pounds. I was also doing WW's Simple Start. I wheat and sugar back in my diet and I've gained 5 back. I'm trying to only huge splurge 1-2x/month and keep my wheat to 1 meal a day-no pasta and stop desserts again or find a way to keep them to once a week and not a huge splurge. I can't seem to keep it off. I'm not good with moderations, but know I need to learn it.

OK so there you have it. And while I'm at it: LadyLep is from my love of Def Leppard. :)

Alright, enough confessions from me! I'm off to bed.


Hi Ladies,

It was a rough day yesterday. I woke up with a headache, probably just from hearing about the death in our department. I've worked with him for 15 years.

I'm either doing CLB or the next BR w/o. Whatever it is, I need to get my butt in gear and get downstairs. I'm down another lb from yesterday. This daily weighing is really helping me stay in check.

LadyLep-Def Leppard huh...:) One of my first concerts was Def Leppard and Billy Squire! :) My WW weigh in is on Wednesdays also, at lunch time. I usually have a bigger or more substantial dinner on those days. Mostly I stick to fruits, veggies, oatmeal, chicken and fish. I don't eat dairy and haven't for years and I also try to stay away from bread maybe having it once a week if that. You obviously no how to lose weight if you lost 90# of pregnancy weight. I had a very strict ob with my first 2 pregnancies, only gaining 17 with my first and 23 with my second. I also gained 23 with my third.

bbl to see what everyone is up to.


Hi Girls. :)

This morning was 20 minutes of TA's Post PG work out...a short warm up and then abs, abs, abs! :eek:

Tmrw I move on to TA Meta Hip 31-40!:D

So I caved and purchased P90X3 on Ebay this morning. :eek: I feel a little guilty for the spending spree I've been on as of late but I can't wait to get it anyway! :D

I think I gained about 40# when I was pg with my son. It took me 9 months to gain it and 9 months to lose it. I was happy with that. I was (and still am) in better shape post-pg then I was prior!!!!

Oh and I did the WW online program a couple of years ago and had great success with it! But then I got sloppy with my eating and gained it all back. :(

So I FINALLY changed my diet about 5 weeks ago and lost 5# in the first few weeks but now I seem to be stuck. I'm not gaining though so I'll take it! I have to believe it will start moving again soon! I have removed all grains/pastas/breads/white potato from my diet along with dairy, almost all sugar but what is naturally occurring in fruit, & processed foods. I eat tons of fruits, veggies, healthy fats (olive/coconut oils, nuts, avocados), chicken, fish with some beef tossed in on occasion. I even eat bacon because they sell a nitrate free/sugar free brand where I shop and it's delicious! I am really enjoying eating like this but I do miss my sweets.
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Thanks DI - It's "H#LL WEEK" here and I am still stuck in March .. duh .. doesnt surprise me at all tho .. lol!! :confused: :p

Well I tried my run outdoors ystdy - :confused: - ummmmmmm .... it was horrible! the pollen was floating thru the air like a yellow fluffy cloud - 1/2 way thru my eyes swelled up - my nose stuffed up - and I started hacking coughing .. I am going to have to give up running outdoors for a couple weeks till the pollen subsides some .. :( .. I did finish but it was not fun .. and not comfortable or enjoyable at all.

Lori - I think the kind of muscles you are talking about on a woman is beautiful - the kind that most think about when you say "competition" is the thick - bulky - manly - no neck most assured chemically enhanced women body builder muscles.. and no that is NOT attractive at all .. but a fit muscular womans body is a work of art and a result of a lot of hard work!!!! Most people dont realize that women dont have the chemical composition to BUILD those huge muscles even w/all the training in the world .. those big huge muscles are chemically enhanced .. But for the training competition you are doing - you have all the support in the world in US .. and I for one have all the confidence in the world in you!!! you are going to rock it!!

Di - SOOOOOO SORRY for the loss of your co-worker - that is heartbreaking!! and so many - seems to always come in threes! :( {{{{ hugs }}}}} that is so young too!! so sad!!! Hey - GMA had a segment on "cleanses" and the dr on there stated that any weight loss from cleanses was most sure MUSCLE LOSS .. :confused: .. could that be what is going on w/your weight????? just a thought - b/c I dont know that much about cleanses! check out the BB Pi-YO preview .. it is nothing like yoga .. it looks very different ...

Wendy - you will love the P90x3 - I luv luv luv it .. short and to the point - Tony is Tony .. but he doesnt waste any time in that series!

Ladylep - out of all the P90X - I love the #3 the best - the first #1 one is more straight forward weight work- very effective- workouts about 60 min - the #2 is more balance work (about 60 min) and just wasnt effective for me the #3 - weight work - cardio - workouts are 30 minutes - balance work - pilates - and yoga .. the whole thing! I also LOVE T-25 - it is full speed ahead - only 25 minutes - mostly cardio but some weight work - some body work - more controlled than SeanT other stuff // of course anything Cathe is good // I am also a HUUUUGE fan of BB Combat series - I alternate my routine with these workouts:
Cathe (mainly her newest ones)
Free weights and running (my own routine)
I keep mixing it up constantly (exercise ADD)
as far as nutrition: do as I say not as I do :eek: :confused: :eek: pretty much what you listed - try to eat clean - stay away from processed foods - and eat natural foods - cook your own meals - NO SUGAR or CRAP -
I am NOT a fan of cutting out complete food groups - I dont think it is healthy - (unless it is dairy if you are lactose intolerant) -

OK - soooooooo today - going to do ZWOW - 57 ("I made it without vomiting" ----that is the name of it) :confused: :p:p:p

have a great one!!


This morning I did a 15 min amrap of single leg squat curl press right then left, alt ren row with p/u, side slide lunge right then left, and double arm db rows. 10 reps for each exercise and I was able to do the circuit 2x in the 15 mins. No rest. I chased that with TA Precision Toning for Legs (15 mins) . Great stuff! I am on a short hiatus from Meta until my X3 comes and I figure out my rotation. BBL!:cool:


Nothing in today, but I did run up and down the stairs a lot and chased after my 3yo outside a bunch. :)

But yesterday I did B&G: stability abs (15min) and glute squeezes (7min). It's all I had time for at 10pm!

So do you guys try to do everything in a rotation (for those of who do rotations), so if I don't get to Cardio Core Circuits today, do it tomorrow or skip it and do BM2 tomorrow? or do B&G since I didn't actually do it just some bonuses? If I don't stay with the actual day, I will always feel "behind" and I really don't like that. But if I can "let that go", it typically takes me 6 weeks to finish a rotation.

If I do CCC tomorrow, I need to sub it. I have LIS, Xtrain, BM2 (but that is supposed to be the next wo), LIC, Imax 2/C&W, Hardcore Extreme and some newer stuff like PRS#1&2, X10, CF and TTM.

Eating was great yesterday, but we made cookie dough maps of Italy today...out of chocolate chip cookie dough. Need I say more???

I can't remember who, but someone mentioned Tracy Anderson? And P57 I looked at both and P57 looks really boring to me. And TA seems iffy, Cathe seems the best to keep me motivated between those three!

OK, so I started this several hours ago...now it's after 10:30! I had to pick up my 12yo from a friend's, he and some of his friends went to see God's Not Dead. I can't wait to see that movie!!


Hi Ladies,

Yesterday was a BR w/o, only 2 more left in this rotation. They did another one, a 21 day bootcamp that started last month. Although I really like these w/o's, it's time to change it up. Alternating cardio and weight days along with my tri training should work good. I plan on using GS and Xtrain for weights and then my favorite Cathe cardio.

DH picked up a '97 jeep grand Cherokee yesterday. It looks really nice and the interior is in really good shape. I drove it....lets just say it looks much better than in drives. Not sure yet if we'll be fixing it up and re-selling or keeping it. DS1's jeep has been sitting in front of our house since he moved out. It's stuck in 4L...UGH. DS2's car is on it's last legs. Right now it would be a spare if we kept it, but could be used by one of the boys if necessary.

LadyLep-When I'm following a rotation, if I miss a day then I usually just do it the next day. Most times though I'm still exercising that day, but it could be tri training or bootcamp instead of what's on the rotation. Most rotations take me longer to get through also but that doesn't bother me. I've looked at P57 and TA Meta w/o's. To be honest, they just don't appeal to me. I'm not saying they wouldn't yield benefits, but if you don't like what you're doing you probably won't stick with it. btw, running up and down stairs and chasing kids does count as a w/o!;)

Laura-the last cleanse I did was in February. It was real food and I spent more time in the kitchen than I have in years. It was vegan though which I am not. I did abstain from meat during the cleanse, but us non-vegans could add eggs in week 3. I'm eating the same stuff as Wendy posted, with the 1 glass of red wine per week.

Wendy-Nice w/o's! Let me know what kind of rotation you come up with. Is it going to be X3 and TA Meta??? I try to throw in an X3 w/o once a week so I can at least try them all. My Combat w/o's are collecting dust and those are some goodies too. Too many to choose from and not enough time!

Lori-what kind of supplements are you taking? Have you noticed any side effects from taking them?



Took me all day and almost all night to get my work out in but it's finally done!

3 sets of 10 reps of trx rows and push ups done circuit style. 3 sets of 10 reps on each leg of trx reverse foot elevated squats. 3 reps of 10 sec hold trx straight arm plank holds, 5 mins of jump rope (BURN!!!!), TA Meta Omni 11-20.

I changed my mind about waiting for the X to continue with Meta but I wanted something different so I decided to switch up Centrics. OUCH! :eek:

Still not quite sure how I'll combine P90x3 and Meta....If I knew I'd get in an hour work out every morning it would be easy but man it's getting tougher and tougher to get my azz movin' early enough for that!:confused:

Ok off to watch a movie!:cool:


My work out is done and a few words come to mind when I try to describe it....WTF was I thinking!?!?!?! 8-0
U/B mini circuit of push ups, 1/2 Kneeling curl and press R, 1/2 Kneeling curl and press L, Inverted Rows (10 reps of each x 3 rounds. 30 secs rest between rounds).
TAM Omni 11-20 arms.
5 mins jump rope....
Core mini circuit of 30 sec elbow plank, sb bridge w/lat roll R, repeat plank then sb bridge w/lat roll to left (10 reps of each x 3 rounds. 30 secs rest between rounds).
TAM Omni 11-20 waist/abs.
5 mins jump rope.
L/B mini circuit of single leg squat on1/2 foam roller R, side slide lunge on R, reverse slide lunge on R (10 reps of each x 3 rounds. 30 secs rest between rounds).
TAM Omni 11-20 lower body R.
L/B mini circuit of single leg squat on1/2 foam roller L, side slide lunge on L, reverse slide lunge on L (10 reps of each x 3 rounds. 30 secs rest between rounds).
TAM Omni 11-20 lower body L.
5 mins jump rope.


Fit_mommy-I've been reading your wo's and am wondering how you coming up with these? And how long do they take you??

No wo in for me yesterday. All I had "scheduled" for my afternoon was:

5 min in garden (3yo had pulled out some onions and strawberries!)
make beds
do laundry
start dinner at 4

In that order, actually the list was longer with cleaning and school planning in there but I was overwhelmed so I asked Hubby to star the top 5 priority items and tell me what order to do them in!

Well, I had the house to myself and I had just finished getting the chicken and veggies in the oven, prepped my artichokes and got them in the oven too, and I was changed and ready to do BM2 and my Hubby texts from the playground 2 streets away (all the other boys were outside too) saying that the 3yo had pooped in his pants and he was bringing him home! So he had a bath and then dinner was ready! After dinner and sundaes (!) we watched the the muppet show and Full House (actually I was still cleaning up dinner), then I put Little K (the 3yo) to bed while the other boys finished up Narnia. Then we all started Shark Tale. When we finally got them to bed, I surfed around youtube checking out the various wo's being used here like T25 (looks cool, but I can't seem to find an actually video clip of it, only others doing it) and others I can't remember. I think I googled best wo DVDs or something like that.

At 11 Hubby and I started "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days" and stayed up too late that I'm super tired today. I could barely drive to church so I could teach in Little K's class. And after 2 library drop offs, a stop at Whole Foods for strawberries, grapes and cheese, we stopped at my mom's for a little while until we headed home. Only then to make lunch, clean up and cut fruit for a going away potluck for dinner tonight for our discipleship pastor.

I'm not sure I can keep up with this rotation if it's going to be a lot of 60min plus wo's. I may end up switching to XTrain's cardio and wts for a week and then switching it up.

Off to do B&G or BM2! I better get moving while Hubby has Little K at the playground and B (7yo) is at baseball practice next to the playground and CDawg (10yo) is rollarblading down there too. JTrain (12yo) is at a friend's house. But I really only have another 30-60 of an empty house! Then I hope to get school planned (and the school room desks picked up) before we leave for the dinner. Oh, and Hubby had foot surgery due to plantar warts last Tuesday so he can't do much. He is actually staying in the car most of the time that Little K is at the playground which is fenced in.


LadyLep - I am a personal trainer but besides for that I just have a flair for coming up with exciting new ways to inflict pain on myself! ;) LOL WOW you have been busy and it looks like you homeschool too? IDK how moms do that! I give you all the credit in the world!!!!:)

Di - Sounds like you have a solid plan for when tri training starts. Yes, plan is a P90X3/Meta mix rotation but that's a solid hour every day and that's tough for me to guarantee. :confused: That being said I will keeping some alternatives in mind as back ups for when time is an issue like doing a 15 min segment of TA Precision Toning instead of a 30 minute Meta if I am short on time or doing 10-15 mins of cardio conditioning drills instead of 30 mins of P90X3 cardio, etc....things like that....So what's the decision on the jeep DH bought? Why did he buy it in the first place? Does he fix up cars as a hobby?

Laura - I will keep you posted on P90X3 and how I like it. Should get here Tuesday they say....:D


I just got in BM2 but I wimped out on a lot of it! I did the first step combo 22 min or so and then skipped to the upper body wts and attempted the abs because they are just tough for me! I had trouble with the push ups as I always do! So I think it was about an hour total. But of course 8 min into the workout Hubby came home with Little K with a poop in his pants!!

Fit_mommy- a fitness trainer!! That's awesome! I need someone like you to come up with a rotation that averages 30 min tough workouts most day with maybe 1 long one on the weekend. And someone to come up with a eating plan for me too!! I love when websites like eating well have preset meals, but I find that many of the recipes I just don't like or have a lot of low fat dairy and I have a hard time with that. I try to only buy full fat cheese, yesterday I did buy fat free buttermilk, but I don't eat pancakes and waffles anymore because they are just so good and too easy to eat 6-10 in a sitting! I'd love to hear more details about how you come up with a wo for yourself!

Off to plan school and keep Little K out of trouble! He keeps trying to get outside and play baseball with the second graders who are on the front lawn, one of which is his brother!


Lady Lep - Basically I just decide what workout format I want to use (I usually use a circuit format that is either timed or set up at 10 reps per exercise x so many rounds) and plug in details from there. I try to work multiple muscle groups in an exercise as much as possible b/c it saves time and burns more calories! Food is the hard part for me as well. It's a constant struggle that never seems to end. You have to be vigilant about eating correctly or it will backfire on most people eventually. If I get too careless with my diet for too long, the weight will start creeping back on...:rolleyes: HTH a little!:)
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Hi Ladies,

Not sure what's on tap for this morning. Perhaps the last day of the BR rotation or Xtrain Bi's & Tri's. Yesterday I did Leaner Legs & abs (original), and then Step Works. I forgot about the intricate footwork at the end, ugh.

LadyLep-You are amazing! Raising a family is really hard. It was a struggle for me when my kids were younger. Between work, getting my degree, daycare, husband, etc, it was such a stressful time in my life. I think you just need to do whatever workouts will work for you. Perhaps you can list out your DVD's, cardio/weights/circuit, and how long they are. Don't forget the premixes! Then on days when you can't follow the rotation due to time constraints, you'll have an easy way to select an alternative. I love T25 and these shorter w/o's might work for you too. I think you can see a preview on the beachbody site.

Wendy-you've been rockin' the w/o's lately! DH really picked up the jeep for me since I want an SUV. Since we can't afford a car payment right now, he just picked up something we could pay cash for. Once we find out how much it will cost to fix everything, then we can decide if we want to keep it or not. I have student loan payments for Zach and now Jerod will be starting college in the fall. Not sure when I'm going to get the SUV that I want.:confused:

Laura-how was your weekend????

Lori-I saw that Stephen is potty trained now....Yayyy!!!!! I'll have to see if you responded to my post on FB! Have you guys decided if you are going to stay in Cold Lake? Are you considering buying a house there or are you hoping to move back to St. Johns at some point? DH is wanting to move now that Jerod will be done with High School. I like my house and don't want to move, unless it's to Oregon where I can be closer to my missy Rallie Mae and Rylee!:p


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