daily strength flucuations and STS


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I did the 1 rep max, for some exercises so far anyway. I did STS wo 1 today. I did not hit all the reps; in push-ups didn't even come close.

What do you all think..is it better to do the weight listed in my workout sheets and not hit the reps; do as many as I can and then drop the weight; start with a lower weight on a day I might be weaker (for whatever reason)? Some other idea?

I ended up using the weight listed and then completing as many reps, with good form, that I could. On a couple I lowered weight down and continued.

Has Cathy said any preference?

I guess that we all have energy fluctuations on a daily. Just do the best we can but push for that higher weight? Your thoughts are appreciated!

This is an excellent question, JuliaV. I have also found this to be the case for some exercises.

Personally, I lowered my weight and did the same number of reps as the program recommends. It was still challenging! I recorded that weight and then went from there the following weeks when computing my percentage increase.

I found that my one max rep testing was a guide but was not 100% accurate for every exercise. There was some trial and error. I have done STS three or four times through now and the best thing for me is to plan my weight loads for each move based on how I did the last time I did the same exercise. So taking notes is critical. As long as you increase your weight loads the percentage recommended, it's all good!

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Never done STS but I definitely have days I am stronger than others.

Usually related to how well I slept, how hydrated I am, how soon after the last hard cardio workout, and what I ate in the days prior.

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