Daily Check in Weekend of May 30 & 31, 2015


Good Saturday morning everyone,

Today I did KCM Trim Down Workout 1 + SBF Total Body Barre. I loooooooooooooove SBF streaming. Love it.

Have a good day friends.
Hi Siobhan,
.Glad you had a good workout, it really kicks off the day doesn't it?

Today was LIC from the sash series ( my least favorite series), but this is a good workout that still kicks butt.

Chores, and some scouting at KSU today for this weeks graduation ceremony ( parking, etc..).
Hi Everyone,

Today I did Xtrain Bi's and Tri's - loved the supersetting back and forth. It's been a while since I did this one. I added on a Suzanne Bowen Streaming abs workout which was tough and a 15 minute stretch.

Conni - I was thinking of LIC this week but didn't do it. I love the music in that one.

Have a good day friends.
Love your picture!!!! Wow!

Today was Cathe Live Body Band Blast with Weights...am sweating all over the computer...ewwwww

Rainy day today and that means clean out drawers! ...ewwwww..
Hi Ladies, its Monday but I forgot to check in yesterday. I got a great KB workout in on Sunday. I haven't workout in weeks. Trying to get motivated again. Great to see you are still working out hard!

Have a great Monday evening :)


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