Daily Check-in Wednesday, July 6th, 2022


Hi Annette (and Cathletes),

Today I did a mix of Cathe's Xtrain burn sets for bi's and tri's. I added on a very tough Kellen workout for 20 minutes. My legs are very sore from Cathe's lower body workout yesterday. wow.

Huge workout for you yesterday Annette. Huge! How do you feel today?

Have a great day!


Hi Siobhan,

Not as sore as you would think.

Today I stayed home because we are expecting something from FedEx before noon and alas it still hasn't arrived, sigh.

I did 10 minutes of a Taebo Cardio Inferno and quit (I had on my wrist weights and ankle weights). Then I watched TV until I could figure out what else to do.

I ended up doing Cathe's Rock Em Sock cardio with cooldown and stretch which is about 50 minutes. I still wore the ankle weights but not the wrist weights.

So I did some very sweaty cardio.

Nice workout for you too.

See you tomorrow.

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