Daily Check-in, Wednesday, January 25, 2023

aqua girl

Good morning ladies,

Hello & healing wishes to Siobhan & Nora. Hello to Lannette.

Annette, a great workout session yesterday at the gym doing 50 minutes on the elliptical and then 50 minutes of weight work for upper body and floorwork for lower body. Used the barbell for chest press, the back machine, then dumbbells for chest flyes and press, triceps, biceps and shoulders. Then the floorwork with a little bit more dumbbell work for back and abs and shoulders. That was ALOT! Whew!

My Fitness "Hour" this morning was:

YT-Steel City Series- 1 mile walk- 15 min.
YT- CoffeyfitRaw- 15 min. Boxing with egg weights
VideoSki skiing workout-Aspen, Colorado- 15 min.
Int. Timer Pro App- (my own workout)-Ropeless Jump Rope, Cardio & Toning Intervals- 15 min.

My latest schedule includes alot of shorter workouts....and I'm enjoying it. Getting in alot of variety!

Enjoy your day ! We are supposed to get a winter mix today, but so far, nothing. Hope it stays that way !


Hi Linda and everyone to follow,

I am still not working out but I managed to stretch this morning. Covid lingers....

I am so glad to see everyone continuing to check in which means you're all healthy!!! I hope to be back exercising in the coming days.

Have a great day everyone.


Hi ladies,

Siobhan, take care of yourself.

Today it snowed!!! So pretty.

So I stayed home and tried a Method Pilates , Cardio Pilates. I only made it through the warm up and the 1st intensity segment (15 minutes worth), my arms were screaming and I just am not that dancy.

So I put in KCM 30 minutes to Fitness TLC and did the Boxing Combos premix which is 32 minutes. My foot was screaming this time and it still is after finishing it with no shoes on and barely any footwork. I was holding my 2 pound walking weights.

Wanted to do more but not yet, maybe floorwork later.

I see the podiatrist tomorrow.

Great workouts


Hi ladies:)

Great job on all your workouts today, WTG and high fives you all ae awesome;).

Bravo's to: Linda, & Annette

Siobhan- Hi:) Glad to see you. Please rest and take care. Get Well Soon!;)
Lannette- Enjoy your day& evening. Take care;)

I took another day off to allow wrist to rest. We'll see if I can workout tomorrow.

Enjoy your evening;)


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