Daily Check-in Tuesday, December 14th, 2021


Hi Annette,

Big workout for you yesterday. You've got game.

Today re-visited a Caroline G bodyweight lower body workout. Wow. It was tough. I stopped many many times. It was just over 40 minutes.

Have a great day Annette and Cathletes


Hi Siobhan,

I need to go to the gym but I have a package coming at no particular time, sigh.

So I did a Taebo Bootcamp SOS workout that I had never tried. I managed 45 minutes of the 52 minute workout. He was doing push-ups when I stopped. I had used my wrist weights the whole time. So I was beat.

Might do something else later.

Nice workout Siobhan.

Have a great day!!


Going thru Cathe's rotation so today I did Lite PHA 2 premix #3. It includes basic workout plus 6-Pack Abs plus Extended Stretch #2. Good workout,


Welcome dbclark, glad to have a new face on our little check in.

I did end up coming to the gym and did 40 minutes on the elliptical.

So I still will do my abs at home later. But cardio wise I am finished.

Hope to see you both tomorrow.

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