Daily Check In Tues Sept 29


Good morning. Having coffee? Today its cardio for me. either IM2 or IM.

Welcome Angel...

Have a great day.



Hi Carmen,

Coffee is tasing really good today!

I am having some physical issues that are requiring me to take it easier for a week or so, not happy!:(

I can't really do alot of cardio, and no lower body weight lifting at all.

I did do SJP today as scheduled, but modified and I used no weights for the squats and lunges.
Got through it, but it felt too easy. Ouchie, but easy.

Have a good day.


Good Morning ! We walked alllll over yesterday. First was our beach walk, then shopping in Savannah, then to the outlet malls !

Leaving for our morning beach walk in a minute. Then, I THINK today is a lazy day. That's find with me. My book, a chair and the beach! No complaints here !

Connie, I know that won't be easy for you. You are the workout queen. Hope you feel better soon.

Carmen, I vote for IM2. My favorite ! :)


Thank you for the welcome carmen, I have a hard time navigating back to certain threads in the forums, guess its been too long.

Conni sorry about having to take but I'm sure you'll be back stronger and better in no time.

Bceogirl have a blast in Savannah, I love it there!


My body wrap results

Hey everyone I forgot to post my body wrap results. I lost 3 1/4 inches. :) We only wrapped my abdomen area. I left it on for 5 hours. I worked out a little yesterday then measured myself before I took a shower. My mid section looks smaller, skin more tightened/toned.

I remeasured myself this morning and I am still reflecting the 3 1/4 inch loss. I am drinking water like crazy. I drank over 70 oz yesterday and started up again today. Dont get me wrong I'm a water drinker but I've never pushed myself to drink this much.

I think a wrap is great if you want to get into a little black dress or perhaps going on vacation and want your midsection to look a little more tighter.

www.stayslimbodywraps.itworks.net is the website if your interested.



Hi all,

Conni I hope you feel better soon. I hate it when I can't workout.

I did Kimberly Spreen's Kickbox cardio Bootcamp.. I did the kickboxing premix for my cardio today.

Have a great day!!:D

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