Daily Check-in Thursday, June 23, 2022


Hi Annette & Geoff,

Today I did an STS Meso Plyo Legs workout and added on 2 rounds of biceps meltdown from the ICE series maybe? It was good.

Annette - I am so busy because my business quadrupled during the pandemic - once I went online. I have to do my business in the evgs and weekends as I work during the day and cannot blur the lines. My sister's illness has brought things to a breaking point for me. It's a lot!

Great workout yesterday. Have a great day.


Hi Siobhan,

Not sure if I knew that you went online. So do you do like zoom sessions with people? I can imagine how busy you are.

Today since I can't do anything strenuous or lift heavy, I stayed home and did my 'The Method Pilates All In One Workout' which is 90 minutes long!! It has a 15 minute warm up, a 35 minute Aerobic cross-training segment and a 35 minute Centering (abdominal) makeover. It was more intense than I remembered but I was sweating during the aerobics and weights segment.

Glad to see that you got a workout in.
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