Daily Check-In Monday, 9/27


Good Morning Glories!!!

Monday, Monday...can't trust that day! LOL...I really hate Mondays. Rest day for me today, I just couldn't get out of bed. Hope everyone survives the day.


Hi Tammy - I wanted to stay in bed this morning too. I'm tired of going to work.

Today Its PUB just up premix for me. I'm also getting a body wrap at 12:30 this afternoon. Its called It Works and they will just do the abdomen area. My hairdresser is a distributor and raves about it. You can check out more on either youtube or www.stayslimbodywraps.itworks.net.
Have any of you ever had a body wrap done?

Have a great day everyone.



Hi Tammy and Carmen,

Tammy - Thanks for starting us today...bada..badabada...
Carmen - Somehow a bodywrap sounds like a loose term for mummification...can't handle that...:confused:

Today was cardio with intervals - I did Petra's Bootcamp Boogie and then Ab hits.

Happy Monday!!


Tamster I dont think there is anyone out there who likes or trusts Mondays ;)

Carmen you'll have to let us know how the body wrap is sounds bizarre for sure.

bceogirl that certainly sounds like an amazing start to the week!

Hope it's ok I I posted here, I think a daily check in would help keep/get me back on track. Starting STS from the beginning again Disc 1 today :).



Welcome Angel, we always like new faces.

I did Jeannette Jenkins' Sculpting Sexy Arms, Abs and Legs 30 min. of it, it is a circuit workout off of Exercise TV On Demand. My legs feel this workout for days, I will do the other half another day this week.

This week I WILL make my first mini goal for my weight loss, I am within 2 pounds of it so it should happen this week!!!:D

Have a great day!!!;)


Welcome Angel!

I've decided to return Turbo Fire...as much as I like them, the impact is just killing my back...and knees...and of course, my shoulder. Back to the dreadmill for cardio :confused:

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