Daily Check-in Friday, September 23rd, 2022


Good Morning Everyone,

I am taking a rest day today. I've worked out every day since Saturday so my body just wants a break. I am still up early so will do some work and read.

Nora - breaking your arm is a big deal. I broke my foot - more of a hairline fracture and it's never been the same since. No issues but can feel some soreness (I went back to exercise too quickly). And MPL is Movement Parallels Life. It's pretty tough stuff (and the warm ups totally open up by body so I am experiencing wayyyyy less back issues).

Linda - I have done Cathe's latest live lower body express workout a few times too it's just that good!

Annette - I always envy your fitness life. You accomplish so much and have so much stamina.

Have a great day everyone and enjoy your workouts!

aqua girl

Hi Siobhan, enjoy your rest day ! We all need & want those every now & again ! I love to read too. :)

Nora, continue to take care and enjoy your day as well !

Annette, that was quite a gym workout yesterday ! and floorwork later too ! When I was going to the
fitness center, besides the pool, which was my most favorite place to work out in the water :), my favorite
gym machines were the inner/outer thigh machine and two ab machines they had, one was a seated
waist rotation and the other was a lower ab machine. Also liked the leg press, and the assisted pullup/
chin up one. Heck, I liked them all ! They didn't have the sled then, but it's been a few years since I
was there, so they might have that now. I often wonder what new stuff they have gotten over the
years. I also loved walking around the indoor track too....just listening to a walk workout or music.

Today's workouts:

CoffeyFit Raw - Mega Mix 2 which was 40 min. I was only going to do the first 2 rounds and
then go to the stretch....but I was liking it so much, I did the whole thing! Yay for me...

YT- Julie Jones Fitness- Ropeless Jump Rope & Standing Core - 24 min. or so... (I really like
this one-do it often)

Everyone have a good day !


Hi ladies,

Not sure what happened last night but we went to bed a tad later than normal for a weekday because hubby was off today and helping his sister.

I could not fall asleep even after reading, sigh. So I went downstairs and started decorating for Fall, played on my phone which I know is a no no. I went back upstairs and it was 2:22 am. I finally managed to fall asleep and didn't wake up till 11:30 ish.

Anyway I came to the gym and did 50 minutes on the elliptical and about 27 or so minutes doing leg machines and floorwork for abs, legs and glutes.

Hopefully tonight will not be a repeat of last night.

Great workouts ladies, keep it up!

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