Daily Check-in Friday, January 21st, 2022


Hi Annette,

Today I did Xtrain Cardio Leg Blast - the whole darn thing! 58 minutes! I added on 10 minutes of Cathe's Slow & Heavy plank. wow. I could not hold as long as Cathe. Now, to stretch.

It's c-c-c-c-c-c-cold outside. Thank goodness I am not the family dog walker.

Enjoy your day Annette. That's great news about your weight!


Good for you , Siobhan, you did the whole thing.

Today I had 2 for my 20-20-20 Split Series Shoulders and Legs for 62 minutes. Then I did 40 minutes of weight work including machine for back, dumbbells for chest and biceps then the sled( ending run was 5, 45 plates and a 35 pound plate on top of that.

Whew!! I am beat.

Tomorrow is the celebration of life service for the 18 year old who died in the car accident.

Have a great weekend!

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