Daily Check-in, Friday, January 20, 2023

aqua girl

Good morning !

Siobhan, I hope you are ok, I know you mentioned earlier in the week that your DH wasn't feeling too good, I hope everything is ok with him as well.

Good workout yesterday, Nora ! with YT- Movement Paralells Life- Strong & Healthy Shoulders | Mobility Routine (Follow Along)= 12 Min
YT- Movement Paralells Life -STRETCH + STRENGTH | Better Mobility in 9 minutes! (Follow Along)= 9 Min
ICE- Low Impact Sweat- Basic #4 Wup+ Cardio1 + Cardio 2+ BB + stretch= 56 Min
YT- Joe Alvadaro- 80's Rock Anthem= 31 Min Enjoy your day today, whether you get in a workout or not !

Annette, great job yesterday doing 37 minutes on the elliptical and then 47 minutes of weight work including barbell for chest & chest press and flyes with dumbbells, hammer and concentration curls, triceps, and back. You ended up your workout session with floorwork for abs only and a short stretch. It was a nice workout. WOW......I would agree it was a great all-around workout !

Hello to Lannette....hope you will stop by soon !

Last night I ended up adding onto yesterday a 30 min. Peloton Treadmill Bootcamp.

Today I did:
KCM Power Split dvd- Lower Body Split workout with finishers - 33-34 min.
YT- Cross Rope- 10 min. Jump Rope & Standing Core
Peloton- 10 min. Intervals Bike workout

This weekend will probably be a "rest" weekend. Enjoy your day & weekend.


Hi Linda and all who follow,

Today I did 45 minutes on the elliptical and then 45 minutes of weight work hitting mostly shoulders with the cable and dumbbells and machines for legwork and then floorwork for abs, legs and glutes plus a stretch.

Nice workout for you Linda.

My foot is not happy, evidently the leg machines are not surgery recovery friendly:(

Have a great weekend!!


Sorry to be MIA everyone. It took almost three years but I finally tested positive for covid. My DH had it then gave it to me. It's been a rough week but we have really great neighbours who have been walking our dog and helping out. I hope to be back at next week at some time - soon, I hope. Glad to see some of you keeping it going.

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