Cycle Max - Made my Day!


This morning was the second time I've done Cycle Max and I gotta tell you all how much I loved it. It put me in a great mood for the rest of the day.

I felt that I got an excellent calorie burn, but it wasn't just that - its the fun music, the smiles of the crew & Cathe's enthusiasm and encouragement that make this workout really awesome.

I've never really been into spinning (we have the bike because my husband wanted it), but if Cathe ever puts out more spinning workouts, I'll definitely be buying.

Thank-you Cathe!


I am total jealous of everyone who can participate in Cycle Max :mad:

I don't own a spin bike, and I don't think I will be getting one in the near future.
But I LOVE biking outdoors, and I know I would love this too.

Just keep digging the knife in.......

Happy spinning to all :)


cycle max!!!

OMG! I just found this and can't wait to try! Cathe usually does such kick butt w/os can't wait to see her spin w/o!!! yippee!
Haha me five!! Got a great deal at Fitness Source! Was $200 off on boxing day!! I tried Cycle Max (or as my husband calls it...."PSYCHO" Max) yesterday for the first time and had so much fun! Don't forget the towel for this workout...I was a puddle of sweat when I was done.

This was also my first attempt at spinning...what a kick butt workout!!


Cathe's Cycle Max is by far my favorite cycle workout. My DH has a co-worker who keeps loaning us other cycle workouts, like Spinervals, Chris Carmichael and a host of others, none of which come close to the fun factor of Cycle Max. I use my road bike on a regular trainer and it works out fine with CM, I have no problem standing or hovering with it. The buckets of sweat is my favorite part!


Fembot40, what type trainer do you have? I was thinking of asking for an indoor trainer for my birthday so that I could use my regular bike for spinning. I want one that is durable but not too loud or wobbly.


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I am so totally jealous............I have Cathe's spin DVD but no bike...hope to get one in the future, but they are just so expensive. I cannot wait to try mine for now I just watch it.:)

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