Custom videos to itunes?


I may have missed something, and I am not the most computer savvy person, but does anyone know how to get your custom made videos in the workout blender to appear in itunes??
I only see the original videos that I downloaded.
Other than that my blender usually works (except for not playing the clips in preview).
I tried to search the threads, but I suppose you are all better at computers than me and I am the only one with this problem --- gee I feel silly :)


I had this problem too :) I didn't pay attention when I installed the workout asks you when you first install it where you want the workout blender videos to go. Once your video is created it goes into that folder. You can either open iTunes and that folder and drag the file over to iTunes or you can open iTunes, click on File, and then add file to library. You can then browse your folders, select the correct one and then select the video you want to bring into iTunes.

I hope that makes sense!



Thank you!

It does make and I now have my own videos in itunes YAY!

Sheesh....It figures it was becuase I wasn't paying attention..haha!
I was so excited about the workout blender I forgot to read the install stuff.
Thank you again for the help!!!!!!!

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