Creative Outlets-whats yours?


Other than your workouts, what kind of creative outlets do you like? What is your thing? I'm working up to recording (at home) a new jazz/blues/electronic/celtic/folk album. I play fiddle and I have a lot of gear thats just sitting around collecting dust: mixers, microphones (dynamics/condensers), an electric fiddle, an acoustic guitar (good for the odd riff.) and even a mandolin. All, just sitting there, looking at me every time I walk by, giving me that look.

I also have some yarn that needs knitting. I haven't even started. I don't even really know how, but it looks so cool. I have foreign language audio discs in three different languages that I haven't even gotten out of the shrink wrap. :D

I keep occupying myself with work, school(looking at graduate school.), household chores, or getting paying work(I sure could use a day job!).



I like to read, but that's not creative. I'm not a writer, but sometimes I can think of some good fanfic in my head. Dork!!!!

I love to cook and fiddle and play in the kitchen.

I'm also a cross stitcher. I don't design or anything cool like that, just do other people's patterns, but I would still consider that creative.

If DS is crafting or coloring or cutting and gluing, that is fun to play with as well. But again nothing serious.

Serious creative fun - Christmas decorating :):):):):):) Fun Fun Fun!!!!!!



I've gone back to school so now I spend most of my time studying but before I went back to school my creative outlet was stained glass. I have made many different types of things including flat window panels, stepping stones, small suncatchers, kaleidescopes, jewelry boxes, picture frames, granddaughter clocks. It is so much fun. It is great therapy for me. I've given away 95% of my stuff. It's fun to do and people love to receive the gift of stained glass. I wish I had time for it. But I will definitely get back to it.


I am SO IMPRESSED with your talents, ladies! You've given me an itch that I have to scratch! I used to have many creative outlets that I have let go dormant. I loved crossstitch and even crocheted the world's longest afgan (lol)! This year in February we bought a keyboard and I started an adult piano self taught program. I haven't practiced in a month :eek:! During the winter holidaze I love to set up my little Dickens Village, but that is just a fleeting outlet.
SO, I am going to schedule a defined practice time for piano and I think I'll start a new crosstich project :eek:!
Thanks for inspiring me and reminding me how much I enjoyed my outlets!


It's fun to read everyone's interests! I was just telling my daughter how I used to have so much time for extra things like cross stitching, toll painting, reading, quilting, canning and I even used to iron 2X/week with my best friend who lived across the street. I kept an ironing board at her house since both my kids were in school and she had two young ones. Now, my hubby and I iron our own outfit the day we wear it! :eek: (poor Dave!) not sure how I found the time to do all that. I still read, but only a few pages at a time. RB, you need to learn how to knit! I have been doing that! I take it with me if I know I may be sitting waiting on a doc, hair dresser or whatever and if I get in a dozen stitches, it's all good! My daughter taught me the knit stitch, then I got online and bought a book and have taught myself the pearl and other stitches. It's fun and I love it. I used to think it was an OLD lady hobby! Ha! Well, I am old compared to a lot of you gals but I find it very relaxing. Cross stitching used to be relaxing too but it takes much longer for a project. Okay, I am babbling way too much. Fun thread to read!


I have so many interests, but it is harder and harder to fit them all in. I am another stained glasser, but haven't done any projects recently. I completed a Tiffany lamp a couple of months ago and haven't started anything new yet, although I have all of the supplies for panels for my transom windows. I have also gotten into fused glass and have made a number of plates, bowls and a glass sink. In the summer I don't have much time for glass because I like to spend as much time as possible water skiing. Usually that is every Friday night, Saturday and Sunday.
I also love to cook. I love finding new recipes to try and luckily my family likes the experiments (usually!) Along with that I love wine and like to find new great wines to go with that food. That's why I really need Cathe!



Cooking, cooking, cooking!! I'm not the type that has the patience or talent for the other cool things you ladies do! I don't sit still very well. Oh- does watching House, MD count?? :p

This is such a fun thread! It's cool to learn about our other interests! Such an awesome group of gals!



I like to draw and doodle in my sketchbook. Lately, I have been drawing a lot of mandala type of designs which is very relaxing for me. You just start in the middle and work your way out in a circular pattern. I have been trying out different media for different effects: pen, markers, coloured pencils, and water colours. It's really cool what I end up with depending on how I'm feeling and the colours I choose.
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NRG Woman

I like to sew. I used to sew all of my own clothes (way back when, when I was an accountant). Then when I changed jobs to work in the fitness industry I still made all of my clothes for work, the difference was that I began to really like my work clothes. And they were cool. Now it seems I only have time to bang out a several pair of yoga pants (capris) a season. Sadly the rest of my sewing time seems to be mending or altering.

I also love making jewelry. I mostly like to work with seed beads, I figure it is really cheap entertainment since a tube of beads only costs a couple of bucks and it takes hours and hours to use them up. But sadly I haven't had time to do that lately either. Hmmm, maybe I will go pick up a project.

I also like decorating my house. Each room has a definite feel to it, and I do everything from the painting the walls and canvases, to making the curtains and bedcoverings if needed. And when I say painting the walls I don't mean one color, there are often other tools involved like spray bottles, spoons and chopsticks and laser levels. I actually call my house the "Adair Museum of Modern Art".

Now I am definitely feeling the need to pick up a creative project to feel like I am doing something I enjoy, not just making it through the days.



Fun thread!

I crochet on and off. I'll put it down for months, then pick it up, finish an afghan, make one more, start another, and then stop again for months.

I sing. I used to take classical voice lessons and even sang in our city's symphony chorus, but since DS was born I haven't had time for rehearsals.

Cooking! And very creative grocery shopping to go with it :)

Scrapbooking. I love it, but I haven't done much since DS was born either. :(


I sing and play piano in a band, crochet, and cross-stitch. This is not creative...but I love BBC period piece movies and 19th century British literature! I love the clothes of that period.


I too love to read, but I guess that's not creative. I cross-stitch, paint, & love to make altered art jewelry. My favorite activity is working with, analyzing, putting together programs for problem pups. I have bred & can show but can't really afford it nor have time for it anymore. I prefer training though & would love to work with service dogs or visiting dogs. If I ever have time. :)
Everyone sounds so interesting, I love threads which show the variety of wonderful women who love working with Cathe.


Ruth- I like to read too.

tralaiven- Thats awesome, I wish I had a band to play with! Are you watching the new Upstairs/Downstairs? Did you like Downton Abbey?

MkeMom- I did a lot of voice work in my teens and in college but after I went into the independent film industry (don't work there anymore) I just never seemed to have the time either.

NRGWoman-Post a picture of some of your designs (if you have the time) I would like to see them. I have plans to paint a sky in my bedroom. The rest of the room is graduated oranges and yellows. I also have some raspberry in my closet as a jolt to wake me up in the morning when I put on my clothes.:D

Midget Dog- I studied classical piano for 10 years. I heard a wonderful Polish pianist do the Polonaise (in Ab Op. 53) live at a Polish community center in Roseville when I was 12 years old. He was so inspiring that I started piano lessons as soon as possible.

Ellep- I am a doodler, I like to draw crazy things that make no sense usually with some feline in an unimaginable position. Only unimaginable unless you know cats at which point it of course makes perfect sense.;)

Pam- I love to eat!!!! I like to bake best but I also make really wonderful soups and quiches.


I hesitated joining in on this thread....but I like to embroider. I have this Janome Embroidery machine that I got just so I could fix those annoying holes on riding shorts and gear. It really works awesome too. I do a really mean spider with cobweb not to mention the words you can embroider in the oddest places. I did a design for our riding group (for the ladies) and on the bottom of the jersey, it reads: "Eyes on the Trail, Mister".


I sing and play piano in a band, crochet, and cross-stitch. This is not creative...but I love BBC period piece movies and 19th century British literature! I love the clothes of that period.

Hi Tracy! I am also a period-film fanatic!! I own ALL of the Jane Austen flicks from past & present including spin-offs. BBC series are my favs also! Little Dorit, Lark Rise, Wives & Daughters, etc... I could go on and on!

How fun!


I'm enjoying keeping my two blogs going. I used to be a reporter before I became a stay-at-home mom and I never could give up writing. I love it too much. So now I just write what I know... I have a mommy blog and a journey to health and fitness blog. The local newspaper recently picked both up on their blog roll, so I'm inspired more than ever to keep them current! :)

katie lee

I have several creative outlets. I make red cedar & willow chairs, benches, arbors & trellis this hobby complements my other hobby, perennial & veggie gardens. These are my warm weather hobbies. In the winter I knit, mostly sweaters and also dabble in jewerly making. What a fun thread. Thanks.


I love to crochet with yarn and thread and make gifts for family & friends. I used to draw/doodle but not so much these days. I also used to sew when my kids were younger; now it's mostly mending or making curtains. I enjoy cooking with DH. Lately we started experimenting with different recipes to change things up a bit & I'm really enjoying that.

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