Good morning everyone,

Happy Birthday, Nora! Have a wonderful day, my friend:D.

Yesterday I did P90X back and legs! I will do chest today, this way I finish up this week. Next week I will do a Cathe rotation, not sure which one yet?

We had to put our RV in the shop for new tires. We will leave Thursday or Friday and head to El Paso. I will check in when I can, I am hoping I have internet on the road?

Have a great day and workout
So no rain today but it's all of 38 degrees outside right now.


So much for riding today. Unreal.

Today was total body and I had a really good workout. Last weight workout for this week. I'm contemplating taking a few days off and then start a new rotation in the middle of next week. Not sure yet. We'll see how I feel after my weekend.

3 sets/8 reps with 1 minute rest between each set.

Leg Press Station - 220#
Stiff Leg Deads - 90#
Barbell Military Press - 55#
Alternate Dumbbell Curls - 20's
Barbell Rows - 80#
Incline Barbell Press - 85#

Should have worked abs but I will tomorrow.

Roxie 1965

Good Morning,

My hips were so sore from Mondays workout I couldn't sit without pain. Tonite is going to be a walk after work then KCMs 30min Wts. Bis, Tris, Shoulders and abs. DH came home last night so we went out to eat he is leaving again today and won't be home until Saturday. For some reason I keep waking up at 2:30 and can't go back to sleep it is getting real irritating.

Belinda-good job getting your workouts in while on the road.

Debbie-suppose to be 75 and windy here today hopefully you will warm up soon.



Hi everyone!

:)Happy Birthday to Nora AND Belinda! :eek::) Hope you get some new fun fitness toys!!!

Today , in both of your honors, I did Turbo Fire 60 Class!!! Sweat like crazy and had a ton of fun too!! Loved it! I did Abs 10 from Turbo fire too.

Belinda: Good for you for gettin P90X in !!! Are those shorter workouts? You have a ton of stuff to do there, you must be pooped!

Debbie: :eek: on those weights! Really? 220 lbs for legs? Holy Jesus! rock on! Sorry about your rain. How do you get to work if you can't ride your bike?

Roxie: Ouch on those hips and sleep issues! Your plans for today's workouts sound great!

waves to Jess and Heather! When is Heather coming home?

off to Wally World! Joy joy!


Is it Nora's birthday too???? Happy Birthday Nora!

Happy Birthday Belinda!

I'm sorry I've not been back on to check in. I am back from vacation (which was fantastic) now I am absolutely buried at work. It's that kind of "I could cry I'm so buried" feelings.

I did get in lots of exercise on Sunday, then worked out yesterday. Hoping for a run today to relieve some stress.

I hope everyone is doing ok!
Nora - Happy Birthday!! Hope you have a wonderful day!

Belinda - Safe travels, girl! Nice workout today! Happy Birthday to you too, my friend!

Roxie - I hope it warms up for us soon, too. Really sick of this cold rainy weather. I'm about to move south.

Chris - Monday and Tuesday my dh took me to work. Today I drove his truck and he rode his bike. Tomorrow I'm hoping to ride my bike! :) Nice giong with Turbo Fire! I'm trying to save up for that set. I really want it thanks to you! :p

Heather - Glad to hear you had a great vacation! Welcome back!


Hi girls!;)

Happy birthday Belinda!!:eek: I didn't realize it was your birthday today too! Have an awesome birthday!

Ok, I just finished my workout for today and will now check in. Here's today's workout:

Chalene Extreme- Burn Circuit 2= 38 Min
Met Value= 6.0
Calories burned= 311

Chalean Extreme- Burn Circuit 2= 38 Min
Sumo Squat with Biceps curls #17.5 R12
Lunge with One-arm Tricep Extension #12 R12
Deadlift with Row #20 R12
Sumo Squat with overhead Tricept Extension#20 (Up #5 from last week)R12
Deadlift with Double Row #20 R11 To Failure
Bowler's Lunge with Single Arm Row #20 R11
Biceps Curls with Abductor Balance #12 R12
Forward Lunge with Double Row #20 R12
Triple-Threat Push-Ups R11

Cathe's STS Cardio- HiiT Pyramid= 30 Min
Met Value= 10.0
Calories burned= 410
Heart Rate stayed in 83% Max Heart after warmup and through about 20 Minutes worth.

Turbo Fire- Abs 10= 10 Min
Met Value= 5.0
Calories burned= 68

Total Calories burned= 789:cool:;)

Ok, that's it for me today girls I will be back tonight for personals. Have a good one and I'll seeya then.

Hugs to everyone!;):)


Roxie 1965

Good Evening,

I went for a 2 mile walk in the park temp 80 degrees gusting wind 32mph. Then came home and did KCMs Wts.

Walk Stats:
36 min
33 in the zone
135 min hr
153 max hr
226 cals burned.

29 min
24 in the zone
136 min hr
164 max hr
184 cals burned.



Hi girls!;)

I'm back for personals.

Hey thanks everybody for the birthday wishes and I hope Belinda has a great day as well.

Belinda- Happy B-Day!!!:eek: Nice workout yesterday with P90X Back and Legs! Thats a good one! I hope that the RV tires goes well and is back on the road again with no difficulties. Hang in there girl and safe travels to El Paso. Take care;)

Debbie- WOW!! That's what I gotta say about those weights girlfriend that is totally kickin' butt and taken names, WTG! I hope the weather lightens up so you can go for a ride. Take care and thanks again for the birthday well wishes.

Roxie- Thanks for the birthday well wishes, I appreciate them. I hope you have a nice walk tonight and a great workout with KCM's Split Sessions bi's, tri's, and shoulders and abs, sounds like a totally awesome workout. Have fun and I hope the soreness has subsided. Take care!;)

Chris- Yay! Turbo Fire 60 Class, that is awesome good for you. I know you had ball, I just love TF and I did Abs 10 today as well. I did get some new fitness toys, I had ordered last Thursday Chalene Extreme Deluxe Upgrade dvds and they arrived with the resistance bands and ball and gloves. I'm really having fun with Chalene Extreme and like the length of the workouts so I can add in some other things but still keeping the workouts around 75 Min Max. I really am challenged with the heavy-slow-circuit style with compound moves. Its time efficient and fun no dread factor. Its really freed up my day shortening my workout times and I'm feeling amazing with the lean eating plan. I didn't even have birthday cake today and didn't miss it. I made a super low fat dessert that CE has on her Healthy Eats dvd in the kit. Yummy and no guilt just 150 calories and no fat, love that. Now, since I've hit the 1500 calorie mark for today, its water for me the rest of the evening. Happy hunting at wally world. Excellent workout today Chris TF is da bomb in my book. WTG!!!;)

Heather- Welcome back from your vacation. Sorry, that you are swamped at work. Its the downside of coming back from a wonderful vacation. I hope things lighten up workload wise for you. If I could, I'd throw you a life perserver to help you out of that work swamp mess. Hang in there girlfriend;):)

Great job on all of your workouts today girls, you're all amazing! See ya at tomorrow's check in.

Hugs to everyone!;):cool:


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