Crazy strong & loving it for Dec 23, 2010


Good morning,

My plan for today is: Insanity " Cardio Recovery" plus legs! I don't know if the gym is open or closed this weekend for the holiday's? I wonna make sure, I get my leg workout in this week;)

Are you all ready for x-mas? I am not ready, still have to go grocery shopping!

I will be back to report my workout! My best to all!
Today was Superset Legs and I had a great workout. Love how the supersets are put together. Really felt it, legs are jello!

1 minute rest between each set
Squats - 65#/12 reps - 2 sets

1 min. 30 second rest between each superset

SS #1
Squats - 90#/8 reps - 3 sets
ss w/
Elevated SLDL - 85#/12 reps - 3 sets

SS #2
Leg Press Station - 200#/10 reps - 3 sets
ss w/
Plie Squats - 40#/12 reps - 3 sets
***I liked this superset. Really felt it in my inner thighs.

SS #3
Leg Extensions - 70#/15 reps - 3 sets
ss w/
Barbell Calf Raises - 100#/25 reps - 3 sets
***Turned toes in for 2nd set and out for 3rd set.


Belinda - haven't tried that premix! how is it?
Debbie - nice work on the weights!

I did disk 25 - meso 3, wk 1, back/chest. I must say, I got super antsy halfway through it, the rests are really long, but was surprised at how spent I felt afterwards! Those heavy weights do you in, don't they? And I STILL did my abs with core max, aren't you proud? ;-)


Wow. Can't believe Christmas Eve is tomorrow. Ack! Lots to do, for TWO parties! But first things first, got my workout in - did a Kick workout followed by Core Fusion abs and that was that. Oh and I shoveled, does that count??

Jo - I hope M3 feels good to me this time around, I always get bored with the long rests. I don't know why, maybe i need to go heavier??

Belinda - good luck with Insanity, I swear, between you and Nora, one of these days I'll end up buying it!

Debbie - LOVE supersets!!

Roxie 1965

Good Afternoon,

Tonite for me before I go out to Olive Garden I am going to do Push Pull but now it sounds like DDs got the flu so no OG. Tomarrow I plan on doing 2 workouts since I am not going to be home Saturday.

Belinda-have fun with Insanity.

Debbie-awesome workout.

Jess-shoveling is a great workout good job getting yours done.

Jo-nice workout.


Hi girls!;)

Sorry I didn't make it back last night for personals, I wanted to but my right hand that has been effected because of my MS got worse last night. My joints in the fingers and wrist of righthand felt suddenly swollen and I could not bend them even slightly. The numbness I normally had seemed to be a little worse. I was scared last night, and being the Cathlete that I am all I could think about was how am I going to be able to lift anything to do Lower Body Blast tomorrow morning. LOL!! Luckily, I took 3 ibuprophen just before bed and woke up with closer to my normal daily MS right hand, so that's better. Then my 15 yrs son started yelling at me and slams the door shut as he leaves for a morning run telling me not to lock the door because he doesn't want to carry a key to let himself in. Grrr:mad: So, I only got four hours of sleep and feel very fatigued but I was so motivated to workout and work off some steam. Then I did some kickbox which I was so ready to do needless to say when 15yrs freaking ray of sunshine, son came back and saw me working out decided he'd better keep a low profile and not piss me off further. He watched me throw some punches and kicks and decided to not bug me. LOL!! Ok, sorry for the rant.

Here's today's workout:

Lower Body Blast= 59 Min
Calories burned= 525
Met Value= 6.0

Rapid Fire Kick Box & Core Burn- Premix# 1=30:21 Min
Met Value= 6.50
Calories burned= 266

total calories burned= 791;) Thank goodness for Kickboxing as a way to relieve stress. :p I'll be back later for personals barring any weird MS stuff.

Hugs to everyone and have a great workout and day!;):D:cool:



Sorry I've been MIA this week. So busy! I'm sure you guys know.

I have kept up with my workouts, though. Every day!

Week #3 of STS Meso 3. It's killing me, truly. My body is aching!! The first week of Plyo: no DOMS. The second week: Lower Body Blast subbed for Plyo: no DOMS. This third week of Plyo: KILLED me. I can hardly walk/sit/bend down today!!!! :eek:

Anyhow, just wanted to say "hey" and if I don't get here, I wish you all a wonderful Christmas!!! You guys are the BEST (and the craziest AND the strongest!) girls I know!

Roxie 1965

Good Evening,

Tonite I did Push Pull that is a good little workout for no longer than it is. I didn't do the ab work because I am going to do C&W tomarrow.

43 min
27 in the zone
134 min hr
169 max hr
264 cals burned.


Hi girls;)

I'm back for personals.

Belinda- ^^^5's on doing CCPP and had a nice 5.5 Mile run today. Yes, your legs should feel like they are done. You still have an insanity workout to do as well~ OMG, now that is insane. You are doing awesome on your workouts, I'm not worthy. WTG!!:):cool:

Debbie- Wow! Another awesome workout to be envious, you are rockin' some big time weights at least to me they are. Excellent job on Superset Legs!!:cool::D Supersets are killer!:eek::cool:

Jolene- Hey girl, welcome back!!;) You are totally kickin' butt with your workout today of STS Meso 3, Disk 25, Back and chest. Then as if that wasn't enough you did Core Max as well. ^^^5's Bravo, well done! Keep up the great work on your workouts.:);)

Jessica- Great job on Kick workout and Core fusion today, I'm sure you killed that workout girl. Sounds like your busy tomorrow but in a happy stress free way, you deserve it have a wonderful Christmas Eve.;)

Roxie- WTG on doing Push Pull today, that is a really good one I haven't done in while. Good for you with your workout today, consider yourself pat on the back and high fived for your efforts. I hope your hubby feels better the flu sucks especially around the holidays. Regarding Olive Garden if you still go have a nice dinner if not because hubby is sick and you'd rather save OG for when he can enjoy it with you that's fine. Tomorrow is Christmas Eve, then Christmas so take care and have a wonderfully very merry Christmas!:)

Chris- Yes, its that crazy time of year that exhausts us all. Congrats on keeping up with your workouts during the holiday frenzy, I know its not easy but so worth it, just like you. Awesome job with STS Meso 3 and the leg work is so amazing. I think Meso 3 is my favorite. WTG girl, and I just wanted to wish you and your family all the best this holiday season. Merry Christmas and Hugs!

Hugs to everyone and Merry Christmas to all!:)

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