Good morning,

I will do cardio today, haven't decited what yet?

I will be back to report what I did;)

Have a great day, everyone!


Back to report my workout! I went to gym, ran 3 miles + 10 min on the bike + KPC abs &stretch! That's it for me today! Have a great day, everyone!
Today was suppose to be abs and stretch but I did cardio and abs instead. I just felt like I needed another cardio workout since the one I did on Tuesday wasn't all that great. Hopefully I'll get another cardio workout in tomorrow as well.

So I did Cardio Coach #2 Revised and had an ok workout. Nothing to get excited about, still don't have a whole lot of energy today. I'm glad I got this in, though.

Then I did the Ab work from Rapid Fire. I really love that ab workout.

38 minutes total
4 minutes below zone
10 minutes in zone
25 minutes above zone
317 calories burned
2 miles travelled


Hi :)

Today my back end is having HUGE DOMS from Plyo yesterday! Actually my bi's and tri's are still sore from Tuesday too! I'm feeling pretty beat up!

I did Fire 55 EZ today and added on Med Ball Abs from Abs Circuit.

Busy day today, getting ready for Easter and everything else. My house feels like a mess with all my kids home this week for Spring Break.

Belinda: Nice sweat today!!

Debbie: awesome on getting another cardio in this week AND abs !

Nora: I just about fell out of my chair when you said you have been eating 1000 calories and doing 2+ hours of workouts? :eek: . Glad you'll be upping that calorie intake!!! CLX sounds like a great plan!


I feel like I've been so remiss lately. Been kind of hectic at work. Today was another round of rain so I went ahead and did weights:

Today was short, it was just one exercise per muscle group. I did the exercises as supersets of 3x8 starting with 10 minutes on the treadmill.

Cross-body curls - 20's
Rear-delt flye - 12's (should have tried 15's)

Lying triceps extensions - 15's
Standing lateral raise - 12's

Decline pushups (chest way too sore still to do weights)
Single-arm rows - 30's (didn't really feel these as much, should have gone up)

I did some ab exercises then 10 minutes on the elliptical.

Fingers crossed we get some sun tomorrow. If so, heading out for a run.

Chris - gotta love those plyo DOMS

Debbie - looks like it was still a pretty good workout.

Belinda - nicely done as always!

Waves to Nora, Roxie, and Jess!!!!
Just wanted to say sorry I can't get in here to do personals. Thanks for the cardio comment, I'm glad I got it done.

Nice workouts everyone!


Hey, no worry about the personals EVERYONE. Whenever you can! We all BTDT!

Heather: Nice job on the supersets! The weather is sucking here too. Jess was right SOOoOooOoo damn WINDY! I saw someone running near the park and you could see how the wind was pushing them back. Not my thang.

Did you run, Jess?


:)Hi girls!;)

I finished today's workout. It still feels weird that I'm not working out as long or have big calorie burn that I usually would have, but may its better this way working out smarter, we'll see.

Here's today's workout:

Chalean Extreme- Burn Intervals= 46 Min
Met Value= 6.50
Calories burned= 408

Chalean Extreme- Ab Burner= 10 Min
Met Value= 5.0
Calories burned= 68

Jungle Gymn XT - Beginner Suspension Training Workout=14 Min
Body Weight
Met Value= 6.0
Calories burned= 115

Total calories burned= 591 :( Oh well, I need to get used to a shorter more balanced workout time so that means lower calorie burn, ugh still not liking the numbers though.

That's it for me now, I really will be back later for personals I forgot to last night, sorry.

Hugs to everyone!;):)


Roxie 1965

Good Evening,

Tonite I did KCMs Split Sessions Lower Body and it was killer my legs are shaking.

24 min
13 in the zone
147 min hr
179 max hr
211 cals burned.


:cool:Hi girls!;)

I'm back for personals!:D

Belinda- Awesome workout for you today with a run of3 miles + 10 min on the bike + KPC abs &stretch. Bravo girl, you killed it! Keep up the great workouts WTG!!!:D:):cool:

Debbie- Sorry your feeling less than your energetic self this week, maybe some extra rest would help. Nice job of getting in a Cardio Coach Volume 2 revised in today. You did it, and that is all that matters, don't worry about it not being a super workout for you today, give yourself a break you showed up. I know I have lots of days I feel like I am draggin' big time then I tell myself the goal is to just do it, not set a PR.;) Oh and the Rapid Fire ab work is no joke either. Great Job Debbie!!!;)

Chris- Yikes! Feeling DOMS from STS Plyo Legs yesterday, eh? Great workout then. Nice job of TF Fire 55 EZ, that is a killer and super fun workout, love my TF!! Ooh, Nice addition of Med ball abs from STS Ab Circuits. Med ball abs is my personal favorite. Great workout girlfriend, good job!;) So, suprised by my admission of 1,000 calories a day? I'm really shocked that I need to consume more calories upping it to a total of 1500 a day and eat clean and lean. Now that's a challenge but I'm working on it as I really am determined to earn the results I want. I signed up for a free teambeachbody account and clicked on the eat part and went through the questions and answered them. I was suprised by what it told me, but hey I knew something was off because I know it wasn't that I was exercising enough? I know I exercise plenty. It was good to find out what I was doing wrong with my diet and now I feel empowered to get those results by following a healthy, clean diet. That is my goal anyways.;)

Heather- sorry the weather is not cooperating for outside running. Nicely done on your SS doing one exercise per muscle group. I'm learning that workouts don't have to be long to be effective. So a shorter weight workout if you really work those muscles with good form and intently that could be a nice change of pace. Great workout!:eek:;)

Roxie- So, How are you liking KCM's Split Sessions? I haven't done any of that except the floor band work, and that was great. I did preview the workout and it seems great. Glad to hear split sessions is a great workout and definitely made you work. Don't forget to stretch well, maybe the stretch from KCM's BootCamp that's an awesome stretch. WTG on your workout Roxie!:cool:;)

Jessica- Hope you had an awesome workout with Fred Devito, I bet your enjoying a really great workout, without a doubt. Take care!;)

Hugs to everyone!:D;)



Good evening,

Roxie - you use no weights in KCMs Split Session, right? Good job this evening.

Nora - just because you don't workout for hours, doesn't mean you are not burning cal! My workouts starting the beginning of May will be short workouts, we are traveling from GA to El Paso. There is no way I have an hour + for my workouts every day. You still rocking your workouts!

Chris - wtg, on your DOMS and Fire 55 EZ plus abs today. My house fees like a mess, with still packing, lol!

Heather - awesome job, on your SS today. Hope you get your runs in soon.

Debbie - awesome job, on CCV2 and ab wo today.

Good night, ladies!

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