Hi and good morning,

Today is disc 36:D but first I have an ENT appointment:( getting another ear/sinus infection, better go to the doc before it gets worst! Does it ever stop?:rolleyes: If it's not one thing, it's another!!!!

I will be back to report my workout and personals!
This was suppose to be a cardio day but just didn't have it in me to do cardio. I did tomorrows workout instead and hopefully I'll feel like doing cardio tomorrow morning. Today was total body and I had an ok workout, I hate 15 rep workouts. Same workout as last Saturday only in superset fasion.

3 sets/15 reps with 2 minute rest between each superset.

SS #1
Double Arm Kickbacks - 11's (up 1#)
ss w/
Barbell Calf Raises - 115# (up 15#)

SS #2
Pushups - 3 sets/15 reps
ss w/
Bent Over Lateral Raise - 15's (no increase)

SS #3
Plie Squats - 45# (up 5#)
ss w/
Barbell Front Raise - 25# (up 5#)

Hope you all have a great day!

Roxie 1965

Good Morning,

God I hate my job. Tonite for me is another Gilad Vol 2 can't list workout because I don't think the menu is right. I also need to make up one cardio workout.

Belinda-hope you feel better soon.

Debbie-awesome job on your workout.


Just thought I'd report back from yesterday's weight work. Today is a rest day for me and much needed. No sleep at all from major storms/tornadoes last night.

Yesterday I did supersets of 3x8 (just one exercise for each muscle group_, starting with the elliptical for 10 minutes.

Pushups for warm up - 24

Incline bicep curls - 15's (feel like I could have done up to 16.5)
Underhand barbell rows - 80#

Double-arm overhead triceps extension - 30#
Standing dumbbell shoulder press - 20's

Staggered flat bench dumbbell chest press - 25's
Rear delt flyes - 12's

I did some ab work then another 10 on the elliptical.



Well today was my rest day which I took EVEN THOUGH I really wanted to skip it. It's almost TTOM for me and I'm super duper grouchy and really could've used a good sweaty spin class to snap me out of it. But I stuck to my rest day and just did some light stretching and some abs before getting ready for work. now I'm here and seriously cannot wait to get out of here. Just not in the mood. BOO!

Belinda - almost done with STS! Yiippee!! Good luck at the doctor :(

Debbie - good thinking on moving your cardio to tomorrow - if you weren't feeling it and tried to go for it anyway, you might've had a crappy workout and been annoyed with yourself after the fact. I know how that goes!

Heather -scary about the storms last night! Eek! Enjoy the rest day girlfriend :)

Nora - SO scary about your fall, just read your recap from last night. take care of yourself.

Roxie - good luck with your workouts. I'm sorry you hate your job :(


I just finished my last disc in STS:eek: I can't believe I finally did a round of STS without any big health problems:D I AM DONE:p:D I have decited not to take a recovery, since I will still have my weights/squat rack for another week and a half. I will take a recovery week the beginning of May. I have never done STS Total Body and Lower Body Blast workouts...I will do Cathe's Dec'10 rotation until we fly. BBL!


Hey all!

Today was another cardio day. I did a new Turbo Kick I'm borrowing from a friend. It was so FREAKIN fun, I can't even tell you. Chalene is AWESOME to work out to. She just pushes you when you don't feel like it. Loved it! New fun moves too!!! I'm hoping for a LITTLE walk after dinner with Buddy, I ran out of time to walk earlier.

Belinda: CONGRATS on STS COMPLETION!!! WOO HOO!!! You did it AGAIN!! Hope your infection gets caught soon and you feel better sooner!

Jess: AWESOME job on the weights yesterday!

Debbie: I guess you never got Turbo Fire, huh? You'd be WANTING to do cardio EVERY day!! Seriously , you should save up for it

Heather: NICE weight work at the gym yesterday! enjoy your rest ay AND the weekend!!

Roxie: Scary about those storms! That's great you got in the giliad and more tonight!

Nora: Oh my gosh. What a scary place to fall!!! You sounded like you got beat up good. You poor thing. Can you take Ibuprofen? Maybe you could get a chair for the shower? They sell specifically MADE shower chairs. Just not a good place to fall with it being so HARD everywhere. And you really can't avoid tilting your head back. (((hugs)))


Hi girls!;)

I did read all of your personals and check ins for today. I've typed my personal replies four times but each time I seem to bump the Ctrl button and lose it. So, I'll just say awesome job ladies on your workouts, bravo! You all rocked it. Roxie, trust me we all know about having a job we hate. Your in good company kiddo, so hang in there. Maybe something else will be waiting in the wings, think positive and try to laugh about things then imagine a dart board or a great workout to take your frustration out on.

Hugs to everyone!;):)


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