Crazy, Strong & Loving It for 5/5

Today was my last workout for the week. Still pondering taking a week off and then start a new rotation and end of next week. I'll see how I feel come Monday morning.

Today was cardio and I chose one of my Cardio Coach mixes. Had a pretty good workout. I always seem to do better after the first 20 minutes. Not sure why?

60 minutes total
8 minutes below zone
23 minutes in zone
32 minutes above zone
490 calories burned
3 miles travelled

We got frost last night. :eek:

Roxie 1965

Good Morning,

Tonite I am going to do KCMs Legs, Chest, Back and Abs and then since its raining here today I will walk on the TM.

Debbie-good job with your workout.


Hi ladies! Sorry I've been a little quiet this week - lots going on, lots to share!

But first - a very happy birthday to Nora and Belinda!! Yay for birthdays!

And now - my really cool news! Remember I mentioned I had started taking some new barre-style classes at a studio near my house (Barre N9NE) that was very similar to Core Fusion at Exhale Spa but not nearly as far to get to (Exhale is in Boston).

Well - my sister and I applied to this contest for a 60-day "transformation" and a chance to be a Barre N9NE spokesmodel. (can you guess where this is going?).


Both of us. I think we sold the studio owner not just based on enthusiasm but based on our promise to blog/tweet about our 60 day journey. Her studio is only a year old so I'm sure she'd love some free publicity! So yeah, we are IN!

I have no idea what this will entail other than 60 days of free workouts, including (I think) some 1:1 personal training (all barre-style workouts) mixed with group barre-style classes. We are meeting with the owner on Saturday to work out the details. But anyway, I am SO EXCITED for this. I cannot even begin to describe to you how much fun I envision this being, and hopefully will bring great results (stronger, core, more flexibility, long/lean/toned muscles).

The only thing I'm not sure of is how it'll play out with my other workouts. I probably won't be lifting weights other than the light weights/bodyweight work done in the classes but don't plan to give up running and spinning at this point. It all depends on what she wants to do with us for the next 60 days but ahhh, how cool!!!

Yes, I'm a total dork and cannot stop being excited about it!!

I'll be back for personals soon, just had to share!!


:)Hi girls!;)

I just finished my workout and I'm checkin' in.

Here's today's workout:

Chalene Extreme- Burn Intervals= 46 Min
Met Value= 6.50
Calories burned= 408

Chalene Extreme- Ab Burner= 10 Min
Met Value= 5.0
Calories burned= 68

Turbo Fire- Greatest HiiTs= 20 Min
Met Value= 10.0
Calories burned= 273

Total calories burned= 749 ;)

I am done with my workout for today, and will try to comeback later for personals. Have a great day and killer workouts girls! :)

Hugs to everyone!;):)



Hi Girls!!

Happy Cinco De Mayo! :eek:

Today was another Meso 1 workout, from week #3. Back and Biceps. LOTS of equipment!! (chin up bar, ball, step, slanted risers, barbell, band, chair, dumb bells). But it was a good workout! REALLY felt it in my back, my muscles were talking to me afterwards!!

I've also challenged myself to take a walk daily (in addition to my usual workout) or if the weather is crappy, do Yoga inside. So this was Day 4, and I took Buddy to the park for a 40 minute walk (yesterday was 30 minutes of Yoga). So I feel pretty good about that. I have been looking outside, and if it's not picture perfect weather, not going for that walk (prior to my challenge). Now I just go!

Debbie: Good workout on your cardio!!! What rotation are you thinking of starting up next week?

Jess: AWESOME news on the contest! That is VERY exciting!! can't wait to hear more about it. when does it start??

Roxie: You have a treadmill? how cool! enjoy your workouts!!!

Heather: Read that you're extra busy at work. Kind of sucks! Esp since you usually need a "rest" after vacation! welcome back I guess!?!?

Nora: Nice job on CLX today!! Sounds like you had an awesome workout. How was your bday? Did you get any good surprises?


Well, it looks like everyone is rocking right along! Yesterday I got in a really great 6.7 mile run. Today I hit spin.

And I thought i was just run down from jet lag and vacation...nope, getting sick. Big time booo!

At least tomorrow is Friday though :eek:

Roxie 1965

Good Evening,

I underestimated how tough tonites leg workout was legs are shaking unable to walk on TM.

30 min
23 in the zone
135 min hr
160 max hr
190 cals burned.

Chris-I have had a TM for at least 15 years. The pharmacy I worked at at the time sold them and I not only got an employee discount the company gave me a discount to so it made them really cheap.


:)Hi girls!;)

Debbie- Great job on your Cardio Coach Mixes today. Enjoy a nice long weekend/break whatever you decide. Goodness knows you workout hard all the time and I'm sure you can use a rest break no matter how long, it is well deserved. Hugs!;)

Roxie- I know you got a great workout in with KCM's Split Sessions Legs, Chest, Back and Abs and then a walk on the TM. It sounds like a great workout planned there, WTG!!;):)

Jessica- Thanks for the birthday wishes!:) Wow!!! Congrats to you and Jolene on winning the contest for a 60-day "transformation" and a chance to be a Barre N9NE spokesmodels.:eek::cool::) WTG ladies, you obviously wowed them big time! Bravo!!!:eek::cool: No need to apologize about being excited on this win for the two of you. It sounds like a ton of fun, I can't wait to find out what the owner tells you two after your meeting what this win entitles you to win as prizes... You go girls!!! Bravo!!!

Chris- Oh my bday was relatively uneventful, just like every other day. Fitness geek that I am I was totally excited about my CLX Deluxe upgrade kit arriving on my b-day. That's about it, and I avoided birthday cake because I desperately want to loose weight and now that I'm eating clean and working out to build muscle to incinerate the fat off of me I don't want to undermine that with bad eating, enough about me. Good for you on daily walks in addition to your usual workout and alternating in some yoga to your weekly workout plan, sounds perfectly fit and awesome to me.:cool: Great job on today's workout btw of STS Back and Biceps Meso 1 week 3. STS is such a great workout system, you can't go wrong. Congrats on another awesome workout, girlfriend!:);)

Heather- Wow! On yesterday's 6.7 Mile run:eek::cool:Bravo! Today was spin class, I'm sure you got a great workout in then. I know Jessica raves about RIDE class, no doubt you had fun too! Oh no, take it easy I don't want you getting sick so please get lots of rest and take care!;):) You killed it on your workouts too, so awesome , you go girl!:):cool:

Roxie- Oh boy, your legs were shaking after doing KCM tonight, ugh take it easy probably good idea to bag walking on the TM then, do a nice stretch instead. Take care!;)

Ok, that's it for me today girls. I'm glad I got to do personals with you tonight. Get some rest after such awesome workouts and take care.

Hugs to everyone!:):cool:


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