Sorry I was MIA yesterday. Did workout after work and forgot to get on here and post. To recap, Saturday I had an incredibly tough 8-mile run. Was going to do 10 but cut it short b/c of the heat, humidity, wind. I think I'm scarred for life. Sunday I hit the gym for legs - totally felt that yesterday!

Yesterday I did upper body weights as supersets of 3x6

Incline chest flye into chest press (do a flye then rotate wrists and do a press) - 25's

Dumbbell curls - 20's
Cross-body curls (3x5 - went up 5# & just couldn't eek out that 6th one safely) - 20's

DB Upright row - 20's
Lateral raise - 15's/12's/12's (for some reason was really weak)

Lying DB extension - 15's
Double-arm kickbacks - 15s

Assisted Chinups (failed at 4th on 3rd set, arms were just exhausted) - 60#
Pullovers - 30

I had wanted to do back first so I would be stronger for chinups, but someone was hogging the machine.

Today I think I might try for a run. It's supposed to be in the low 70's which will feel cold after Saturday's 80+ degree run. Long, shadeless run.....

Nora - enjoy your rest week - you really deserve it!

Chris - how's the weather today? I loved that undulating rotation.

Roxie - what's in store for you today?

Debbie - wowzers on those weights. I am soooo impressed!

Belinda - hope you had a good workout!

Jess - can't wait to see what your weights were! Loving that you're doing your own thing and kicking your own butt.
Today was cardio and I really had no desire to do anything. Got on my treadmill and did Cardio Coach #1. Had a fairly decent workout, I didn't go balls to the wall but kept my HR up in my level 3 zone. Inner thigh felt great, no tightness at all today. :D

CC #1 is only 30 minutes so I ended up doing a steady state fast pace walk on a 4% incline for the rest of the hour.

60 minutes total
5 minutes below zone
20 minutes in zone
36 minutes above zone
486 calories burned
3 miles travelled

Roxie - The rotation I did for her is very basic and for beginners. You really wouldn't get much from it. She has a lot of weight to lose and I'm starting her off slow.
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Hi Girls!

This week the 3 STS workouts are all in a row. Today was Disc 17, Legs. TRISETS!!! Love this way to work legs. My favorite! I did the extended stretch afterwards. Felt GREAT on my legs!

Jess: See yesterday's post, I asked you about Core Fusion. I'm SO curious!! :)

Nora: Way to rest it ! So proud of you!

Roxie: Sorry to hear about TTOM. Yuck.

Heather: We had awesome weather here yesterday! High 70's , sunny, GORGEOUS. Really got me psyched to run (no dread!) Today, back to clouds, damp, cooler (60). .... Great job on the run and the upper body weights!!! I do hate running in the heat. Kills ya.

Debbie: The picture of "balls to the wall" scares me! Glad you ddint' go there today! ;)

Procrastinating. I have to go get ready to go have my mammogram. Ugh.


Ok so my new weight training rotation is one I've made up on my own. First time ever doing this and loving it! I'm doing it endurance style and similar to what I did last week (the first week of the rotation), I did supersets this morning for chest/back.

looked like this - 3 sets per superset; 15-20 reps each:
set #1: flat bench press (15 lbs per dumbell...could've gone heavier I realized after the fact) followed by stiff legged deads (80 lbs - barbell)

set #2: flat bench flyes (15 lbs per dumbbell, was just right) followed by one-arm row (started with 20 lbs but upped it to 22.5 lbs on the second and third set)

set #3: incline bench preess (17.5 lbs per dumbell); followed by pull-ups on the pull-up tower

set #4: incline bench flyes (15 lbs per dumbell); followed by pull-downs with the resistence band

Felt NICE and toasty afterwards. As I said on FB, I blame my bad hair day on a sore upper body, it was so hard to hold my arms up to blowdry my hair! LOL

I'm aiming to do a few segments of Core Fusion Pilates Abs tonight as well.

Chris - sorry I missed your q this weekend! Hmm must-have core fusion workouts to start. Ok. I would start with Core Fusion Body Sculpt (it's most like the in-class experience) and Pilates Abs which has a huge focus on core, not that the others don't but this one is really tough on abs. I'd also throw Lean & Toned in there which is great for thighs/glutes/lengthening. I love them all though and could go on and on. But that's a good starting point. You can get this three-pack on Amazon for like 30 bucks or so I think??

I'll be back for more personals later, promise!


Hi girls!;)

Just stoppin' by on my rest week to see how everyone is doing.

Belinda- I'm sure you had a great cardio workout today, as per your usual. I hope you get a breather in your hectic busy day, hang in there.;):)

Heather- Bravo on your 8 mile run on Saturday and in humidity no less, Wow!! Sunday you hit the gym for leg work amazing girlfriend!:) Then yesterday you did some impressive upperbody weight work you are so rockin' these workout sessions, WTG!! Today, you mentioned you might go for a run, awesome you are awesome and don't let anyone tell you anything else.;) ^^^5's!!:cool:

Debbie- Awesome news that you were did Cardio Coach 1 without any inner thigh pain, YAY!! I'm so happy for you and you then continued on to walk on TM at a 4% incline to finish out the hour. Bravo and well done especially if you weren't really feeling like doing anything. Way to kill it there girlfriend!!!:cool::):)

Chris- Wow three STS workouts in a row OMG!!! I really liked tri sets for the legs I agree with you its awesome, and I loved all the Plyo leg workouts too. Oh and that extended stretch is amazing and just what is needed after any of the STS workouts. I think its an unsung hero in STS, Love it!!! What a great workout, you are so giving me workout envy. I'm not sure how much of this I can take with you guys and the amazing workouts you are all doing, its killing me not to be doing some too. Great workout for you today, way to rock it girlfriend!!!:cool::);)

Jessica- Talk about back with a vengence you are rockin' the workouts there girlfriend, impressive to say the least. You go girl keep on rockin' the workouts, bravo!!!:cool:;)

Belinda- I see you posted that you did KPC and abs always a fun and awesome workout, WTG!!!;):cool:

Ok, girls that's it for me still resting. Its really getting hard not working out after reading all the great workouts you guys are doing, plus just knowing Insanity Asylum is available to order and Cathe has her low impact series to pre-order coming up. This is killing the exercise junkie in me. LOL!!

Have a good night all and I'll see ya at tomorrow's check in.;)

Hugs to everyone!!


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