Coolers!!! Good morning from Jersey!!!

Hi all!! Just checking in from Wendy's MIL's house. The diva and I are here and one has kidnapped us yet. We are headed down to the shore in a little bit...I am needing a diet coke about right now!! Okay...back in a bit to say hello!!!
Hi Ladies,

Raided MIL's kitchen and sent Debra to go grocery shopping with Phil.:D We'll leave for the shore when they get back. No workout scheduled for me today except PT exercises.

Hope everyone is doing great. Wish ya'll were here!!!!

Ballistic Hugs!!!


Wish I was there too:(. Hope you guys have a blast!!!

Today was Supersets. I love this DVD for some reason, think it's the music from the Body Blast series that I really like. Have some puttering to do today. Think I will make enchiladas for DH's birthday. Anything to get out of working in the back yard, huh? Really not much I can do to help back there until they get the backhoe work done.

Hope everyone has a great day today!



Hi gals,

I'm so jealous of the fun Wendy and Debra are having:)

Jeanette, Tell DH Happy Birthday!

Dh and I had a fun weekend together celebrating our 10th anniversary or adversary like he says:)

Have a great weekend all,

Hi all!! We are all settled into our great beach condo...and the girls are gettting along famously! Playing and laughing like crazy...We are waiting for our pizza to get here...and it just arrived!!! Hope everyone is having a fun weekend!

Back in a while to chat!!



Nicole - Congratulations on your 10th. Did you do anything special?

Debra & Wendy - sounds like your vacation is starting off well. Obviously Wendy you didn't get lost:) or if you did you found your way!

Jeanette - I defenitely like your idea of cooking in the kitchen rather than working outside and I bet Dh never figures it out! I'm almost ready to get back to working out. Once I stop I have a hard time getting back into it the 1st time. Maybe that is why I have not taken much of a break from it this year - probably explains why I've been tired.

Had a relaxing morning then took Matthew down to the waterfront. They have a good climbing bars/slide for him to play on plus lots of boats to look at at the marina. Then we went on some train and carousel rides. I think I tuckered him out as he had an extra long nap this afternoon. DH worked at the cottage all day (and I didn't even have to cook him dinner to get out of it!). He has about 1/2 day left of work to do to be ready for the Tapers to come in next weekend. So close to being done. Have hired a painter to come after that. Might even be able to spend a weekend at the cottage before summer ends!:p

Enjoy the rest of your Saturday.
Good Evening Ladies,

What a busy day!!! Got settled in and walked for an hour on the beach after dinner. Debra and Phil are getting along. She cracks him up! The girls are getting along well too.

Patricia: Will you be posting pictures of the cottage anytime soon? Sounds like you had a busy day too!!!

Nicole: Congrats on 10 years of bliss. Did you do anything special? Phil and I actually forgot our anniversary this year!!! It was a week later when we realized it too.:eek: Oh well. Life's been extremely busy. We still love each other.

Jeanette: You are such a good wife for remembering your dh's birthday!!! Seriously! I always think dh's birthday is the 13th and it's really on the 12th!!! I actually got dd to believe his birthday was the 13th for years. Yes, I know. I'm a bad mother.;)

Okay, off to bat my eyes and ask Phil for a back rub.

Sweet dreams,
Good morning ladies!! Hope everyone is having a good weekend. We are waiting for Wendy to get over her early morning crabbies and then we are heading to the beach. It is beautiful up here! The place we are staying in is great and we are a couple of blocks to the beach. The Diva and Wendy's Swanettes are getting along great.

I am looking forward to lying around on the beach and watching the girls play today. Should be nice. Wendy and I have been giggling since we got together. :rolleyes:

Hope you and DH had a great bday celebration!! I like the music in that series too....I just did the ub part of SS the other day. I am still feeling PUB that I did on Thursday! :eek:

Congrats on the 10 year anniversary!!

Sounds like you had a great day with Matthew. He is at such a fun age! How muchlonger until that cottage is done?? You must be ready to enjoy it some.

Okay...gotta get the cooler packed for the beach...Have a great day!!!


Debra / Wendy - glad to hear the girls are getting along. Like Mothers like Daughters! Don't remember Wendy having the early morning crabbies but that might be b/c she was anxious to see Eoin!:D We've been to the beach today too but didn't go swimming. Overcast today so just played in the sand. Bought some bags of sand on the way home for Matthew's sand box that we've never filled. Terrible parents eh!

Never thought of postings cottage pics but I've added some to my picturetrail today. Just some exterior ones that are about a year old. We pretty much have built it by ourselves with friends. Hired a contractor to do the siding and a plumber to finish and fix some of DH's mistakes. Drywallers should be coming in to tape next weekend I think then the painter the following week. Brent is thinking of doing the floor in one of the bedrooms before we start moving furniture back in. I'll add interiors later this summer hopefully if all goes as planned.

Hope all is well with everyone else.


Thanks all for the congrats! DH and I spent the weekend at the beach and the mountains. We are so lucky to have both 1/2 hour either way from our house. It was nice to talk about our hopes and dreams without interruption:)

Wendy & Debra, Sounds like you're having a blast together! I must have missed the post on why Debra came to visit. Did you two become inseparable at Eoin's workshop or are you going to Road Trip?

Patricia, Love the cottage! how nice to have somewhere to get away to. I think your "cottage" is the size of my house:)

Kim, Sounds like you had a nice time with your DD this weekend. I'm afraid I'll never know what that's like since I have all boys. I'll just live vicariously through you, Debra and Wendy:)

Jeanette, Glad you didn't have to make the long trek to Reno. Is it hot up your way or are you having as mild of a summer as we are? Oh no, I just said that out loud:)

Ok, I'm off to cook dinner for the boys, all 4 of them;)

Bye all,


Hey Debra!
What part of Jersey are you form? I spent a lot of time growing up in Elizabeth / Union and spent every summer on the shore down there! Im actually headed there this weekend for my yearly weekend escape to one of my favourite places :)
Hope you had fun today!


Hi gals,
DH's birthday was nice. We had tri-tip, salads, corn on the cob, french bread and an Applebee's Blondie Brownie dessert that I baked. Had lots of family over and it was nice. My DS#1's wife finally came over. She's usually MIA when there are family activities. It was nice to get to talk to her. She asked me for a couple of recipes and I emailed them to her this morning, plus some pictures of an area that she likes. Hopefully, we can have a closer relationship in the future.

Today, I didn't go on the group bike ride as I wanted to play golf tonite and didn't want DH to think I wasn't willing to help with the patio project. However, he dinked around helping DS with his pickup, little stuff around the house so when he went to lunch with both DS's, I went out and did a bike ride by myself. After that, we both watched the end of the NASCAR race and then went to the golf course. I think I only told him how and where to drive the cart a couple times, so think I'm improving. It was very nice out and I played a little better than I have. So nice to have him come with me.

Nicole, glad you had a nice time on your trip. Isn't it great to live so close to the beach and mountains? I live in the mountains, but on the edge of the high desert, lots of public land, which we thoroughly enjoy. The weather has been pretty nice lately, low 90's and high 80's. Just pleasant. However, the wind comes up in the afternoon, which makes cycling a challenge then.

Patricia, I LOVE your cottage!!! So cute!! I sure hope you guys get to spend a nice vacation up there this summer. We were talking about the coast of Oregon last night and I'm thinking I'd like to go back next vacation, next year. I miss it. This is terrible, but I have memories of being a kid with a sandbox and cats using it. Guess it didn't bother us too much, cuz we still played. I'm sure yours isn't like that.:eek:

Debra, why is our Wendy crabby? Couldn't be the same one that I met in NC. She was never crabby. Maybe she needs her Verona coffee. Can't wait to see your pictures of the beach! What stuff do you guys have planned all week?

Wendy, will Phil and the girls be staying all week too? What's on the agenda? I am sooooo envious of you two!!!! Making me homesick for another Retreat. Seriously! I want to see pictures!!! My DH will be going with DS#2 for a 2 week hunting trip to Wyoming in September. I'm already plotting what I'll do when he's gone. Bad wifey:p. Don't worry, it'll be harmless stuff like golf at that nice place I went to a few weeks ago, longer bike rides, ordering from Zappos, ordering more MyChelle products.

Okay ladies, am going to start doing stretching or yoga on my Monday rest day. I also ordered a couple of golf fitness DVD's yesterday. I'm wanting to find some sport specific exercises to help me get more distance and power.

Night, night.

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